Sunday, May 1, 2011

Its all about management

The concept of debt management is new and unexplored. The lenders as well as borrowers hardly have any knowledge in this area. Therefore, I started our study with exploratory research which progressively narrowed the scope of my research topic and helped me convert the ambiguous issues into more specific research objectives. My research on the feasibility of debt management started with a literature survey wherein I explored and searched for more and more information on the subject. The literature survey helped me to gain a better understanding of the basic concept behind debt management, the factors in favour and against it, its advantages and disadvantages in the context of the economy of the United States. I only looked for published works such as previous researches, periodicals and journals in this field. As per our search not much work has been undertaken in this field. The research was conducted to assess the feasibility of debt consolidation in developing countries. This study enabled me to understand debt management in depth and get an overview from the empirical results and observations of the study and technology's effect and impact on debt and whether its an advantage or a disadvantage. The literature survey helped me to identify some of the possible variables which may affect the consumer perception and their preference towards management of their loans.