Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The lasting & everlasting technology

You might wonder why I have named this post title as lasting and everlasting technology. For those heads who code everyday on those screens which are dark and never change colors unless specified to, I'm talking about Mainframes! - One product that still has new age developers write cutting edge code that process over 85% of the world's most crucial business transactions. Yes, there are user interfaces that are the latest in tech that run the Internet but these are just for the fancy eye. For those who eye real business values, they hit the spot on Mainframes. IBM has been continuously increasing support for these gem of a products.

Coming to products that are made for mainframes, there are plenty of companies out there that make such products which serve the developers out there with ready-made solutions in mainframes and one of the most popular is an automation product called MF-Test by most technologies that's uniquely done for testing mainframe code dev scenarios, fully automated!

So, all those non-mainframe geeks out there, do you now agree with the lasting and everlasting title ?

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