Sunday, January 22, 2023

Tech Access spotlight: Revolutionizing hydrovac services by

A team of industry experts have got together and developed brand new websites and apps to revolutionize this industry and this is great news for all the customers of hydrovac services!

UberVac's websites and are revolutionary new marketplace platform for hydrovac services. 

So what is new you may ask! With everything going digital, the team is brilliantly digitizing the entire process of hydrovac services. They have a real-time job matching system connecting operators with job opportunities in their area and that's it - this will bring great deal of benefits to all hydrovac customers, some of which are worth mentioning right here on Tech Access blog:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce downtime for operators
  • Suite of electronic tools offered through a smartphone app: job scheduling, invoicing, and real-time location tracking
  • Improve the management of jobs, productivity and customer service
  • Range of services for customers: real-time tracking of job progress, digital signatures, and payment processing
  • Convenient and increase customer satisfaction and trust

No wonder, this is a game-changer for the hydrovac industry and will motivate businesses to do even better. On the whole, the websites are all about making the process more efficient, convenient and accessible for both operators and customers