Sunday, October 23, 2016

Convert everyday motion to Electricity using ArcSling!

Let's take a step back and think this through before we go into details. When we were kids, we were taught that electricity is generated thru many means. The most popular ways is by tapping motion of water and wind, which is, converting these earthly natural flows to power and use it elsewhere to run man-made appliances.

Cut to today, history is being re-written by ArcSling LLC who have introduced Motion Converter - a device designed to enable an alternative energy powered un-tethering from the grid. What this means is that the Motion Converter produces electricity by harvesting kinetic energy resulting from the rocking and swinging motions that occur in our everyday lives - even our own movements. In the simplest terms - by pushing or pulling, we can convert these motion to electricity.

Common devices such as smartphones and mobiles which need a meagre 5V electricity can be charged by an ArcSling Motion Converter as it can store energy for later use as well. So, in those remote areas, unlike solar and wind energy converters that are at a disadvantage because of the intermittent nature of their energy sources, the ArcSling Motion Converter has the upper hand. I looked at the video ArcSling has produced that, highlights their technology that is indeed revolutionary.

The Motion Converter is the first stage of ArcSling’s plans that powers smaller devices and this proves the great possibilities and opportunities that are on the way. As easy as I want to conclude, Energy will be “harvested” from the environment, wasting fewer natural resources.”

They are also running a Kickstarter campaign to promote its technologies:

For more information go to or contact

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Great new features in Outlook 2016

Today at Tech Access, we are going to Outlook 2016! Yes, the latest iteration of the ever famous email client by Microsoft. Outlook is by default the email client in most corporations and tech czars, only exceptions could be those who create their own email clients and think it to be better than Outlook.

So, in Outlook 2016 - there are many new features that have been introduced. In my opinion, the most significant one is the touch view vs mouse view. If you are using Outlook on a touch enabled monitor/screen, then you can change the displacement amongst the icons/words in Outlook so that they optimized for touch.

But one of the most significant features of Outlook that has ever given a lot of people an opportunity to literally pull back their email is the recall message option. Yes, those times when you have thought, uh, oh I need to add some more or that's not what I wanted to send and several situations like these. So, if you'd like to know How To Recall an Email in Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010, then you should be reading it at the best place on the Internet, which I've just linked! So, get a hang on all the Outlook 2016 features and learn how to recall an email and relax the next time when you hit Send too soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trending online store

Internet is a wide used technology which has made life easy for everyone. The sophistications provided by it are enormous and with recent years online retail has changed drastically how we shop. Nowadays we like to wear any dress which would be unique and trending since we want to stand out from the rest. Its natural to be unique with all the mass production we tend to lose our interests. Recently I came across Crazy DUDE store online which allows you to get unique products at a minimal price with high quality.
They have many kinds of products from clothing, pranks, gadgets, toys and so on. The products are really cool since the design are very attractive. There are many creative products which are not available and easy to find in the normal market. The pranks are very trendy since there are wide unique ones which is available. The toys which are in the available in the store are very commercial but in Crazy DUDE you could get different types of toys. One could find uniquely designed mobile phone accessories too here since they make sure its trendy and would be durable with daily use. So checkout for further products at an attractive price.   

Create your personalised electronic gadgets or clothes

The products and services are using technology to help people get personalised stuff. Nowadays people want to showcase their behaviours based on online behaviours too by social media. I recently came across an online store Crazy DUDE which sells customisable clothes and accessories based on customer requirements. They create unique products for their customer which standout from the rest. This also symbolises a statement from each and every people who design their clothes and accessories based on their likes. It could be even movie memorabilia in gadgets and could help you create your own brand symbol.
They have many wide range of clothes and electronics which is easy for customers to choose from. The quality of products are very good which gives a competitive edge for them while compared to other printed clothing market. The customisation can be based on pranks, movie characters or any other themes. There are many range of clothing, electronic gadgets and toys too which can be have your personalisation applied in it. The texture of the products and branding based on your choices is very much applicable. There are even accessories for the electronic devices like smartphone cases and more. So what are you waiting for and create your own brand by using Crazy DUDE store.