Sunday, August 26, 2012

Track your phone(s)

Tracking. It is just about everywhere. From tracking people to tracking goods delivered via couriers, businesses and people are tracking stuff from the moment the package is started to be shipped. But how about phones? The latest and the most evolved technology that continues to evolve into a 4G generation and yet doesn't stop there - do we have a comprehensive tracking mechanism for phones? If yes, they probably would have already made an phone software/app for it was my thought. How true my thought turned out to be when I started researching for availability of such softwares/apps.

There are numerous operating systems available as options for users who want to become smart users - by using smartphones. Google's Android, Appls iPhone OS, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the upcoming Windows Phone are the most of the most popular ones out there as phone operating systems out there. If there has to be a cell phone tracker that is made for all these operating systems, then you are reading the right post about one! Such an app, will make you be a detective by using the phone tracker and hence keep an eye on your growing kid or even your business partners!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Invoicing software for Small businesses and Freelancers

Small businesses have thronged the Internet and most importantly, they have thronged social media websites to attract potential customers for their products/services. The biggest reason being social media sites are to reach out to customers, do brand promotion, talk to people who use/buy/involve in the business - all for free. Ok, this is achieved through Technology and technology only with the Internet being credited the most in all the factors. How do small businesses or even freelancers - the newest generation of small businesses maintain all their sent quotes, payments sent/received and at the end of it - look professional and make their work look professional as well. This can only be achieved with the help of the perfect invoicing solution. Never would I recommend a solution that doesn't run on Technology.

I researched this a bit on the Internet and most software vendors sell softwares as a single unit to customers so that people setup these on the site systems or the main computer where they handle invoices. The problem is that some don't want installable software. With the world moving towards cloud computing (I'm just quoting an example), it was time that even the invoice creating software is available online so that the freelancer or the small business user login to the system from anywhere they want and hence not dependent on a computer/laptop which they obviously have to carry along with them. A perfect online based invoicing software should be able to do all the basic functionalities but on the whole, it should send invoices fast; Achieving which, the customer satisfaction for any product can be easily achieved with one item ticked. The before sentence was just some thoughts on me. 

How to Recover Windows password

Windows 7 password recovery has become a serious problem in our daily life, thus we should learn different methods to recover Windows 7 password.

If you don't make one disk and forget the password, you need to move to create a Windows 7 password reset disk or USB drive with software.

You should download the demo edition or purchase the full edition of the software on an accessible computer, then install it.Run the program, insert a blank or erasable CD/DVD, and then click Start. Click Yes to burn a bootable password reset CD/DVD. After your CD/DVD has been burned successfully, you should click Close. With this disk in hand, you could insert it into your locked computer and reset the password for it, following the instructions on the screen now. When the password is removed, you could restart your computer normally and you can access it without being asked for a password. If you want to set a new password for your computer, ensure to choose a safe one and you'll not forget it again, so that you will not need to struggle with how to recover Windows 7 password again.

Now you must know two kinds of ways to bypass Windows 7 password, or you can say three ways. You could reset the password with software or without software, or with disk or safe mode, all of these depend on you. As for windows server 2008 password reset,you can also reset your password whether idomain password or administrator password.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Ultrabook generation of laptops

In recent times, you can't stop noticing the social media/television advertisements featuring Intel's latest find in technology. The Ultrabook. Some people understand it straight forward that Ultrabooks are nothing but laptops just being a marketing name. Some folks understand that they are the next generation of laptops that carry the latest in advanced hardware and software. If you ask me, I'd say Ultrabook is a mix of both the above statements.

I wanted to clarify more on this Ultrabook topic to my audience and hence, I was looking for an authentic source for all news Ultrabook and I landed at an Ultrabook news website. Now, for those of you, If you do not know what an Ultrabook is, here is a handy blog post entitled; What is an Ultrabook?. For those of you who already have a fair idea that Ultrabooks. I'd suggest looking at other sections of the Ultrabook news website I just mentioned since they have just about everything on Ultrabooks. I honestly didn't know many information that was listed over there!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep all Apple things simple

Well, I always say this popular saying wherever I go and whomever I meet for short trainings or short tech meet-ups. "It is very easy to keep things complex, it is very difficult to keep things simple" and that's as simple when it is said. Back at talking technology, people tend to ask me which is the most simplest gadget that was made by mankind. I humbly reply them that most Apple products are simple (at least from the initial looks and the usage). Fact is when it comes to jailbreaking them, things can be real complex. 

So, what do you do to jailbreak your iPhone? Things are quite messy when you try to do that. That's how even I was until I started following the Let's Keep It Simple blog on all Apple stuff. An Aptly titled blog it is - I have become from a casual visitor to a regular follower of that blog - and the reason is quite simple - they always manage to keep things simple. To start with - Jailbreaking just doesn't mean that you are switching your iPhones from a restricted mode to a open sim mode. It also involves to using apps and features offered by the iOS for your own user experience! This has been my biggest learning from the let's keep it simple blog  - this, from all their simple tutorials that they provide. Be it anything - doing custom mods, doing icon changes and plethora of user experience changing tools - this blog has been my source for almost all things Apple. So, just saying to keep things simple isn't enough, doing them is!

Saving more whilst buying online

People say the joy of shopping is when you step into a store and go in seek of that thing that you came looking for, then search for a good discount and use a coupon and finally buy it. Whew! So many steps to buy a single thing. How easier would it be if it only all you required was to be seated at a place, find the product that you want from the dozens of shopping places out there, get a coupon code so easily and then snatch the deal?!

That's quite literally possible. No, I am not saying something very new here. This concept of online coupon codes has been there for ages. Perhaps, it has been there since online shopping evolved. But people are not so aware of it and the best reason would be - there isn't a single place to list the best coupons and to list coupon codes for almost every popular online shop out there. Well, until now. is promising in the various amount of coupon codes that it boasts for people usage and all coupon codes are available for free! I'm a regular trier of online coupon codes for discounts and was finding it difficult to get coupon codes for some exclusive online stores.. only until I found Now, you too... only until you read this post?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Conceptualize, Analyze and Optimize - your Website!

Well, the target audience of this write up is EVERYBODY! Yes, everybody who gets to read this blog but most importantly, everybody who has their own website - be it personal, professional or even businesses who are looking to make it big in the arena. 

Technologically, the first thing you would have is a website; and let's face it; Without a website, a business can't really say that their business is "on line" and ready for customers, right? Well, people these days do not call you by your phone number on your card and determine how good your business is by the way you talk. Nope. They visit the website and then determine how is your business by looking at it. In short, the website says it all. It can showcase the business in a huge way and at the same time, if it is not optimized, it can be a huge let down. So, where does one really start with websites for businesses? That's how the title of this post starts. Conceptualize. With the best concepts - the outcome of the business talks with website experts - the website is already half ready. After that, it is just the market study and promotion of the website on the Internet space which can be outsourced to a online marketing company and the rest is taken care of.

This is the most important part. Building a website is only a small part of the remaining work. The remaining chunk of work goes into optimizing for best visibility. Also, if the company is thinking of hosting events where potential customers & suppliers can come and socialize with the company, there are companies that specialize in marketing for event. You can follow this post and reach out to the customers at ease!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Of Laptops and Tablets

The present world where we live in is purely dominated by technologies. And we can’t deny the fact that a person can live without technology. We have made use of the technologies to help us carry out our work much faster and simpler. Laptop is very unique and useful product of technology which helps in carrying out work from any place.

When it comes to lighter laptops I can’t think about anything but Macbook. Mac has conquered many parts of the world by the marketing strategy of Steve Jobs. Macbook air is very famous because of its distinct features. It’s very thin and it stands out for its processing speed and precision. Checkout the Macbook Blog for more Mac related info’s.

Technology keeps on changing and its features are upgraded as time goes by. Tablets are the best example that technology keeps on improving. Tablets are very small when compared to laptops and it’s very easy to work on tablets while we are travelling. And there are applications which help us to do our work and play games during past times. Applications have become the solution for any problem we come across in our daily life. If it may be the case of finding the train timings instantly, you can just select an application which will provide you info on the train timings. Tech News Blog provides more info on the development of technologies so that you can keep yourself updated.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

For iPhones and Androids - get the app done!

There is a recent and a very popular saying in the technology world. It goes like "Personal computers are conquered territories, Mobile is the real battlefield". If you are wondering what I am talking about, then I a sure that you do not own a smart phone! iPhones and Android based phones are the in thing when it comes to smart phones. The people who are smart enough are those who "write" apps for these. These developers  are called phone devs. There are many young folks who are trying their hands on writing apps and trying to enter the real battle field.

But the news to reckon with is the experienced developers who are already winning in the phone apps area. There are highly popular developers such as the iPhone Game Developers at Social Cubix who are so popular because they have 500+ iPhone games and apps to their name already! People who are looking to get apps done for their business or an iPhone app to enhance their product line's reach into mobile space - you just got yourself a contact to start with.

Hang on for their is more. People who are Android fans will have made a decision to turn away from this post now. There is news for you too. You can get a project done with an Android App Developer, again from Social Cubix, whom I can term as a pioneer in this field going by the amazing feedbacks from their clients. So, is your business and product ready for the real battlefield? Get the apps done quick and easy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Create a Website quite easily and for free!

If you have been a regular follower of my blog, you would have noticed I randomly had wrote about websites, hosting, blogging and stuff relating to these all. I had shared how to create free blogs, get the cheapest hosting for your website/blog as well. Look out for tags on the right of this blog where you can see these topics and browse through.

OK, I thought about all these this morning and thought again that I had not written about creating a Website in the first place! A lot of questions popped up on my mind on which type of tool I should be sharing with my readers here.

To start with - the tool should not be downloadable - this gives the ability to people who cannot just standing downloading huge installations and then install them AND then read to work on them AND then actually work on them!
How about a free tool - free means lots of customizations can be done with no additional cost at any point of time. I started my search for the best website builder out there and ended up at the right place at IconoSites.

One can just about create a website with so much ease that they will not realize any bit of pain working on the perfect free website builder. I created a sample website in minutes - a record for myself, whew! The latest user platform for websites - mobile versions can also created with ease. To get further informaton, you could read more on their website page and then start right up creating your own professional website or give a makeover to your existing one - for free.

Go Secure with VPN

In recent times we come across so many threats in websites that our financial and personal data’s are no longer safe and secure. Anyone can access our data’s nowadays by hacking and cause serious damage to one’s interests. Hence a Virtual Private Network is needed which protects our data and allows us to safely surf and also send them securely without the same getting into the wrong hands of vested interests.
This network is provided by many reputed Agencies in the website and we are fully protected from technological threats as the data’s pass through a tunnel by encrypting them so that the user of the website as well as the recipient is not known to anyone by protecting one’s identity and location. Getting connected to the Internet via a VPN helps us to be who we are and its unique security features kick in so that you can be at the comfort of your Internet transactions when you are routed into the Internet via a VPN.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Got a website/blog? - Get a Icon!

It has been so long since I established this blog and all the while I have been writing and running this blog without an icon for it! Frankly, the thought never occured to me and finally yesterday when I was running plans to customize my blog - it hit me. I wanted to change the theme of my blog, the layout and the navigation of course, which is quite limited by the way. Then I was looking at images and that's when the "favico" thought occured to me. I have included that as well in my plan.

Next thing I did was to look for free and paid stock image websites that offer all categories of icons for websites and blogs alike. Mostly, I was interested in icons/pictures that depict Web 2.0 and that's when I encountered They have the perfect collection of Web 2.0 Icons with thousands of them available for download and more numbers available for purchase. In a few days from now, you will see this blog revamped to suit Web 2.0 admirers and yes, of course, a favicon right up there beside the address bar.
So, does your website/blog have an icon yet?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

World in Infographics

No, not this time. I'm not gonna say the usual statement of "If you don't know what Infographics are then you are from Stone age". Nope. Infographics is pretty new to the Internet world and its emphasis is mostly on Social media. An infographic is a "long" image (by long I mean yes it is quite long) and it is derived, obviously, by combining Information and graphics. Simply put, it can be information, data or knowledge conveyed in a graphic form and that which might seem complex can be understood quite clearly with these graphics. 

I wouldn't say Infographics have come to existence very recently, they have been here for over ages. They started with Newspapers who had the liberty to use an entire page for an advertisement or to depict a series of events leading to something. Now, come the Internet, Infographics have taken a whole level. There is a dedicated website called Infographix Directory which focuses on user submissions or authored Infographics - a neat place to find and learn about a product/service quite easily.

An Infographic on Colors

There are plenty of Infographic Submission Sites out there where, if you are a Infographic author, can submit your graphics to! I'm on my way to create and share it already, are you?

Monday, August 6, 2012

How to transfer DRM protected iTunes to Galaxy S2

Many iTunes users want to sync theirs iTunes songs into Samsung Galaxy S2 but don't how. There's no iTunes app in the android market. So, is there any tool can help people to transfer iTunes to Galaxy S2? The answer is YES, Doubletwist is great for transfer music to Android devices and it’s free. This application is not only for Samsung Galaxy S2 but all Android devices. Or you can use Samsung Kies do the job.

However, most of iTunes are .m4p file format with DRM protection. It means you can't play them on non-Apple product. You have to remove iTunes DRM and convert them to common .mp3 music format. You can use a DRM removal software gets rid of the DRM protection. Here is the step by step guide to transfer DRM protected iTunes to Galaxy S2. It will show you how to convert iTunes music and video files to the phone supported file formats with 3 simple steps. When you finished this guide you will be able to play all iTunes files on your phone with any restriction.
Enjoy iTunes music on your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

Related guide here:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get USA VPN, Get connected

As always, my friend came over to my place this weekend and saw me furiously typing in an VPN address for which I had got a subscription to use for a month. My, as always, curious friend sat beside me asking the reason for my furiousness. I then had to explain that some websites are available only for the USA region and the rest of the world wouldn't even know such a website existed. To counter that, we could go into a Virtual Private Network -safe and secure- that puts us into USA and then visit those websites at ease.

In simplest terms to explain the biggest advantage of using a VPN, it shields one's online identity and the VPN server assumes the identity of the person logging into it to visit other websites. Some other advantages in using a usa vpn are for placing video calls using popular services which offer lower prices in USA region, purchasing stuff from online stores in the USA and getting it shipped to your friend who can bring it for you to your home, and most of all - avoiding the frustration of being blocked! That pretty much explained my furiousness because this is way better than frustration.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magento Facebook store

Creating an online store is a cake walk using Magento (and we all love Magento for making it so easy). Now how about taking your Magento store to facebook? A Magento facebook store is very essential in this social age, and it is a no brainer that taking our goods to where the crowd is, will for sure result in tremendous conversions.

Check out this amazing Magento facebook store extension. It is offered as a offer in the scripts deals site This Magento facebook store extension is available for a 30% discount in this market place .

Magento to Facebook
Magento to Facebook is quite easy

I gave my friends an opportunity to review and this is exactly what they wrote:
We did a quick run through of this Magento facebook extension (in the Demo section). At the first look it seems to be promising and delivers what it says. We bought the deal and tried taking our eBooks Magento store to facebook using this extension. We were able to setup our Magento facebook store in exactly 15 minutes. They have provided extensive user friendly documentation and it was a breeze to make the Magento facebook integration happen. The module is also super fast and light weight. The admin panel and all the features available in this Magento facebook store are architected in a perfect manner and very user friendly. Its also power packed with all the viral elements required .

You should definitely check out this amazing deal on if you are thinking about taking your ecommerce store to facebook .