Monday, December 19, 2011

Check it before you post it!

To all those bloggers out there who are wondering how most of the people who work online and work only with cloud based tools get their typos corrected. They just spell check before they post their final edition. Also, many online companies have special and dedicated teams just to proof read whatever the content team comes up with and make sure that its factful, error free and most importantly its spell checked! But little do many of us know that there are very powerful tools online that can replace a offline spell checker easily, can help us achieve the most out of our time and utilize it to check the facts and content rather than spend it to spell check. For those of you who are wondering if you have to pay for using the tool, no you don't have to. You just have to go to the free spell check tool and save loads of time. So, check it before you post it!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Have an iPhone or iTouch? Get amazing apps

Well yeah, the first thing that every teenager who enters College wants to do is to get himself an iPhone!. If he/she is not lucky in College, then getting an iPhone is the first thing that they do after they get themselves a job after College. Now coming to the real topic of discussion here;what do people do after getting iPhones. Yeah, they make calls. Apart from that they enter the uber cool world of iPhone or iTouch Apps and get hooked into them every day. The problem is, there are so many apps out there that people have a hard time to choose which one they want. I wanted to provide a solution for this but found that there is a neat and dedicated blog which exists just for this purpose - to let people know what are the Good Apps out there for iPhone or iTouch and let them easily find those apps from the market by providing the correct name and the perfect review about the apps. You can try the website as well - now. Best stuff is where I found some free itouch apps for my friend's itouch and boy was she surprised and happy - both together.