Saturday, November 12, 2016

What's important in life ?

In present world, people are thriving towards achieve a career which is widely recognised with respect to money and power. There is a comparison with friends and family with the uplift of social media. Passion and dream lose the battle when its against money and opportunities. End of the day everyone wants to have a job or a business which would make some money where they can meet their basic needs. After the needs are meet and someone makes more money its already time that they cant get back to their dream and passion. Is this life or is success defined by money ?

The digital era has given rise to many entrepreneurs and they are able to make their dream come true. But not passions and dreams could be profitable but its always necessary to balance between passion and necessity. Its easy to say but it involves lot of hard work and dedication. If life was simple and easy what would be the thrill in waking up each day. Make your life count by working on your passion and dream with all your dedication. Technology can be used as a tool for few passions and make wonders with it. Lets all make our lives count and try to follow your heart. May be sometimes its really difficult to find your interests too but figuring out it is also equally important.  

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