Saturday, February 10, 2018

Get your book kindle ready!

This is for all the authors and tech writers out there, this is a shout of from Tech Access!

A little background first. I have been trying my hand at writing a book for the last couple of months and sincerely want to join the bandwagon of publishers for the new generation of readers on Kindle (Amazon's flagship device for books with no papers!)

So there I was effortlessly - sometimes a little effort - writing and writing and churning out pages and pages of text on the topic of modern technology making human lives better or worse and finally I had a portable document format book! Behold, this is where the plot twist occurred. When I wanted to publish this on Amazon Kindle, it wasn't accepted, it was then I realized that PDFs are not the format taken for Kindle devices. It must either be a .mobi or .epub file. So, there I was again thinking if I have to redo the whole thing - copy paste the whole content into a new software or if I should find someone to do this for me - either ways I'm not buying any new time.

This is when I found a ebook conversion service (thank you Internet for everything!) which will take my PDF as an input and format it exactly how Kindle would want it. It all took only a matter of minutes, whew I was! I instantly provided the PDF, rest assured that it is safe and secure as I haven't published yet, and got the file output ready for Kindle, and off I go to Amazon! With all the extra time I had, I did little more research and found that there is also an ebook formatting service if you need to go the extra mile to please your readers with some excellent formatting.
Watch this short video as well.

So all you authors and next gen writers out there, you know what to do to get those Kindle readers. Now go back and finish that book!