Monday, July 30, 2012

Repair that iPhone without worry

Some serious tech stuff now. Well, not very serious actually. This is about fixing the most dreaded thing that will ever happen to your phone. Last week, me and my friends went trekking. That was when I took out my open-sourced based phone to track our GPS location and update the trekking team on where we were in our route. That's when my fancy friend took out here iPhone and she shouted OMG milliseconds after she took it out. We then saw her scratching out of ground some object that looked more like a phone. It was an iPhone. Yes, she dropped her fancy and lovely iPhone. But she then profusely thanked god that nothing really happened to it despited dropping it from a steep angle, apart from collecting some dirt and sand from the cliff.

After we got back last week and I getting a few minutes this morning, I wanted to make my research on some trusted companies out there that specialize in iphone repair so that when those of you who own one gets it broken or fallen of while trekking or just about doing anything, then can know where they can head straight to, thanks to Internet and get their device fixed as soon as possible.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Technology to train your abs

Yes, technology does help in every way it can, to mankind. Now, with proper use of technology one can not only get adequate treatment in hospitals but also get self trained in various exercises. So when my heavy exercising friend came over last week and said that one's abs are the most difficult part of the body to be trained and keep in shape - I wanted to help him out by searching for the right technological solution to this and thus I found flex belt.  

Technically, these instruments that help oneself train particular area of the body are called Electrical muscle simulators. I learned about this and explained to him that they make use of electrical current which are applied to muscles in small quantities so as to contract them and tone them thereby strengthening them. We then discussed that a flex belt combined with the right diet and regular exercise will help one achieve the perfect look he dreamed of always. Technology does help mankind, savvy?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get the best price at Amazon!

Well, of all things that technology has helped in mankind to fulfill his desires which is the best yet?, I asked my "shopaholic" woman-friend last week and pat came the reply "Online shopping" or for the most common man - Yes, undoubtedly people head to this giant's website to buy all things for their home, for their digital living and even reading books - thanks to the all amazing Kindle.

According to online shopping freaks, there are three kinds of online shoppers. First up, people who don't even know that online shopping can be done. Second, people who regularly login to websites (Amazon 99% of the time) everyday to check which has dropped price and if that falls inside their budget and if they could grab it right up. Third, the most in-geniuses, who just skip the main shopping website and goto Amazon Price Tracker which does the tough work of collecting the most dropped price items and voila, these folks then get a nifty discount and hence real shopping is done with no trouble at all. Now, that, gentlemen, according to me is technology's best offering to get the best price online at Amazon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Attorneys are now online

Thats right, a big thank you to technology, Attorneys have come online over the Internet and are ready to help people who are entangled in one of a kind situation and help them become free from criminals. Technology and Internet together has brought every conceivable profession into the virtual world. Work or professional, the Internet is the one stop solution for problems, nay requirements of any kind. Even famous Austin Attorneys can now be found online! It was unimaginable just a few years back, for a criminal law suite accused to be able to shortlist a good attorney from the comfort of his home. This sort of online business presence considerably speeds things up for the user or consumer. So from now on, you know reaching to Austin Lawyers will be easier than ever.

Certain Law firms even offer multiple language options on their websites. Websites are no longer a last priority. Companies spend considerable time and money in an effort to have good user friendly websites that are up to date. Managements realize that online is where most customers look to know their firm. Hence, they work constantly to maintain the quality of their websites and to constantly simplify so as to better appeal to the consumers. Looking at all this, i would like to say, all praise to to Technology!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chat and Tweet - Tweet Chat!

Well, a "Chat" doesn't need an introduction but if you are fresh from the Jungles (like in Jumanji movie) then a Chat in Technological terms is defined as a conversation between two or many people at the same time over the Internet using Hypertext tools. I don't want to blend into another technophilical geek here :-).

Next word, a "Tweet" doesn't need more introduction than a chat because stats say that there are 100,000 tweets posted live on the Internet every minute. That may well be now every second. Ok, for all those who are from the old age, a Tweet is a group of text/sentence/words put together on but no longer than 160 characters long. Technological companies and their business counterparts have all gone live on Twitter because it helps them reach and respond to their (potential) customers directly with such a just some text.

A fusion of these two is now called Tweet Chat - a well thought out thing involving both the ideas. A tweet can include hashtags to mark that tweet as belonging to a topic and hence when a group of people with their own twitter discuss using hashtags on the same topic - Voila - A tweet chat is made. One must know How to join a Twitter chat and start buzzing thoughts and ideas on a particular topic of interest and that all will be live as it does involve multitude of fun even while relaxing at home doing tweet tweet & chat chat.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is

My friend called me up this weekend and asked me to help him setup his new router and his new broadband connection. He spent nice money and got himself a fancy 10MB per second broadband connection but little did he knew on how to configure his router and kick start accessing the Internet. 

First things first, the router has to be connected to the PC via the the Ethernet adapter, this is common in most new age computer systems. 

Next, the PC will identify the router connected to it in lightning speed. 

Now's the twister and the whole meaning of this post's title revealed. The router configuration. I simply typed in and accessed the router's admin page via a default username and password - known to most who have experience in configuring routers. Then I entered the admin area of the router and configured the other required information. 

After I was all done, my friend asked me only one question - just what in the world is The answer is quite simple; it is one of the private IP addresses allocated for only private or internal usage - from to In short, only one "local device" inside a private network can have a private IP address and is one such. I then advised my friend to read more about at a dedicated website on the Internet and get good knowledge on how it is really done.