Friday, March 30, 2012

Prepare for ITIL like a pro

Let's be frank and let's get this straight - ITIL is one certificaiton that people dread taking, find it difficult to, but that's one of the most sought after certifications as well! Those foundation courses and the intermediate courses and all those hard drills one has to go through in order to get himself ready for industry's most important certifications.

There are plenty of certification kits available in stores and lots of hard cover books as well, but nothing beats like a comprehensive course with mock exams that depict how a real ITIL certification test will be! Now I've chanced upon where a comprehensive course is readily available. They offer a public class which is of almost no cost, they offer Live ITIL classes and On Demand ITIL classes as well, for those who want to do it all from their home and with ease,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Codes and scripts for Tumblr!

So, yesterday I was toying around Tumblr's new features. I know I'm a bit late on that but its better late than never. One of my friends wanted me to have a look at them and I'd found some good news and bad news. Good news is that the texts are now super rich and posting stuff is as quick as it can be. I found that I can post so quick on Tumblr than any other blogging platform, maybe that's why most of my friends call it "mini-blogging" platform.

But all said and done, there are some features that we all love in other blogging platforms such as ease of maintenance of blogrolls, redirect codes (for advanced users), easy to maintain followers code, and codes to add effects and fun to the tumblog! Then I went roaming around the Internet and found that all the above "wanted" codes were readily available at Tumblr Codes - the site which offers code that can be used as is to one's tumblr page on the HTML customization and fancy their blogs as much as possible. No wonder my day was already done since I had all the stuffs ready on my tumblog and was ready to brag about them to my friend. You now know where to go for all things Tumblr!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The lasting & everlasting technology

You might wonder why I have named this post title as lasting and everlasting technology. For those heads who code everyday on those screens which are dark and never change colors unless specified to, I'm talking about Mainframes! - One product that still has new age developers write cutting edge code that process over 85% of the world's most crucial business transactions. Yes, there are user interfaces that are the latest in tech that run the Internet but these are just for the fancy eye. For those who eye real business values, they hit the spot on Mainframes. IBM has been continuously increasing support for these gem of a products.

Coming to products that are made for mainframes, there are plenty of companies out there that make such products which serve the developers out there with ready-made solutions in mainframes and one of the most popular is an automation product called MF-Test by most technologies that's uniquely done for testing mainframe code dev scenarios, fully automated!

So, all those non-mainframe geeks out there, do you now agree with the lasting and everlasting title ?

Monday, March 12, 2012

The ideal software for a Church

Last week, I had this unique opportunity to visit a brand new Church being built near my friend's home. It was well built, well structured and well designed to represent those from the Gothic ages.

So I was looking at their interior and exterior designs when I came across a person who was entering finance control information into a huge book and calculating the accounting done so far with a nifty calculator in hand. I was like, what's going on?! With a technology geek and someone who promotes the use of software around you, one can't just go about doing stuff manually like that!

I then had a quick chat with him and found out that even going forward, the church will only make use of manual accounting processes to do the entire accounting for all of the church's accounts! I then got mad and spoke to them for about an hour and advised them to go for the latest in accounting software.

In general, for any church, the two most basic things that are required will be: Make financial decisions easier without the need of referencing holding books and books of data AND tax accounting - very important for any institution for that matter. That said, its also imperative to have the right tool and do the right job - Accounting. That's why I recommended them one of the best church accounting software out there so that they can make full use of the best software and increase their time usage on other important stuff related to the church instead of just accounting!

Technology for the win, always.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buy all things tech, with a discount

How many of us have logged into this tech stuffs website or just walked into a tech stuffs selling store and found out that the stuffs are way too pricey and they just don't fit into our spend budgets for the month/day/year?!!

Well, if you had raised your hand without knowing you raised it, welcome to the league. I've always written and shared about how tech stuffs and gadgets make life easier and keep us chilled out. But the other day, I just couldn't buy this wi-fi router since it was just too heavily priced, and going by the economy that we are facing, the going gets tough and tougher.

Now, this is where the interesting part comes in - "Discounts". One of the most non-technological things that man has ever found is discounts! I then got to purchase that modem for a well discounted 40% off of the tag, thanks to the voucher I received of a lucky draw. But very few of us are that lucky, for the rest, there is which offers the best voucher codes for tech stuffs in the UK.

People who know Comet - the all famous technology stuff store can now get comet voucher codes right now and splurge on tech stuff. Even apart from Comet, there is a long list of other retailers for which you can get voucher codes and save some good money on your tech splurging. Happy tech shopping!