Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get your own Marketing Video in minutes

So, did you come across a video that was so viral on the Internet and people were constantly watch it across the globe and responding to it via comments on video sharing websites?. These types of videos are not very hard to make, but to make by oneself is a bit difficult. But, as I always say and write, Technology has improved so much that there is nothing that is impossible, of course, with the help of technology.

Now, onto our topic. If you are looking to create that video which will create so much buzz on the Internet and go viral, then the perfect marketing video is what you want. Now, there is a website already available called Stinger Videos, to do this perfect video for you in less than 3 minutes. You can then create the curiosity by building suspenseful videos that compel viewers to visit your site after watching!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Technology everywhere - even in Glasses

There has always been talks and debates between the technocrats and the nature lovers about the evolution of mankind. These debates could be a never ending process but the actual importance lies in understanding the fact that technology has its presence in every sphere of life. There cannot be anything in the universe that happens without the use of technology. This again reminds me of an amazing debate between my wife and me.
My wife happened to check out some prescription glasses last week and she said that the beauty of those eye wear in the shop were truly amazing that she could not choose the best option. I jumped in and said that it is technology that has made it possible. She disagreed saying it was the work of the designers. The fact here is that though it was designed by the most artistic talent, one needs to have the right kind of machines to carry out the artist's design. The interesting fact is also that one cannot access the target audience also without the use of Internet or social media marketing. These kinds of new technology enables the sale of these amazing looking optical. Use the latest technology to take the components to the widest possible consumer base that could be offered by the internet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Defend yourselves against Cyber Attacks

There have been numerous reports and still numerous coming up of the title "Cyber Attacks". Websites all over the world, organizations that are very less secured and even personal computers that are connected to the Internet with less security are prone to Cyber Attack.

So, lets discuss what is a Cyber Attack first.A cyberattack is an attempt to undermine or compromise the function of a computer-based system, or attempt to track the online movements of individuals without their permission. Attacks of this type may be undetectable to the end user or network administrator, or lead to such a total disruption of the network that none of the users can perform even the most rudimentary of tasks. Because of the increasing sophistication of these kinds of network attacks, the development of effective software defenses is an ongoing process.

It is important to understand that a cyberattack can be relatively innocuous and not cause any type of damage to equipment or systems. This is the case with the clandestine downloading of spyware onto a server or hard drive without the knowledge or consent of the owner of the equipment. With this type of cyberattack, the main goal is usually to gather information that ranges from tracking the general movements and searches conducted by authorized users to copying and forwarding key documents or information that is saved on the hard drive or server. While the ultimate goal is to capture and transmit information that will help the recipient achieve some sort of financial gain, the spyware runs quietly in the background and is highly unlikely to prevent any of the usual functions of the system from taking place.

But, the good news is that these attacks can be defended against with the help of trainings like F5 training and lots more.