Monday, October 31, 2011

Be a Blogger, Be noticed

People always asked me why am I so popular in the online community and why do most of my social friends approach me for any geeky advice on any technology that is existent or for that matter, any technology that will come into existence soon.

Well, its not that big of a secret to be kept without sharing. Its simple. I'm a blogger. Yes, now you understand the reason for the title of this blog post. When you are a blogger and you are more open to sharing things to the world, one day in the future, the world will come to you asking for "geekological stuff" that you will be excited to talk about.

So, what's the second step? To be noticed after being a blogger. Showcase yourself in online blogging communities such as the Sacramento bloggers. This was an interesting directory of sacramento bloggers that I hit upon yesterday.

If you are a tweet buff, then there is the tweet list of Sacramento bloggers which is the perfect place to list yourself and your blog/website and get noticed starting from your very first tweet!

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