Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mobile Technology has gone for a new revolution

Samsung has come up with a technology for mobile phones which will revolutionize the storage concept. It is called PCM, i.e. Phase Change Memory. PCM is a type of non volatile memory. Here there are two states like amorphous and crystalline. The amorphous state represents high resistance, while the crystalline state represents low resistance. Thus concept is expanded further and amorphous state represents 0 while crystalline state represents 1.

How to switch between these states? It is done by excessive heating and freezing! It looks impossible, isn't it? The feasibility reason was the one why this concept was not practically implemented till date. But Samsung has come up with the technology and has started the mass production of memory chips using this PCM concept. Any guesses on the advantage of this concept?? The data can be stored for more than 300 years!. Let's support this new technology with custom silicone wristbands and create more awareness to maximize usage and reducing end cost.

It is predicted that flash memory will be soon replaced. The speed of the chip will depend on how fast switching can take place. The answer is that it can take place in just 16 nanoseconds, in a chip which is 20 nanometers. I think this is a very fast rate. So we might soon have our mobile chips with PCM technology.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

KodaChrome laid to rest

I think by the time I am writing this article Kodachrome must have become a thing of past. The news is that Kodak has done away with Kodachrome, the 35mm film which was one of the oldest film stock. The reason cited was that it did not have much demand in this digital technology. There have been songs which have praised Kodachrome and made it memorable. The song by Mr. Simon made Kodachrome very close to each one's heart. People of this generation will not be able to understand about its significance, but this roll was a big thing during 1970s and 1980s. I remember my parents buying it and I still have the boxes with me.

So what made Kodachrome so famous? If you are an avid reader of National Geographic books, then you would be aware of the Afghan Girl Photo. The one photo which portrayed innocence and this was the photo that made the world sympathize with Afghan refugees. It was shot using Kodachrome and that is one of the reasons why it shot to fame!. If you are a strong fan of KodaChrome and still using the camera, then get custom lanyards for it to promote it's uniqueness.

Every photographer loves Kodachrome because of the quality, color and easy processing of images. It can be truly termed as the film which created a revolution in the history of photography.

Check out the Afghan Girl Image to have a feel about Kodachrome images!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Google and Apple make an interesting story

Google is the king of the web world. It may rule the search engine market, but if it wants one of its applications on the iPhone, then it has to wait like any other company for Apple's approval. The best part here is that Apple rejects the application if it is not satisfied, irrespective of who the creators were. This stand was taken by Apple recently and it rejected two Google Applications. One was Google Latitude and the other Google Voice. Google Latitude was meant to allow users to broadcast their location and also check their friend's locations. Google Voice was an innovative product, where calls to all the phone numbers of the user will be routed to one special number chosen by the user. Then this call will be routed over the Internet to where the user is present.

The reason for declining Google Voice was evident. It was seen as a potential threat to AT & T revenues. But why did Google Latitude be rejected? It is a known fact that they are rival companies as Google is developing Android Operating system which could hit Apple badly. I do not know what has been the exact reasons for declining Google's Applications, but I think there will be some hot news in the future regarding this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Game which is one of its kind

A big bank has closed down and there is a financial turmoil. Are you getting worried? Stay calm as this has happened in the virtual world of gaming. There is a popular game called Eve Online whose Ebank has run into troubled waters. The game is all about expanding fleets, space ships and so on. As every player will not have enough credits to create or expand fleets, a player created an Ebank which would provide credits if the people pledged their space ships and so on. It operated like a real bank and was a huge success. Allow as ell till the creator of bank turned greedy and he made away with the money (in other words spaceships, credits and so on)

There has been havoc and the board of directors is sitting down to come up with a best methodology which will bail people out from this financial crunch. I think this was very interesting, a virtual bank and that too in debts! I wonder how people could get this creative to bankrupt even an Ebank. I haven't played this game and am trying to figure out on how to play this! I have heard of number of games, but this really stood out of the rest.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twitter and Facebook- are you playing safe?-- Part2

This is the part 2 of playing safe on Twitter and Facebook. If you have followed those two golden rules of not revealing your personal information and also working on your security features then you are almost safe! Are you surprised because I used the word almost and not complete? This is because you can still be attacked and your security still be at risk. I shall quote a classic example of how your security could be threatened. I am sure that all of you must have heard of the tiny urls. They are usually un ambiguous and one does not have any idea about the site from the tiny url. Facebook provides the option, by using which the exact url is known and also the details about site given. But are we patient enough to use this option? The answer is a big no and we end up at sites where we would never visit.

So the second part of the lesson is being patient while on social networking sites. I am not suggesting that you need to be over cautious but be cautious to a certain extent. So just follow these tips to be safe and to keep away from troubles!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twitter and Facebook- are you playing safe?-- Part 1

The technology has grown by leaps and bounds. There is so much happening on the social networking fronts that amaze us. One can post their entire profiles on Facebook or their random thoughts on Twitter. The world has shrunk and even so is our privacy! Most of us forget that these social networking sites could be hazardous if you do not play it safe. A simple comment on Twitter like “I am bored” during working hours could mess up your career. So one needs to be careful and also understand, respect his privacy in order to keep himself away from troubles!

Here are a few tips which I follow, in order to be safe when I am using these social networking sites. This article will consist of two parts, in order to make it crisp and help in better reading. The first rule is to be careful with what you share. If you think you do not the whole world to see that information, then never share it. When I mean the whole world, I literally mean the whole world. This is the most important rule. The second rule is to work on your privacy settings which most of us don't! We think that by doing so, we are not being social. My only advice is that you better rethink before you opt for such socializing. Remember that the world is a bed of roses and people of all kinds exist. I would end this part 1, on the note that if you follow these two points than you are mostly safe! But then why am I going for the part 2? Read about it to find out!