Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creating a Successful Corporate Intranet

A corporate intranet offers a secure platform for communication within the company. It provides exclusive access to confidential information and a system for collaborating, sharing information, and processing data to minimize delivery costs and increase productivity. Applications and tools are available in the network for employees to use to complete projects on time.

The first rule in creating a successful corporate intranet is simplicity. Whether you are designing a system that offers basic information on the company, facilitation of communication or social networking, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to create a simple design for your intranet. Since the intranet is an internal website for use exclusively within the company, there is no reason why it should not look and function like an external website. Users will be familiar with using external websites so there would be no problems in using the intranet. Avoid including complicated graphics and media in the pages and create a layout that is easy to navigate so employees will find what they need faster.

Set parameters for each type of user in the intranet.The levels of access must be based on the hierarchy within the company, such that senior officers gain a broader access to the network than the other employees. This is important so that there is accountability and quality control for the content available in the site. Publishing, editing, updating and deleting content must be delegated to administrators and executives.

Social networking is becoming a huge trend for intranets these days. The need for social interaction within the company has created a demand for such a feature in the system. Employees use the intranet more often if they feel they belong to a community as well as have a voice in the company. Social media tools should be in place on the intranet, such as chat rooms, forums, blogs, and multimedia applications to encourage discussions and better communication among employees.

To facilitate effective and faster delivery of information within the company, communication tools are the best tools to have on the intranet. Email, chat rooms and forums bridge the communication gap so that working on projects become more convenient. It improves collaboration and communication with off-site personnel for faster completion of projects.

Lastly, promote the intranet CMS to all employees. Even the most sophisticated intranets, when not used as often as needed, can be deemed useless and a waste of corporate funds. It is important that employees visit the site daily and use the applications and tools to its full extent. Through workshops and trainings, you can show teach them how to use the intranet effectively and show how it helps them do their jobs faster.

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