Monday, October 31, 2011

Be a Blogger, Be noticed

People always asked me why am I so popular in the online community and why do most of my social friends approach me for any geeky advice on any technology that is existent or for that matter, any technology that will come into existence soon.

Well, its not that big of a secret to be kept without sharing. Its simple. I'm a blogger. Yes, now you understand the reason for the title of this blog post. When you are a blogger and you are more open to sharing things to the world, one day in the future, the world will come to you asking for "geekological stuff" that you will be excited to talk about.

So, what's the second step? To be noticed after being a blogger. Showcase yourself in online blogging communities such as the Sacramento bloggers. This was an interesting directory of sacramento bloggers that I hit upon yesterday.

If you are a tweet buff, then there is the tweet list of Sacramento bloggers which is the perfect place to list yourself and your blog/website and get noticed starting from your very first tweet!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Order Checks vs Bank Checks

Traditionally cashier's checks have been among the safest checks to accept. This is because the promise to pay is made by the bank issuing the check - not the person who uses the check. They are sometimes called bank drafts. Let's contrast order checks with a personal check. When you write a personal check, you're supposed to have available funds in your account to cover the check. However, you may know that the payee won't get the check to the bank for a few days, and that processing will take another few days. Therefore, your account won't be debited for several business days after you write the check. If you don't have the funds available today, you can always hope that they'll clear before the check is presented to your bank for payment (so you write the check anyway). This practice is called floating checks. Unlike personal checks, bank checks debit your account when they are issued. This means, of course, that you can't get a cashier's check unless you actually have available funds in the account. Once your account is debited, the bank is responsible for paying the payee. Now, if you're a merchant who accepts order checks from customers, which would you rather take - a cashier's check or a personal check? Of course, your odds of being paid are better with a legitimate cashier's check.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Learn Microsoft Office with ease

For all those people who are aspiring to have a career in IT here is a quick information that you will be interested in. You all may be aware that Microsoft Office is the front line office solutions for almost every IT or even manufacturing company out there to have their documents and charts prepared in. But a market study shows that the people resources joining these companies do not possess expertise in Microsoft Office products because the basic or intermediate usage of these softwares are never really taught in colleges, students learn them by themselves. Well, what about those who knew just the basics of working on Microsoft Windows but will have to work on Microsoft Office products once they step into their job roles. Its obvious that they do not like to be "coached" on them with full of technical "jargons". That's why I made a quick search and found that there is one website that offers full Microsoft Office Training without ANY technical or computerized terms as jargons. The method used by them is, as I just said, completely jargon free with quick learn tutorials for the latest product - Microsoft Office 2010. The best part is that its available on a DVD directly sent to your home or you can sit back and download it instantly to you PC and learn Microsoft Office with ease.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Technology in Medical Beds and Medical research

Medical technology in some form has been part of medical practice since the early days in the history of medicine. Increasingly, educators have been challenged by the rapid development of new technologies, and the challenges brought forth by the development of new medical technologies are no exception. Medical technologists must also know about the appropriate procedures and devices for the diagnostic/therapeutic application of the energy forms to body systems. Therefore, knowledge, procedures, and devices simultaneously define the application of medical technology.

Consequently, medical technology requires a foundation in both science and technology. In addition to science and technology, the basis for medical technology resides within the context of the social, political, and cultural world. Thus, medical technology is the application of energy forms to diagnose and treat body systems using knowledge, procedures, and devices within the context of both science and technology in society.

It was not until the 19th century that physicians increasingly used machines for diagnosis or therapeutics.

This extensive research and education led us to some medical inventions and makings like the handicap scooters which help the old who can't move - a freedom to move around without any help and disturbance. That's technology really winning.

Another technology was the invention of the laryngoscope invented by Manual Garcia in 1855. Garcia, a London singing teacher, placed a mirror in the back of the throat and another mirror to reflect sunlight into the mouth to observe the action of the throat and larynx. Two years later, Johann Czermak, a Polish professor of physics, replicated his experiment using artificial light.

And now, we have medical bed which use the latest gadgets and technology which can automatically monitor the person's current state of health and automatically trigger any warnings to the medical team, if required.

Last but not the least, we now have diapers for adults. Technology used to make those?. Yes!

Audio conferencing to reduce spending

How much time and money is your company spending on meetings? How often are people traveling across town, across the country or around the world to attend meetings in person that could just as productively be held via Tele- or Audio conference? What impact does this have on your company's carbon footprint? In today's business world, traveling for a meeting costs more than just the hotel and the plane ticket. The cost of the time spent going through security, waiting for a plane, out of touch in the air, this often costs more than the ticket and hotel. Add to that the cost of meals and rental cars and every meeting gets more expensive than you initially may have thought.

Audio conferencing using Voice over IP (VoIP) works very similarly to a traditional conference call using analog telephones. In Conference calls, callers connect to a conference bridge, a server that allows multiple people to talk to one another. VoIP audio conferences use the same principle -- callers connect to a conference bridge via their telephones or computers.

Conference calling capabilities are often built into VoIP networks or available as a service upgrade. If a business uses a VoIP network for its telephones, calls from outside of the company can still typically connect the conference bridges. External lines may connect directly to the bridge server, or external calls may reach the server through the VoIP network.

This is how the new age organizations are teaching the old age organizations to use the latest digital tools and thereby reduce cost and increase interactivity. Its just one touch audio meetings and people get to talk instantly without any traveling and delays. The old age organizations have taken notice as they need to reduce spending too. So, if you represent your organization, you now know what to do to reduce spending.

Get the latest in Tech and Social Media

Yeah, you know that this blog of mine is one of the coolest places in the blogging world where you can find some real tech news, gadgetry stuff and everything else under the huge technological umbrella.

But there are various other blogs out there in this world that give so much information similar to my blog. The toughest thing is to find which are the most reliable and entertaining ones. This is why we need a social news website which can serve as a one stop destination for people to spend their time only on such a website and get all the info that they want.

So, on this agenda, I was searching for top sites and landed at which is this social media news website where people can share any news that they find interesting such as the iPhone4s launch info or that Dennis Ritchie, the father of C programming passed away. The power and advantage of social media is exactly that - people can get information over to them and even can vote for their favorite ones so that more people get to see them and share them as well.