Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get the best price at Amazon!

Well, of all things that technology has helped in mankind to fulfill his desires which is the best yet?, I asked my "shopaholic" woman-friend last week and pat came the reply "Online shopping" or for the most common man - Yes, undoubtedly people head to this giant's website to buy all things for their home, for their digital living and even reading books - thanks to the all amazing Kindle.

According to online shopping freaks, there are three kinds of online shoppers. First up, people who don't even know that online shopping can be done. Second, people who regularly login to websites (Amazon 99% of the time) everyday to check which has dropped price and if that falls inside their budget and if they could grab it right up. Third, the most in-geniuses, who just skip the main shopping website and goto Amazon Price Tracker which does the tough work of collecting the most dropped price items and voila, these folks then get a nifty discount and hence real shopping is done with no trouble at all. Now, that, gentlemen, according to me is technology's best offering to get the best price online at Amazon!

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