Saturday, December 24, 2016

Recall your email in Hotmail or Outlook

The internet is a commonly used tool across the world since there are multiple utilities by this technology. But there is always negatives too for instance if you publish anything via internet it stays no matter what. This disadvantage has led many businesses and people around the world feel the importance of making sure whatever they do on internet is ethically correct. We are humans and tend to make mistakes but it shouldn't cost any impact on our lives or business. Recently I came across an article How To Recall an Email in Hotmail or; this seems fascinating with the given facts how important one wrong information across internet can decline the business standards.

The article clearly explains the importance of this Recall feature in Hotmail or Outlook. The conditions which are applicable to invoke this feature is also clearly explained. The one of the most important point is if users try to recall an email which sent after 30 seconds then its not not possible to use this feature. The blog article also clearly explained how to enable the recall feature in a five step process with images.  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Creating value and purpose to passion

The internet is a virtual world which helps in shaping lives and even destroying at the same time. The developers and entrepreneurs in the world of technology are proving their skills. There are millions of dollars are invested in the upbringing of these ideas. The social media is an example for this successful chain of events in the world of internet and communication. But is life all about likes, dislikes, fame and money since it seems to be marching towards these aspects with the young generations. 

The value and purpose of passion is defeated at the young age. But at the same time not all kids are getting addicted to technology and ruining their purpose of life. The right guidance is necessary with the drastic changes in the world. The necessity to identify passion and create a value to life should be ignited via technology. The purpose of life should be a key initiative which would shape the future and evolve the generations to come. Following your heart is the best way to make full value of your life. Everyone is unique and their passion can vary but there no alternate to trying and creating a value to your life. Success can't be defined with money or how its perceived by others; its about satisfying your dreams and passions ultimately which defines your life.  

What's important in life ?

In present world, people are thriving towards achieve a career which is widely recognised with respect to money and power. There is a comparison with friends and family with the uplift of social media. Passion and dream lose the battle when its against money and opportunities. End of the day everyone wants to have a job or a business which would make some money where they can meet their basic needs. After the needs are meet and someone makes more money its already time that they cant get back to their dream and passion. Is this life or is success defined by money ?

The digital era has given rise to many entrepreneurs and they are able to make their dream come true. But not passions and dreams could be profitable but its always necessary to balance between passion and necessity. Its easy to say but it involves lot of hard work and dedication. If life was simple and easy what would be the thrill in waking up each day. Make your life count by working on your passion and dream with all your dedication. Technology can be used as a tool for few passions and make wonders with it. Lets all make our lives count and try to follow your heart. May be sometimes its really difficult to find your interests too but figuring out it is also equally important.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Convert everyday motion to Electricity using ArcSling!

Let's take a step back and think this through before we go into details. When we were kids, we were taught that electricity is generated thru many means. The most popular ways is by tapping motion of water and wind, which is, converting these earthly natural flows to power and use it elsewhere to run man-made appliances.

Cut to today, history is being re-written by ArcSling LLC who have introduced Motion Converter - a device designed to enable an alternative energy powered un-tethering from the grid. What this means is that the Motion Converter produces electricity by harvesting kinetic energy resulting from the rocking and swinging motions that occur in our everyday lives - even our own movements. In the simplest terms - by pushing or pulling, we can convert these motion to electricity.

Common devices such as smartphones and mobiles which need a meagre 5V electricity can be charged by an ArcSling Motion Converter as it can store energy for later use as well. So, in those remote areas, unlike solar and wind energy converters that are at a disadvantage because of the intermittent nature of their energy sources, the ArcSling Motion Converter has the upper hand. I looked at the video ArcSling has produced that, highlights their technology that is indeed revolutionary.

The Motion Converter is the first stage of ArcSling’s plans that powers smaller devices and this proves the great possibilities and opportunities that are on the way. As easy as I want to conclude, Energy will be “harvested” from the environment, wasting fewer natural resources.”

They are also running a Kickstarter campaign to promote its technologies:

For more information go to or contact

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Great new features in Outlook 2016

Today at Tech Access, we are going to Outlook 2016! Yes, the latest iteration of the ever famous email client by Microsoft. Outlook is by default the email client in most corporations and tech czars, only exceptions could be those who create their own email clients and think it to be better than Outlook.

So, in Outlook 2016 - there are many new features that have been introduced. In my opinion, the most significant one is the touch view vs mouse view. If you are using Outlook on a touch enabled monitor/screen, then you can change the displacement amongst the icons/words in Outlook so that they optimized for touch.

But one of the most significant features of Outlook that has ever given a lot of people an opportunity to literally pull back their email is the recall message option. Yes, those times when you have thought, uh, oh I need to add some more or that's not what I wanted to send and several situations like these. So, if you'd like to know How To Recall an Email in Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010, then you should be reading it at the best place on the Internet, which I've just linked! So, get a hang on all the Outlook 2016 features and learn how to recall an email and relax the next time when you hit Send too soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trending online store

Internet is a wide used technology which has made life easy for everyone. The sophistications provided by it are enormous and with recent years online retail has changed drastically how we shop. Nowadays we like to wear any dress which would be unique and trending since we want to stand out from the rest. Its natural to be unique with all the mass production we tend to lose our interests. Recently I came across Crazy DUDE store online which allows you to get unique products at a minimal price with high quality.
They have many kinds of products from clothing, pranks, gadgets, toys and so on. The products are really cool since the design are very attractive. There are many creative products which are not available and easy to find in the normal market. The pranks are very trendy since there are wide unique ones which is available. The toys which are in the available in the store are very commercial but in Crazy DUDE you could get different types of toys. One could find uniquely designed mobile phone accessories too here since they make sure its trendy and would be durable with daily use. So checkout for further products at an attractive price.   

Create your personalised electronic gadgets or clothes

The products and services are using technology to help people get personalised stuff. Nowadays people want to showcase their behaviours based on online behaviours too by social media. I recently came across an online store Crazy DUDE which sells customisable clothes and accessories based on customer requirements. They create unique products for their customer which standout from the rest. This also symbolises a statement from each and every people who design their clothes and accessories based on their likes. It could be even movie memorabilia in gadgets and could help you create your own brand symbol.
They have many wide range of clothes and electronics which is easy for customers to choose from. The quality of products are very good which gives a competitive edge for them while compared to other printed clothing market. The customisation can be based on pranks, movie characters or any other themes. There are many range of clothing, electronic gadgets and toys too which can be have your personalisation applied in it. The texture of the products and branding based on your choices is very much applicable. There are even accessories for the electronic devices like smartphone cases and more. So what are you waiting for and create your own brand by using Crazy DUDE store. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Animation technology for medical details

When I say that, I mean all aspects of life. When we talk life, we mean the real physical life, the science and the medical part of it, as today in Tech Access Blog, we are talking about the use of technology to look at the most intricate part of life - life itself.

Let's talk animation for a second - what does animation help us achieve? It helps us look at the unlookable. Those we can imagine, those that might be invisible to the human eye, those that might be out of this world and sometimes, those that are deep within us. Yes, you got it right by now - animation to visualize what's happening deep within the human body. Doctor's can go only a certain level where the eye and vision assists they use take them to. But animation can take them to deep inside and showcase what's really happening.

Imagine visualizing what's really happening when your back is aching - which bones are the one's under stress that need the most therapy than the whole back. Imagine visualizing the deep effects of a drug using the data of the drug and its effects on the human body. Trinsic Animation is the company I came by today to feature at Tech Access blog, they are a full featured medical animation studio who specialize in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device animations. If you have a medical animation project that you would want to do, we recommend visiting Trinsic Animation first to understand how you can benefit from them. Right away, visit the website for 3d scientific animation services and see the intricate details come right in front of you. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Take SEO from experts

How many times have we ever wondered if we have to do SEO for our business' website? Over the years, SEO has gained so much of traction and popularity that SEO is on the top of the checklist for every business these days, sometimes even with a higher priority than offline marketing.

Let's talk a little bit about SEO first. It all started with search engines guiding internet users to appropriate websites. The more the users started using search engines, the more the skewed website visiting became and the most web-search-engine-friendly websites were visited the most. But then, search engines are not humans, so they need machine instructions and they need to easy. So, optimizing the website's content and layout for search engines became very important. I would suggest some learning about SEO from the market leaders first before employing one.

Cut to current time, SEO has come a long way and there are best plans and highly experienced SEO optimizers available for a business. Moreover, in addition to performing SEO, we now have marketing done in addition to SEO as well. There's content marketing, Local SEO, e-commerce specific SEO, advertisement friendly SEO et all. Amongst these, the Local Search is my pick on the most important, because every business starts with a local mindset and aims to fulfill customer needs in the locality first, hence bringing in customers from the locality is top priority.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Is the G700 Flashlight the Biggest Scam of the Century?

When it comes to LumiTact G700 military flashlight there have been a lot of rumors that this flashlight is one of the biggest scams of the century. People often conclude wrong opinions about everything but in this particular case about the G700 flashlight I think that they are wrong.

The G700 military tactical flashlight was released on the open market this year in January and for just 4 months this flashlight managed to sell more than 3 million units. The numbers speak for its high performances and quality. I am a personal owner of this flashlight and I happy to say that I am very satisfied with its performances.

On the other hand I know some people who own the G700 but are not satisfied with its performances and its features. You can say that every human has its own taste and that you cannot satisfied everyone needs but when it comes to this flashlight there has been a of scam present these several months.

Most of the people who are not satisfied with the G700 are the ones who were tricked into buying the cheap Chinese version of the G700 which is available on Amazon and EBay for $15 USD or on some scam websites. Because of its large popularity on the social media and forums several websites have taken advantage of its large popularity and started to advertise LumiTact G700 military flashlight on their websites. The trick was that instead of delivering the original version of the LumiTact G700 they delivered an exact replica that is identical to G700 but this replica was made in China.
Most US products are made in China but they are also famous for manufacturing all of the worst products that are available on the open US market. The entire industry of China is based on factories that are able to manufacture almost every type of product within the price range from $1 to $5 dollars. Most owners of popular websites in the flashlight niche make an order in these factories to make a replica of a flashlight that is very on the market and they just take advantage of the brand and sell it for the same price as the original G700 military flashlight has.

Places where you can get a real G700 flashlight  

Since there is a lot of scam present on the market if you are interested in buying LumiTact G700 flashlight you need to do a little bit of research first.  LumiTact has reported that they have gotten rid of all of the scam for this flashlight but you cannot be 100% sure. In situations like this usualy we turn to recommendations and the most recommended places where you can get the G700 flashlight is their official partner theg700flashlight.  


So what we have realized in this post is that you can’t trust every website that offers something that you want you first must do a research to determent if the website is offering what you want. If you get scammed for the G700 military flashlight please contact LumiTact because they offer a reward to everyone that reports all of the websites that don’t have license to promote this product.   

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Technology integrated with Media Agency

Internet is a technology which has transformed our lives and in the years to come it is expected to make our lives more sophisticated. Today we see the social media and applications based on internet has created an edge over other industries. The business are also now focusing on the internet based communications to focus on their consumers. The branding and marketing of products and services is also changing with the high consumer level in online platforms. The involvement of millions of users in Internet is the reason allows the social media platforms to advertise products and services based on demographics and consumer behaviours. 
Recently came across a popular media agency - “”. They are pioneers in creating a brand persona and build their portfolio in social media platforms. They have a strong influence in Nigeria where they handle many businesses of products and services. They are very unique and have specialised with the understanding African market. They advertise in all platforms of social media and big internet companies. Reporting on how each digital medium works on consumers has helped them gain an edge in the Nigerian market. They are famous for their online marketing techniques which helps them to stay in top while compared with their competitors. So if you are looking for launching any products and service in Nigeria, is the right media agency company. Their digital marketing strategies can help to brand and market to the right consumer which will help both the consumers and producers.   

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wordpress security issues

Wordpress is by far the most used platform by bloggers out here. The most attractive feature of wordpress is the plugins and the amount of customization these plugins can offer. So, those who want to take up blogging, setup a quick website with wordpress and get on with the flow. Little do newbies think about security and safety of their websites running wordpress. 

I wanted to write about this as security of websites is increasingly becoming important and the most talked about topic in Internet right now. So as I was reading thru several places on the Internet to write about Wordpress - since I'm a blogger hosted blogger - I found that there are people who have covered this topic in detail, it is a good sign that people do care about other people's blogs/Wordpress sites. 

XReFlow is one such business, that really targeted the basics of Wordpress security and how to tackle the most simplest of Wordpress configurations and making the site secure from unwanted site attacks or leak of information. I suggest to read thru their articles on Wordpress security and become knowledgeable about keeping a Wordpress site safe and secure!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Scattermouth: The Next Social Network?

Featuring at Tech Access is about the next big thing in Social Networking contributed by Mandy Ulis, one of our guest authors. Read on to know more.

The mobile phone is far more powerful than the average person gives it credit for. Over 60 million messages and photos are sent every day through Snapchat alone. The images are there for viewing and then disappear. What’s unique is that the startup has already proven impressive, despite two facts – it is just 10% of the volume of Facebook and it makes no money. is a unique social network that is combining the beloved features of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. So many of the Snapchat users have forgotten what it’s like to be a part of social media. There is not a whole lot of interaction because the images and messages disappear. Snapchat, in fact, is seen as the antidote for social media because it eliminates the sharing and commenting, which essentially eliminates its social aspect.

We need social media. In a world where so many people hide behind their devices, the social interaction is needed for us to remain human and in touch with the world. Scattermouth has the potential to bring the masses back to a social network, and this alone is a big (and lofty) step. is the brainchild of Shane Cornier, based in Houston, Texas. It is the culmination of several earlier projects, including BitsyBlog, a platform that had similarities to Tumblr, though Shane had a different view for the social media experience.

Shane decided that the world was ready for Scattermouth when he noticed how both Facebook and Twitter have begun changing their platforms from what used to cater to its users to what now pleases the shareholders. So many users are unhappy with the changes taking place at Facebook and Twitter . Shane comments, “Twitter’s unpopularity is very apparent these days, it's not because of the their platforms functionality but because of the police state they've incorporated. Many users are suspended for mere words when it's not Twitter’s business anyways." The same can be said about Facebook, where users find themselves in Facebook jail because of posting photos or comments that may be offensive to a single individual.

Scattermouth focuses on free speech and expression, which is the way many platforms started out. Shane isn’t the average Silicon Valley-type, either. He’s more of a Texas cowboy who happens to shred at coding and design. The San Francisco types may not welcome such a true libertarian minded developer. Despite the possible pushback from the establishment in Silicon Valley, Scattermouth has caught the eye of several venture capital firms, which includes Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In addition to Shane Cormier, Stephen Araiza is the Vice President of Operations. It’s a solid team that shows considerable promise. Scattermouth is the ray of sunshine that so many social media users have been searching for since Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be something they once hated, political and judgmental. They changed due to peer pressure – and those peers would be the shareholders that have their own ideologies and not for the benefit of the users. It is all about the bottom line now, and it’s causing issue with users. is providing a little bit of the best of all the social networks. For example, users who are searching for the ultimate form of privacy will have the opportunity to set messages to self-destruct, which has them removed from the bowels of the internet. This feature is sure to appeal to those addicted to SnapChat simply because there is no permanent record being created.

Social networks are censoring what people say and do now because of shareholder intervention, which is ultimately preventing everyone from having the freedom of speech and level of social interactions they desire. Scattermouth may be arriving on the scene just in time to give everyone a lifeboat to jump into.

To know more, visit

Thursday, March 17, 2016

What is The Best Way To Stop Snoring?

Technology & Snoring. What's the common thing in between these two? Stop snoring! Yes, Technology now will help you stop snoring if you are indefinitely snoring every time you catch some sleep. No, this is not a medical pill or something to inhale that I'm talking about.

This is the current and next generation technology device that will help one stop storing. Once for all.

So the question really becomes "What causes Snoring and How to Stop It"? Read on the website I read at to know more! I have shared some of my findings below:

So let's talk some facts about snoring first. When we are asleep, we are usually (though not always) lying down. Gravity acts to pull on all the tissues of the body, but the tissues of the pharynx are relatively soft and floppy. Therefore, when we lie on our backs, gravity pulls the palate, tonsils, and tongue backwards. This often narrows the airway enough to cause turbulence in airflow, tissue vibration, and snoring. Frequently, if the snorer is gently reminded (for example, with a gentle thrust of the elbow to the ribs or a tickle) to roll onto his or her side, the tissues are no longer pulled backwards and the snoring lessens.

But who will give the gentle thrust and so on. Enter technology. Anti-snoring technology. The latest gadget in this arena is SnoreRX.

It helps the snorer to not snore by repositioning his/her jaw. There are a number of features in the device that helps the user to adapt to his face and jaw pattern. Finally, the calibrator that provides a reading of the jaw advancement and thereby helps fit the device to the users face and jaw easily. For people who think how about regular breathing while wearing the device, there is V-Flow technology to take care of that. As such, the advantage I see of SnoreRX is that it fits comfortably inside the mouth and it is effective than any regular mouthpiece that claims to stop snoring!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Communication made easy for businesses

Technology has created many ways of communication and we are able to reach anyone around the globe with ease. The existence of technology is very important since many businesses and customers are able to connect to requirements. Technology has many areas of utilisation and advantages which has transformed the way we see the world in many ways. We are able to live a sophisticated lifestyle where we get things within a click and make easy payments, etc. The users are able to have all their needs with the businesses understanding their market requirement. If you want to offer your business services and sell your products all you need is to identify the market and to reach them nowadays there are platforms which help you to communicate to your desired users easily. 

Protexting is a platform which helps to communicate any information to all the devices and different social media platforms. When it comes to businesses to advertise their products and services its very easy to communicate via SMS/MMS, Social medias, QR code and a lot more technologies of communication. They offer extensive support in customer interaction and scalability of the communication achieved. The customers receive relevant SMS or communication which denotes their success strategy. The key attribute for businesses is its easy to use this service and there are no contracts or setup fees. The analysis if the data is carried out to help business understand their market responses. So if your are looking for the right platform to showcase your products or services then Protexting is the optimal way to achieve successful campaigns.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Use tech gadgets safely

The world has dramatically changed with the influence of technology and we are moving towards a automated lifestyle. There are many sophistications provided by technology since it makes life easier and simpler. The performance of the work we do in our daily life has improved drastically with the influence of technology. There are many types of technology that we use in daily life. But with enormous sophistication there is also lot of risk involved. The gadgets which we use in our daily life like smart phones, tablets, laptops and so on emit a Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) which is harmful for us. 
Recently I came a EMF protection shield which is designed for the smart phones, tablets and laptops. The DefenderShield protects the consumers of the gadgets from the harmful radiation produced by all these advanced gadgets. They are very elegant in their design which makes them not only a shield against EMF rather an accessory which we can use for our gadgets. The unique attribute of the product is it protects us from EMF radiation and also protects the gadgets. Check DefenderShield for more details on EMF protection and types of protections they offer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

San Diego Web Design and Development – Vivid Software Solutions

Vivid Software Solutions is a San Diego web design company providing internet consulting services and web development for small and large companies in metro San Diego and beyond. If your company is in metro San Diego and you seek web design services, consider doing business with a San Diego web design company like Vivid Software Solutions. Hiring a local San Diego web design firm allows you to meet more frequently, build a more trusting relationship, and tap into the local network of creative and technical services.

Complete Web Development Service Provider

As one of the premiere web design firms in San Diego, we design state-of-the-art web sites using the most advanced technology available. Our project manager will guide your company through the web design process from concept development to site launch. We provide a full range of services, including web development, web design and Internet marketing. Your web site may include e-commerce, a content management system, responsive design for mobile web site access and more.

The term "web design" is a little misleading. Vivid Software Solutions is a full-service web design and development company. We don't just design the look of the site. We also build interactive features that may or may not require a database. We can help you establish a web hosting account that meets the technical specifications of your new site or we can work with your existing server.

Let us help you plan your web application. Just about anything you can imagine is possible. We enjoy helping organizations plan how they will use the power of the Internet to improve. Because we have probably already developed an application that is similar to what your company needs, we can share ideas on how to maximize the utility and minimize the costs of the project.

The troubleshooting and maintenance of a web site is just as important as building it. We stand behind the applications we develop because we build them carefully and test them thoroughly before launch. When possible, we develop online applications that you can maintain yourself, but if you need our maintenance services, we can perform the work for you on an hourly basis. As your company's needs change, we can revise the application to meet those needs.

Optimize your website for mobile and desktops

We are a result driven internet marketing company with a strong focus on Search Engine Optimization. Our results vouch for themselves; let us help your clients find you the way you found us. Our methods are unique and long lasting, guaranteed. Don’t let another search engine marketing company take your hard earned money and waste it on counter productive link building services. Our clients improve in rank after each algorithm update.

Our mission is to inform our clients of what Organic SEO is, link building is just a small piece of the puzzle. We are the only SEO company in San Diego, California that will offer you market exclusivity and the only company that can help you dominate the online market place for your industry. Our team is comprised of industry professionals that have several years of experience, we don’t hire entry level campaign managers that don’t have anything to offer to your business.

Our Strategies

Search Engines are evolving more and more each year to defend against manipulative SEO tactics that most SEO firms are still using. We tend to do things a bit different, our methods are designed from the ground up. How? We think like a search engine, we only use strategies that provide a good user experience which is exactly what search engines like Google reward you for.

Our Pay Per Click campaign managers are all Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified, they also have experience handling large marketing campaigns. Don’t just take our word for it, reach our to our clients and hear what they have to say about the marketing services that we provide them. Call today and ask for an active client reference or testimonial, our clients are always happy to share their success stories with our prospects. Unlike most marketing companies in San Diego, we take pride in maintaining a sterling reputation with our clients.

While determining what sort of SEO packages may possibly be ideal for you and your organization or providing customized SEO services, our team of professionals will take into account a plethora of search engine ranking factors as well as technical components of your web site as a part of our on-site optimization service. Technical evaluation could quite possibly uncover problems in the way crawlers analyze the website and read its content. Furthermore, we are going to at the same time evaluate your website content and study the manner in which your website interacts with others on the web.

The actual content analysis goes beyond page content, we will evaluate the way your headings, titles and meta descriptions are structured as well. A properly written title tag does not just strengthen your website ranking, but additionally improve the click-through rate from search engines coming to your website. Among the biggest and most significant search engine ranking variables nowadays are unquestionably inbound links which engines like Google rely on in order to index the level of quality and popularity of websites. Our back-link building team uses a range of very effective link acquisition techniques which in turn ensure that our clients retain their high rankings consistently.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's trending the TV technology ?

Technology has changed the way we used to be before and there have been lot of advancements to our lifestyle. Technology has provided sophisticated environment that we are able to do anything with ease. There are many types of technology we come across but since it has engraved into our lives we are not aware of the drastic changes. Television was one of the most entertaining media which still exists but the forms of how we watch it has changed. The television system has changed into a Smart TV where we are able to watch any desired channels and shows. We can even access Internet and stream any TV channels in our TV nowadays. 

 Recently came across a entertaining channel online called “Essex-TV channel”. The channel is yet to launch but I am looking forward to it since it features films, short films, original documentaries, original reality series and sports programming. The channel is headed by Tim Tiernan who is Hyperdrive Film Festival’s director and the content creation is taken care by Alin Stacescu.
Essex TV Channel will include reality shows and documentaries, local news and current affairs this all furnished together with acquired content in the form of short films, web series and feature films. The new channel is being seen as a new avenue for indie talent around the UK to spotlight their work.
The channel is currently seeking UK based talent, films and content to furnish its talent and any interest parties should make contact with them via their website.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Technology for hospital management

Talking more about new technology - Latest computer systems give perfect performance to pull up information from server or cloud servers and so the most recent systems such as eHospital Information Systems will take care of services provided by the hospital.

Circling back to what I wrote at the beginning of the post - X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures etc. can all be entered and tracked on a proper hospital management system. In Asia, I've found some of state of the art hospitals and very good hospital management system in India during my analysis of which country has some of the best systems utilizing the latest in technology for a better healthcare experience.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Technology for better healthcare - Hospital systems

When we think of technology, one of the first things to come to mind is gadgetry. Gadgets, phones, and what not. But think about the betterment of life and support to humans in technology, we then think about technology in healthcare - where I think the foremost was X-Ray machines and body scanners and with that we'll have a big list until the latest robotic operating helpers. BUT, did we think about a hospital management software?

Well, that's my focus for today! Running a hospital is not an easy task the way I see it - it involves a huge inventory right from Patient Registration, Appointment, Medical Billing, and of course just like any other company - a HR and payroll along with the obvious service processing for each. The most important piece of all of these is - yes, it is the patient management information system. By implementing an easy to use patient management and information system, the healthcare provider gives the doctors easy access to generate varied records of the patient, including classification based on demographic, gender, age, and so on.