Thursday, July 30, 2009

How do Instant Cameras work?

Instant camera also known as Polaroid cameras, have an inbuilt studio. Many people think that these cameras do not have films, but they have films which are responsible for this instant photography. This film must be capturing the photo and also developing it. So how does developing take place within the film? It contains a reagent which is responsible for developing, a mix of opacifiers, alkali and white pigment

How do all these work together? Once the photo has been captured, the film gets coated with the reagent material, as it passes through rollers. These reagent particles move through the film and each exposed particle gets converted into metallic silver. The dissolver dye is absorbed by these metallic silver particles and the picture is formed but it is not visible. So the next step is to make it visible and this is handled by the acids in the film. One gets instant photos after such an amount of processing. So the next time you pick up a Polaroid photo, just imagine the amount of processing that it has undergone.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A revolution in the credit card industry

We all use plastic money. We hear about identity theft too. But still use the card, assuming that we will never be targeted. This is the common human thought, though we could be the next targets. There has been a new type of fraud that happens these days and that is card not present (CNP) fraud. This happens in the e-commerce industry, where neither the card nor the card holder is present at the point of sale. So this makes the verification process very difficult and hence gives a lot of chances for fraud to take place. VISA has come up with anew scheme along with EMUE technologies, and that card is called EMUE card. It is a very impressive credit card with an in-built electronic display and also a keypad. So how does it work?

One has to pinch in his pin number using the keypad. This will result in a transaction number, which can be used only for that particular transaction. This transaction serves as a layer of authentication and helps fight the fraud transactions that will take place in the CNP scenarios. So only those who possess both the card and the pin number can make the transaction. It is hoped that this will reduce the fraudulent transactions by a great extent. Take a look at the card, in order to believe it! It is unbelievable but it is going to be revolution of sorts. Are you ready to embrace this technological revolution?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tit for Tat System

Have you wondered how do you download a file? What architecture is employed behind this downloading? Do you work with client server model or the peer to peer or the bit torrent? I know this might be the most confusing question, since one doesn't bother much about architecture while downloading. But just give this article a read to know how downloading works!. Then, you may want to create custom silicone wristbands to promote free file sharing system too.

The traditional client server model is where the client requests the server for the file to be downloaded and the server responds to it. The speed of download depends on how busy the server is, and is generally slow if it has too many requests. The other option is to opt for peer to peer downloading. Here software runs in the system, and when a file has to be downloaded, it will connect with all the other systems having the peer to peer software and thus find the system which contains the requested file. The speed is considerably improved, but there is one problem called leeching where it happens that people use the software to download, but disconnect immediately without allowing others to download from them.

Let us get into bit –torrent system. This is the most effective way of downloading a file. A file will be contained in different systems but in parts. The download happens sequentially and this improves the speed. As far as leeching it is also addressed here. Only if you allow the bit-torrent software to run after your download, then others can download from your system, which will help you get better download rates than usual.

So this tit for tat system not only works in our relationships but also for technology! I just loved this concept and hope you too did. Promote this system with custom lanyards specifically designed and share it with your colleagues.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tech Access Blog Disclosure

I hereby would like you to know that :

Tech Access Blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. This blog accepts some forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. But not all posts and topics discussed are compensated and some are made out of genuine interest.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hated technology but I love it now

I loved emotions and relationships. I write about it extensively. But there is one thing which made me shiver and quiver and that was technology. It never appealed to me. But this was only until about 2 years back. I had a chance to meet a gentleman and that changed my perspective of technology. I had always felt that it was a dull and boring subject, but his animated talk on how the simplest forms of logic and science make things work, made me astounded. His only parting words were, young man read about it before you dislike.

So my journey began. I began to read and slowly understand the nuances of technology. I initially did not find it appealing, but over the time got hooked to it. I read every bit of information till I got exhausted. And so what did I receive at the end of two years of extensive research?! I discovered my passion to learn about technology. I understood that the most complicated things are based on the simplest concepts. So here is the end result, a blog which speaks about my take on technical things. I hope my love towards technology will inspire a few more to know more about it!