Monday, July 30, 2012

Repair that iPhone without worry

Some serious tech stuff now. Well, not very serious actually. This is about fixing the most dreaded thing that will ever happen to your phone. Last week, me and my friends went trekking. That was when I took out my open-sourced based phone to track our GPS location and update the trekking team on where we were in our route. That's when my fancy friend took out here iPhone and she shouted OMG milliseconds after she took it out. We then saw her scratching out of ground some object that looked more like a phone. It was an iPhone. Yes, she dropped her fancy and lovely iPhone. But she then profusely thanked god that nothing really happened to it despited dropping it from a steep angle, apart from collecting some dirt and sand from the cliff.

After we got back last week and I getting a few minutes this morning, I wanted to make my research on some trusted companies out there that specialize in iphone repair so that when those of you who own one gets it broken or fallen of while trekking or just about doing anything, then can know where they can head straight to, thanks to Internet and get their device fixed as soon as possible.

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