Monday, January 21, 2013

Fulfilling dreams with technology

The developments in technology always make life easier - this has been my mantra always. Technology help us to solve any issues within minutes. There are many types of technologies and Internet is a widely used technology. With the help of internet we can find any solution within minutes. Nowadays you can achieve anything you ever dreamt of with the help of technologies. Thanks to the technologies we are living a sophisticated lifestyle.

The most difficult part of one’s life is to find a perfect home. Nowadays with the help of technologies we able to find our dream homes within our budget. One of friend bought a beautiful house in Kitsilano and I was fascinated by the environment around the house. MLS Listing Kitsilano helped my friend in finding his dream home. When I checked out MLS listing I was able to find many categories where I can choose the desired location, neighborhood, price and much more. MLS listing helps you locate your desired homes and they offer architectural and structural information on the property as well. Now I guess everyone can easily afford their dream homes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sharing and spreading the tech world

Yes, that was intent when I started this blog - to share all things tech, to spread the word of how technology touches and changes lives across the planet, to tell people that technology is very helpful by all means. This includes product reviews, tech services on the Internet, mobile, gaming and what not?!.

So, I was searching if there are other people who are like-minded like me and want to share and serve all things tech. That's when I chanced upon Hindutech which gives one a warm welcome with 'Welcome to Hindutech'. Michael Jarmana Rajdeep, the founder of this blog is a passionate about blogging and his favorite subject is a way of life. Technology knowledge is his forte and utilizing it, he can help you resolve day-to-day challenges involving technology. One can visit his website at, sign in, put some comments, ask questions and concerns you might have on a specific subject he has already posted. If there is any news that you'd like to be published, he is happy to do so! Now, I have asked about some apple related stuff already!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Overview of Kitchen Design Software: The Best Kitchen Design Software

When it comes to selling new kitchens, bathroom suites or even fully fitted bedrooms, sales people no longer need to rely on the imagination of their potential clients in order to create their dream room. Thanks to the advent of design software systems, professionals can now create virtual rooms to show their clients – turning their dreams into reality. But with so many kitchen design software programmes to choose from, which is the best? In this article we take a look at three of the best systems to identify their features.

Kitchen Design Software #1: Turbo Floor Plan 3D

Turbo Floor Plan offers a combination of ease of use and functionality. One of the advantages of Turbo Floor Plan is that you can choose whether to use metric or imperial measurements making it ideal for both customer and industry use. The software allows you to view a room you have produced in a range of different ways including differing camera angles, virtual walkthroughs and cutaway views. There is even the option to use an electrical wiring filter which allows you to easily work out where to place electrical sockets or where to position kitchen components in relation to the present electrical wiring of the kitchen – potentially saving your client money on electrical alterations and refits.
As with most other kitchen design software, Turbo Floor Plan allows you to alter the look of the kitchen design including mouldings, cabinet and worktop designs and colours and an array of other items for greater customisation. Once the kitchen design is complete, the software allows you to run a cost estimator for the kitchen to provide a detailed quote.

Kitchen Design Software #2: ArtiCAD Pro

ArtiCAD-Pro took 15 years to development and produces detailed plans and elevations of any room. The plans are fully labelled and feature dimensions, making it ideal for fitters to work from yet there is also an option to hide these fields to show your clients a more aesthetically pleasing view. ArtiCAD-Pro can produce both 3D perspective line drawings and 3D photo-real images in a matter of seconds allowing your clients to see exactly how their dream kitchen will look when installed. Even the smallest details including wood grains of cupboards or marble patterns on worktops can be seen to full effect –an important sales tool.

ArtiCAD allows you to include appliances and see cabinet finishes

ArtiCAD-Pro comes with a ready-made product catalogue including a wide range of customisable parts. Another feature of ArtiCAD-Pro is that it can allow you produce parts lists automatically to save you time. Overall ArtiCAD-Pro is easy to use and will quickly allow you to generate designs for clients whilst saving you time compiling catalogues and parts lists amongst other things.

Kitchen Design Software #3:  VR Kitchen by Nexus

VR Kitchen has been developed over a period of 20 years and has been specially designed for professional users. The software allows you to create your client’s dream kitchen with ease including producing walkthrough layouts to help them visualise their new kitchen. Details are a key focus of VR Kitchens and shine and reflections are included on flooring, tiles and worktops for a more realistic view. A wide range of lighting options are included whist soft shadows allow you to easily see any places in the kitchen where more lighting is required.
VR Kitchen is easy to use and allows you to drop and drag elements into your kitchen design to allow you to quickly show your clients alterations or your suggestions.

Some CAD systems allow you to view reflections for a realistic look

In order to choose which kitchen design software is best for your needs, it’s worth trying the demo versions of the software to ensure all the features you require are included.

Image Credits: Articad images

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spy Software program for Mobile-Learn Surprising Advantages of Mobile Telephone Spy Computer software

Human beings have typical curiosity to know the unknown. Once again, mobile phone is actually a really typical device in our every day life. Even school going youngsters are utilizing mobile telephone. No query about it. In spite of the positive aspects, mobile telephone creates some additional discomfort in our life. For instance, numerous firms are providing mobile phone to their personnel as a way Torun their enterprise business smoothly. Some employees are making use of this facility in an illegal way. They chat with their friends and family, and waste a whole lot of income and time. This is not a superb practice, no doubt about it. Spy computer software for mobile has opened up a new door in investigating this illegal issue. In this report, you will get some exclusive information and facts about spy software for mobile.
Amazing Benefits that allow you to a whole lot:

• Spy computer software for mobile is helping the providers to detect any illegal use of their offered telephone

• Mobile spy software program can give help to parents that are in great anxiety by offering contact records of their youngsters or locating the positions of their family members.

• This software may be utilized to detect any illegal activities by your girlfriend or boyfriend by tapping the calls of their phones.

• It is simple to install.

• It is very cost helpful.

As a result, you will find a great deal of advantages of utilizing spy software for mobile. It can be installed very easily within 3-5 minutes. For this objective, you might want to have the target phone at your hand. So there are some physical works necessary prior to employing this software program.
So you could use these blessing technologies anytime within the proper situation. Never ever use it illegally or in a telephone that you simply do not personal. In such instances, anybody can take legal action against you. One example is, you can't use it in any unknown person's telephone. In the event the telephone user is your beloved, family member or employee, you might definitely discover legal appropriate to make use of it. Exception to this rule is doable also. By way of example, if anybody has illegally disturbed you by way of mobile phone, you'll get a legal right to tap his phone.
Therefore, we can seriously use spy software for mobile. Fortunately, it's incredibly substantially out there in the web. Just commence a search to acquire the magical spy. Wish you superior luck within your new venture.

Go Tech - Electronic Billing and Payment Processing - Reduce papers

Well, it is better late than never, they say. In terms of paper usage and printing out paper bills, no business is 100% free from doing so, since they at least print bills using papers! Technology, providing solution to every business and mankind problem has a solution to paper bills too, and that is Electronic Billing. Payment solutions are not new since the softwares existed from even the blue-green-black colored screens of the past. But what is really required these days is to make sure payments are done over the Internet and at the convenience of the customer which also must make sure that resources are utilized to the minimum - or no use of papers at all. 
Most of us would have seen Point of Sale (PoS) payment systems - they are those where we swipe the credit cards and make instant payments without any hassle. This is one such Electronic Billing. Now, with the Internet in full swing, it is time to take one step ahead. iPayX - a popular company in electronic billing has now developed Internet Payment Solutions which run on the now becoming popular 'Software As A Service' tech model. This model is reliable and gives the ability to send and receive payment information and payments securely, over the Internet. Healthcare industry which sees a multitude of transactions per day is beneficial from this. So, has your  be it B2B or B2C business took any step to reduce environmental impact of the business? If no, you now know what to do!