Thursday, February 21, 2013

Technology to reach for the sky

There are many kinds of hobbies and it varies from person to person. Some people are fascinated by the beautiful sky, they like watching the stars glitter. But you can have a better experience with telescope. You can have a magnified view of the beautiful moon and stars. There are many types of telescopes but the beginners telescope is sufficient for starters to have a magnificent view.

There are many cheap telescopes available but the main problem is the accuracy lacks at some instance. The images get blurred and sometimes focusing becomes so difficult that you get frustrated with them. So don’t get a cheap telescope and get frustrated. There are many high quality telescopes which provide the perfect view. There are two types of telescopes refracting and reflecting. For those seeking for the extra view and can take in advanced technology, astronomy telescopes are for them. They are refractor telescopes, having long tubes and eye piece at one end. The reflecting telescopes use single or series of curved mirrors which reflect light to a specific spot for viewing. The mirrors in reflecting telescopes provide more accuracy and it’s easy to make telescope in different shapes. The combination telescope is a hybrid which uses both refracting and reflecting technologies

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