Thursday, February 21, 2013

Technology to reach for the sky

There are many kinds of hobbies and it varies from person to person. Some people are fascinated by the beautiful sky, they like watching the stars glitter. But you can have a better experience with telescope. You can have a magnified view of the beautiful moon and stars. There are many types of telescopes but the beginners telescope is sufficient for starters to have a magnificent view.

There are many cheap telescopes available but the main problem is the accuracy lacks at some instance. The images get blurred and sometimes focusing becomes so difficult that you get frustrated with them. So don’t get a cheap telescope and get frustrated. There are many high quality telescopes which provide the perfect view. There are two types of telescopes refracting and reflecting. For those seeking for the extra view and can take in advanced technology, astronomy telescopes are for them. They are refractor telescopes, having long tubes and eye piece at one end. The reflecting telescopes use single or series of curved mirrors which reflect light to a specific spot for viewing. The mirrors in reflecting telescopes provide more accuracy and it’s easy to make telescope in different shapes. The combination telescope is a hybrid which uses both refracting and reflecting technologies

Friday, February 15, 2013

A secure Cloud - A business' real need

Technology has evolved through the years and it has brought major changes to our life. Indeed, Technology have given us a sophisticated lifestyle. Techologies make our life simpler and we are able to finish our work faster. Off late, we all talk about Cloud computing but little do we talk about the security that it must offer for small, medium or even large businesses who use it.
Let's come from History. In olden days when there was no computers all the important files where kept in safes. After the computers came into existance the files where saved in magnetic tapes. And as days went on the technologies evolved and we started encrypting our secured datas and it can be decryted with the specific key. The data security became a huge threat and people where keen to follow the old mechnaism to save the important documents in safes. But there is nothing to worry because there are many secured networks who emphasize in data security. Cloud computing is the latest technology which solves the storage issues and we can access any important information when we are mobile. You can safeguard your data now very easily thanks to online backups. Experts at have broken the myth of cloud computing offering very little security. These experts offer unparalleled data security, all through the latest and the most advantageous cloud computing. As easy as a full back-up of all your data/files and and easier as a full restore - both essentially a win-win solution for all your cloud needs with full security.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creating a Successful Corporate Intranet

A corporate intranet offers a secure platform for communication within the company. It provides exclusive access to confidential information and a system for collaborating, sharing information, and processing data to minimize delivery costs and increase productivity. Applications and tools are available in the network for employees to use to complete projects on time.

The first rule in creating a successful corporate intranet is simplicity. Whether you are designing a system that offers basic information on the company, facilitation of communication or social networking, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to create a simple design for your intranet. Since the intranet is an internal website for use exclusively within the company, there is no reason why it should not look and function like an external website. Users will be familiar with using external websites so there would be no problems in using the intranet. Avoid including complicated graphics and media in the pages and create a layout that is easy to navigate so employees will find what they need faster.

Set parameters for each type of user in the intranet.The levels of access must be based on the hierarchy within the company, such that senior officers gain a broader access to the network than the other employees. This is important so that there is accountability and quality control for the content available in the site. Publishing, editing, updating and deleting content must be delegated to administrators and executives.

Social networking is becoming a huge trend for intranets these days. The need for social interaction within the company has created a demand for such a feature in the system. Employees use the intranet more often if they feel they belong to a community as well as have a voice in the company. Social media tools should be in place on the intranet, such as chat rooms, forums, blogs, and multimedia applications to encourage discussions and better communication among employees.

To facilitate effective and faster delivery of information within the company, communication tools are the best tools to have on the intranet. Email, chat rooms and forums bridge the communication gap so that working on projects become more convenient. It improves collaboration and communication with off-site personnel for faster completion of projects.

Lastly, promote the intranet CMS to all employees. Even the most sophisticated intranets, when not used as often as needed, can be deemed useless and a waste of corporate funds. It is important that employees visit the site daily and use the applications and tools to its full extent. Through workshops and trainings, you can show teach them how to use the intranet effectively and show how it helps them do their jobs faster.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Television gets smarter

Gone are those days when the Television was just a piece of device used to watch cartoons or boring movies that never had a run at the movies (read Hollywood or Cinema). Television has been innovated and innovated until it became a device to help man connect to folks across the globe. No, I am not kidding. Literally, you can use a TV these days that is fit to a wall and see no big difference between how slim your DVD player and your TV is. Sure, you are welcome to check that for yourself. The days of the smart TV is here, and well, TV just got smarter and smarter.

Here's what a smart TV can do:
Provide high definition content - pictures, audio and of course, video. In addition, connect to the Internet? Yes. Connect to make video calls? Yes. Socialize on social networks - Yes. Watch movies/listen to songs on Demand streamed on radio? Yes. All the above for free (if you give it some Internet)? Yes. Well, I am saying again, the TV just got smarter. You can play games on the Internet, update the TV's software/firmware regularly over the Internet so that your TV is as updated as your computers and phones. Check the best big screen smart TV and you'll end up agreeing with me; and if you already know all the above and are still reading it? Have you got one yet - Yes/No?