Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chat and Tweet - Tweet Chat!

Well, a "Chat" doesn't need an introduction but if you are fresh from the Jungles (like in Jumanji movie) then a Chat in Technological terms is defined as a conversation between two or many people at the same time over the Internet using Hypertext tools. I don't want to blend into another technophilical geek here :-).

Next word, a "Tweet" doesn't need more introduction than a chat because stats say that there are 100,000 tweets posted live on the Internet every minute. That may well be now every second. Ok, for all those who are from the old age, a Tweet is a group of text/sentence/words put together on but no longer than 160 characters long. Technological companies and their business counterparts have all gone live on Twitter because it helps them reach and respond to their (potential) customers directly with such a just some text.

A fusion of these two is now called Tweet Chat - a well thought out thing involving both the ideas. A tweet can include hashtags to mark that tweet as belonging to a topic and hence when a group of people with their own twitter discuss using hashtags on the same topic - Voila - A tweet chat is made. One must know How to join a Twitter chat and start buzzing thoughts and ideas on a particular topic of interest and that all will be live as it does involve multitude of fun even while relaxing at home doing tweet tweet & chat chat.

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