Saturday, December 24, 2016

Recall your email in Hotmail or Outlook

The internet is a commonly used tool across the world since there are multiple utilities by this technology. But there is always negatives too for instance if you publish anything via internet it stays no matter what. This disadvantage has led many businesses and people around the world feel the importance of making sure whatever they do on internet is ethically correct. We are humans and tend to make mistakes but it shouldn't cost any impact on our lives or business. Recently I came across an article How To Recall an Email in Hotmail or; this seems fascinating with the given facts how important one wrong information across internet can decline the business standards.

The article clearly explains the importance of this Recall feature in Hotmail or Outlook. The conditions which are applicable to invoke this feature is also clearly explained. The one of the most important point is if users try to recall an email which sent after 30 seconds then its not not possible to use this feature. The blog article also clearly explained how to enable the recall feature in a five step process with images.