Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For ye who like breaking locks

No, I didn't mean that title literally to break typical locks. This is something interesting and something that I've wanted to write about but couldn't find something that really "breaks". Yes, this is about the jailbreaks that people have been unsuccessfully trying to do over the past few years because there wasn't a standard thing or the most easiest thing as well. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about iPhones. For those who were still guessing, are you in a cave? And so, it was hard for those who were confined to a single network for a life time on their iPhones. I've been researching a lot of softwares that claim to unlock these magnificient phones but alas didn't find any of those credible until I stumbled across this website which claimed to Unlock iPhone 3gs than anything else and they even promise a money back if you didn't find it to work + lots of goodies when you get that breaker stuff. One fact that many of us should know is before one even tries to jailbreak his/her iPhone, they should have a sound technical mind or else they risk to create permanent damage to the softwared phone. But from this website I learned that you can Unlock iPhone Three without even having a technical thought about what you are doing. For all ye other folks for who this post doesn't suit, you probably own something very different.

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