Saturday, November 12, 2016

Creating value and purpose to passion

The internet is a virtual world which helps in shaping lives and even destroying at the same time. The developers and entrepreneurs in the world of technology are proving their skills. There are millions of dollars are invested in the upbringing of these ideas. The social media is an example for this successful chain of events in the world of internet and communication. But is life all about likes, dislikes, fame and money since it seems to be marching towards these aspects with the young generations. 

The value and purpose of passion is defeated at the young age. But at the same time not all kids are getting addicted to technology and ruining their purpose of life. The right guidance is necessary with the drastic changes in the world. The necessity to identify passion and create a value to life should be ignited via technology. The purpose of life should be a key initiative which would shape the future and evolve the generations to come. Following your heart is the best way to make full value of your life. Everyone is unique and their passion can vary but there no alternate to trying and creating a value to your life. Success can't be defined with money or how its perceived by others; its about satisfying your dreams and passions ultimately which defines your life.  

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