Monday, March 12, 2012

The ideal software for a Church

Last week, I had this unique opportunity to visit a brand new Church being built near my friend's home. It was well built, well structured and well designed to represent those from the Gothic ages.

So I was looking at their interior and exterior designs when I came across a person who was entering finance control information into a huge book and calculating the accounting done so far with a nifty calculator in hand. I was like, what's going on?! With a technology geek and someone who promotes the use of software around you, one can't just go about doing stuff manually like that!

I then had a quick chat with him and found out that even going forward, the church will only make use of manual accounting processes to do the entire accounting for all of the church's accounts! I then got mad and spoke to them for about an hour and advised them to go for the latest in accounting software.

In general, for any church, the two most basic things that are required will be: Make financial decisions easier without the need of referencing holding books and books of data AND tax accounting - very important for any institution for that matter. That said, its also imperative to have the right tool and do the right job - Accounting. That's why I recommended them one of the best church accounting software out there so that they can make full use of the best software and increase their time usage on other important stuff related to the church instead of just accounting!

Technology for the win, always.

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