Monday, April 30, 2012

Thwapr as a Marketing Tool

Attention, social media world! Between the API integration and the social aspect, Thwapr is primed to be used for brand marketing outside of the specific text-to codes for integrated brands. Crowdsourcing is the way of the marketing future! For instance, a sports team could encourage use of the Thwapr app at an important game. They could send out a blast, letting their fans know that whoever captures the best video from the game and uploads it to Twitter using a specific hashtag, will win tickets to the next game and their video will be featured on the jumbotron.
Another great idea is having a fan-based music video created for a band or artist. That would be a great way to generate buzz for an up-and-coming singer or group. Getting innovative is half the battle when it comes to creating new marketing strategy, and Thwapr is a perfect tool to add to the oversaturated realm of flash marketing.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Start your own Social Networking website

Well, most of the usual technology fans just logon to the Internet, check into their social media accounts, posts some stuff on what they did or what song they heard that day and go to sleep. Life goes on for them. The geeky types, however, go some extra steps and start a networking website of their own and setup virtual communities and let people login to their website and then the real deal of earning money begins. Now, the above applies to those geek minded folks who can scratch their head real hard and come up with programming skills that is required to create websites and Internet applications. For all those who want to make a deal without writing programs, this post is exactly for them!

iScripts is where most of the Internet applications/software and scripts can be found easily. It was there where I came across SocialWare which is a Social networking Script (written in Internet friendly languages such as Javascript) are those that can be added to existing websites or create standalone web applications for small groups of folks. The purposes of networking is not in scope of this blog post :). Traffic is the biggest advantage, however. One can just look at the runaway success of social networking websites and it can very well become a pathway to the next $$$ company.

Just so I am writing about scripts, I wanted to share another product from this same company that produces the above script has another product up its sleeves as well and its ready to roll. It is for those who want to get down to a full fledged e-business portal that is associated with fees and negotiation tools. To be specific, it is called a barter software and people who know will understand it better and people who don't know it will know it when you read about it! So happy website scripting, or rather, happy installing scripts available at ease.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Of the best Motherboards

Ok,its high time I wrote something about high tech technology now after all these days when I've written only about tech stores and online stuff. As you have already guessed what this is about, this is about Motherboards. For all ye folks who are reading this post without knowing what is a Motherboard - you need a serious introduction to computing systems. In layman terms, Motherboards can be called the mother of all workstations out there - including yours and mine. They do most of the interfacing terms between the processor and the memory and the supply input power in addition to receiving and sending signals from your mouse, keyboard and monitor. In geek terms, a Motherboard supports disk controllers, integrated display controllers and sound cards, perform Ethernet funtions in addition to supporting all those IrDA controllers and finally handling the CPU socket where the processor is pitched in. Ok, now that was a little comprehensive for everybody out there. A good motherboard will have adequate support for all the basic functions described above. A better motherboard will have more support for these basic functions and extended support to include external graphics processing unit(GPU) but the best motherboards (such as the Asus Extreme Rampage model) will have full support to everything listed above and also include advanced options in its BIOS setup so that the user has the flexibility to configure them while building a PC. You have to research for these best motherboards out there and then choose a good one. That was about personal computer motherboards, for server motherboards, one could look out for some neat Intel Server motherboards which are boasted of high efficiency and require less cooling.

Online Surveys for Money: Why Should One Go for Them

It often bothers a lot of people, that whether online surveys for money reviews are really worth the time and efforts that one would invest in it. But it should be noted that the online paid surveys have been helping both the consumers as well as the marketers for a long time now; so there should be something worthwhile in this whole issue for people to dedicate so much time in it. Reasons for opting for online surveys for money There are a lot of reasons for opting for online surveys that pay you for participating in them. Some of the main reasons are listed below.
  • The surveys are very easy to fill.
  • They are not very time consuming.
  • The payout is commensurate to the efforts and time you put in filling up the surveys.
  • You can choose your own work hours and work load.
  • No investment is required.
  • There are no qualifying or eligibility criteria to be able to fill up the surveys.
  • Very basic Internet knowledge is required.
Thus, we see that if a person wants to utilize his or her time in a very efficient and effective manner, filling up online surveys for money is a very good idea.

Online Surveys for Money: Highly Convenient!

If you want to earn some extra money without investing much time or effort, online surveys for money are the best bet for you! Not only are these paid online surveys highly convenient and easy, they are also well-paying. Online surveys for money: The best way to earn! A lot of people participate in online surveys to supplement the income from their regular jobs. The online paid surveys give people a ray of hope when everything seems to be going downhill. They can rest assured that no matter what happens, they can always have at least one regular source of income. Some of the salient features of paid online surveys are as follows.
  • They are widely available.
  • You can easily sign up for them.
  • No investment is required.
  • No eligibility or qualifying criteria.
  • They are not very time consuming.
So, if you do not want stick to a worthless job that pays peanuts for salaries, it is a good idea to look for other avenues for supplemental income. Online surveys for money can offer you the opportunity to change this scenario and live the life you want and deserve by allowing you to make extra money without investing much time or efforts.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Technology helps you make time

How many times have you come across that moment when you wanted that minute that went by you and you didn't even noticed that it would hit you so hard that you wanted to go through it all over again and see where you went wrong and possibly correct your actions and have it go the right way. In short and in technology terminology - an Undo button for time. Well, enough of my philosophical talking now because I'm not a major in psychology.

OK, adding to my already long yet ever growing list of things and services where tech helps one better and evolving, I'm now adding Time to it, not literally though. Time once lost cannot be purchased or got back but better time management can lead to saving enough time for the next best thing that is waiting to come. For that better time management on the run, one will need a watch. Better yet, affordable watches is what all the men out there are looking for. After all my research, I've found only a handful of websites out there that offer men's watches for a neat and easily affordable price with some nice deals. Now that my work of selecting websites and sharing the information is done, how do you want to spend your time - with or without your tech management device?.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Future Technology - Folding Solar panels

I've always wanted and I've always had written about tech stuff that helps for the betterment of mankind. During my recent tour of the Australian, I came across a store which sells Solar Panels. Well, on a first look it was yet another solar panel store but looking at it again made me think again. They weren't mere Solar Panels which we hook up permanently at at place and let them do their work, but these were foldable solar panels meaning they can be taken anywhere wherever we travel, provided we have a considerable spaced out trailer or truck tagged along with us.

So, a typical tour of Australia would never be without facing the scorching sun and camping it out in the heat. This is where these Folding Solar Panels can be put to the best use and reap the benefits without worrying for any other input of energy. Ok, on another note we had to rent out a car to traverse into the woods and to avoid being hit by another vehicle at high speeds or to keep ourselves safe from a kangaroo, we got a Hyundai Sante Fe Nudge Bar fitted on the Hyundai we rented. That's in a way a technological with engineering help.

Online Accountants for IT Contractors

A friend of mine has just told me about inniAccounts - an accountancy service for UK-based IT Contractors, so I've decided to quickly check it out.

If you're currently contracting you know it can be a nightmare to keep on top of your business admin, especially if you're using a limited company. InniAccounts bill themselves as a 'groundbreaking contractor accountant' and they've got a pretty neat online software package to boot. You can login and manage your timesheets, track expenses and mileage, raise invoices and record payment.

Once you're ready to pay yourself inniAcccounts' online accounting service includes both payroll features and - importantly - tax efficient dividends. You can create payslips and pay yourself a dividend quickly an easily. You can even pay your wife and bring your tax bill down further.
The gem of inniAccounts however is its awesome 'live cash' feature. inniAccounts will calculate your taxes in real-time - every time you create an invoice or pay yourself your tax bill is updated instantly. This is so unbelievably handy for IT contractors - something most contractor accountants simply cannot provide.
There's my whirlwind review - head over to inniAccounts today and see for yourself.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Get tutoring help online - Thanks to Technology!

OK, this is another addition to my great finds on the Internet of all those things tech can do for you and help you with. Tutoring. Let's go back in time and see what we as children did to get tutoring help. Called our friends and said "Hey, I need some help in tutoring dude, can you help me out?" only to hear the friend said "Dude, Do I even look like a tutor, we are of the same grade!". Then our well educated next door neighbour who blasted us for getting help when we were supposed to learn on our own. Then we had to shell out loads of petty cash and get a professor from another college to tutor us.

Well, that's pretty much the older generation for us. So, now let's welcome the newer and younger generation, who unlike us get everything done by sitting before the PCs/Laptops connected worldwide. One can sit at a remote location and get some Online Tutoring quite easily with no hassles and the best part is - he/she needn't be dressed up neat! Students who have had tough times fighting with those maths papers are now sighing relief that they can now pass the paper without much ado. Some neat Homework Help is just right before your eyes and you don't have to look around.

That pretty much sums up this finding of mine and I am sure the younger generation are already using technology to its fullest potential. If not, they now know where to get help for tutoring and homework!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tech helps you beautify!

Well, off late, I've not been writing all things about tech stuff - but rather how tech helps us to achieve or get something that we really wanted. Most of those things were via social media and how it easily connects people to things they desire and makes them feel good. Well, this weekend I've had some time to browse around the Internet and look at stuffs that'd really make a difference and go about sharing all these with my friends. Yes, the first best place that I'd count on is my blog to share that stuff. The next best place isn't a hard guess - its social networking sites. Well, considering the fact that both of these - blogging and social networking come under the umbrella of social media, its imperative to say that not all those who visit the second visit the first and vice versa as well. OK, now on to my topic of beautification of yourself with the help of technology. How? Simple - more and more companies and businesses are taking up social media for 75% of their marketing strategies because social media is the big thing and the ROI is just "instant". Spread of word is so fast that hair stylists and salons get calls and visits from people who are really eager to try out something new. One of most popular salons - Dallas Hair Salon is so popular and take up that they've got a big fan following in social networks and recently they've come up with a write up on social media. It's worth a read and brings in more clarity of hair stylists alike. Tech up, get wired and go Social!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take a ride and say thanks to Tech!

Whoa, this is gonna be some fun. Summer is just around the corner and my friend here is asking me to put my techie stuffs aside for the next weekend and come over to his place, chill out and then he is gonna take me to this new place where boats greet adventures junkies with a Golden twist! No, I'm not talking about some movie or a soap here. I'm talking about some real adrenaline pumping action - that too from a techie like me, all those techies out there make sure you are reading this and get yourselves ready for some summer fun on the best of Zodiac Boats which are available for sale at good prices. The best news is we are packing off to Australia this midweek and he promises that it will be total fun. But then I had a real question in my mind for him - "Where did he find all this stuff and how do we get boats for low prices over there?". His reply amazed me with joy - "Technology on the Internet - The power of search". He did inquire about buying some from inflatable boats Australia so that we could have uninterrupted fun for hours together. Now, I know you would be telling me the title - "Take a ride and say thanks to Tech!".

Get Tech's help to protect your vehicle

Well, I didn't mean that literally and neither did I ask you to install a security software on your heavy duty truck or your stylist yet rugged SUV to protect it from danger and theft. But what I am asking here is to go a little age old and get a strong yet nice looking nudge bar for your vehicle and get it protected just in case for those situations when you are way too pressed on the pedal and there's very little time to react when some cattle crosses the road. So, that's what I'd wanted to share. But the real question that would be on your mind is - "How in the world is tech going to help me get a nudge bar?" The answer is pretty simple and straight - via the Internet, from websites of companies which sell these! One can find the best one from a long list of Nudge Bars and get one for his truck/SUV right away delivered and fixed right at his doorstep. And for my friend who owns a Nissan, he should soon be getting a Nissan X-Trail Nudge Bar and we all will be set for your next ride on the country side. Now you know how to get Tech's help to protect your vehicle!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For ye who like breaking locks

No, I didn't mean that title literally to break typical locks. This is something interesting and something that I've wanted to write about but couldn't find something that really "breaks". Yes, this is about the jailbreaks that people have been unsuccessfully trying to do over the past few years because there wasn't a standard thing or the most easiest thing as well. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about iPhones. For those who were still guessing, are you in a cave? And so, it was hard for those who were confined to a single network for a life time on their iPhones. I've been researching a lot of softwares that claim to unlock these magnificient phones but alas didn't find any of those credible until I stumbled across this website which claimed to Unlock iPhone 3gs than anything else and they even promise a money back if you didn't find it to work + lots of goodies when you get that breaker stuff. One fact that many of us should know is before one even tries to jailbreak his/her iPhone, they should have a sound technical mind or else they risk to create permanent damage to the softwared phone. But from this website I learned that you can Unlock iPhone Three without even having a technical thought about what you are doing. For all ye other folks for who this post doesn't suit, you probably own something very different.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A tech help to quit!

No, I'm not talking about quitting all those addictive social media stuff on the Internet! I'm talking about some serious stuff here. There are plenty and plenty of folks out there who "playfully or from peer pressure" started to smoke cigarettes which later on became a habit and continued on severely to become an addiction. As life progresses, this addiction, being the worst of all addictions (yes, it is worse than social media addiction) ends up with severe health complications for few out there and some are quite unrecoverable. But and double but, there is help to kick the butt. Not literally though, thanks to the entire concept of E-cigarette and technology. We have come a long way in E-Cigarette concept since it was first incepted plenty of years ago, now they have filtered the technology and have come to a state where almost there are no side effects of using a E-branded cigarette. Ok, now that we know there is one but how do we get to know which is the right one. This is where technology's best thing yet comes to help us. Social media - particularly blogging and social networking. One can Check out this e-cigarette review blog where the author receives E-cigarettes from companies and he gets to review them without much ado. People can get to know how safe they really are and finally get a chance to kick the real butt and take up a safe one. Talking of social media tech, There are plenty of discussion in social networking places like Facebook on the website where like minded people come together and discuss their experiences and support a good thing. A good tech help to quit bad thing!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Traits by Tech - What's your match?

Well, I know it is tough to decode this post's title. Don't think about it too much because this post is about something new that technology has to offer and I'd wanted to share this stuff to my avid readers. "Traits" by sunsigns. People, with their birth date are categorized into sun-signed people and I am not sure which sunsign comes first and which last, but I do know that each sunsigned folk has his/her own "traits" and all this is study categorization is called as Astrology!
             I was wondering if there is a very good website out there which comprehensively has information about every sunsign and which other sunsign is compatible to one another. Yes, I found one that lists every single information out there and all the information is gathered from the experts and reliable sources from all over the web! My friend came around my place that time and we together read the Gemini page because he is of sunsign Gemini and what are his compatibilities. He sure noted that the traits listed there were very true for his character and attitude - very positive indeed. A sure techwin scenario!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some neat BlackBerry Deals

All things tech - that's why I'm here for. But how does it sound when I say "How about some awesome money saving deals in tech?!" Yep, going by the way how prices of things are ever increasing and we sure don't want to burn holes on our pockets. There are dozens of tech deal offering websites out there but very few are for real and help us in achieving what we want.

Now, this post, as the title says, is specific to BlackBerry deals since the spending for BlackBerry phones is a little higher than the average smartphones because of the extra large features that they offer. A normal BlackBerry phone can do anything that you'd want a real smartphone to do but for that cost of the BlackBerry internet package and data allowance. If you get a good deal from the most popular Blackberry Deals that are listed, then you can just end up saving a great deal of money and enjoy all those flavored berries!