Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Quick news from around the world

The advancements in the field of technology has mesmerised us by its qualities and performances. There are many types of technology which we come across in daily life and we tend to forget its existence since we are so much entangled with it. Technology has a whole has shaped our lifestyle and is constantly improving as days pass by. The current trending aspect of technology which everyone is so much in love with is smartphones. We are able to connect to anyone around the globe within seconds with the advanced communication channels and smartphone devices. The applications in the smart phones help us to reduce our work. Everything is made easy for the people and with a few touch we can get any information too.

Recently I came across a news application which works on artificial intelligence called NewsInn. They provide news application for both Android and iOS. The application is extensively able to cover all the trending news from around the world and deliver the precise information via their application. The information is processed by a unique artificial intelligence algorithm which allows us to get the news which is reliable. Nowadays there are many information in internet which is not validated but this application ensures reliability. There are several categories to choose from and the information sources are also displayed which makes it easier for users to refer too. In today's fast moving world this application helps us to be in track with all the news from around the world precisely. Even if you wish to read detailed information on the articles you can read it. The application is an enhanced information provider with smart technology to find and gather news from around the world into one single system which can be read by people easily.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

ERP Softwares are key to any organization

You know Tech Access blog aims to bring out the latest and greatest in technology but at the same time I aim to keep the technological stuff as practical as possible to serve businesses out there. At the end of the day, why do we need technology? - Simple, to make things convenient and efficient and less time consuming as much as possible.

So, with that introduction, I'll write about today's area of of focus. ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning softwares. This name says it all - for any scale of Enterprise and its resources in the form of raw materials or money or any other item in fact, an ERP will take care of maintaining them in a database and showcasing them in a suitable form to the technical employees who will see the spends on these resources and help the enterprise plan their next set of activities well and execute the strategy perfectly.

Now, if you ask me where I got the inspiration to write about ERP, I'd instantly say about the excellent ERP blog that I found when I wanted to read about ERP strategies. For general ERP info, one can catch up basics at ERP page of Wikipedia. Bottomline: Any enterprise whether small scale - if initiate an ERP strategy can advance well into next levels smoothly. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Laptop Radiation Shield and its benefits

Yes, before you question me on what is Laptop Radiation or if a Laptop does really emit radiation - the answer is the first word of this article.

So, now you've learned that. Let's learn and talk about how to prevent them and defend yourself from them. A simple and followed by a detailed research on the Internet led me to DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield. Though we have simple screen protectors or radiation protectors that are cheap in price and do "something" although they claim something else, they are really not worth it.

I found DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield by DefenderShield to be an unique and EMF protection solution that provides well defined safety while using a laptop. Proudly made in the USA, it contains a patent pending technology. Let numbers do the talking - this technology blocks the full frequency spectrum of harmful electromagnetic radiation from 0-10Ghz and this includes low frequency and Radio frequency emissions as well. Saves the eye! The materials used in this product are completely free of PVC, BPA, BPS or other known environmental hazards.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Creative web design, development & marketing team - Skyfall Blue

It is 2015 and people have gone beyond the basic question "Is your business online yet?"

Starting this year, the question on everybody's minds is "Is the business innovative enough - offline?" offline and "How well the business is doing online?".

The answer to both of these questions, most probably is, another question - Does the company have the right consultants to provide creative ideas, market it and take it to execution?.

Meet Skyfall Blue - Ottawa's top marketing agency that specializes in the exact three things I've listed above. Yes, they are a team of skilled consultations and implementation experts who, when I read about reviews I understand, are listen to a business' creative thoughts and areas of improvement, put forth their experience in fulfilling a business' needs and spend precious time in taking ideas from minds to words to action and satisfaction! 

Going by all the rave reviews and proven history of innovation and the success stories I read about on their website, looks like I've got a winner in this article when I write about them. If you run a business and are thinking to go big or small online with effective digital marketing or running social media, strategic communications or even business development go ahead, give Skyfall Blue a call!

Reach out:


Twitter: @sky_fallblue

Facebook: skyfallblue

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Broadcast SMS during a Disaster

Natural or man-made disasters are inevitable. No matter to what extent we are prepared and are technology advanced to give us a hint that something disastrous is about to happen to the surrounding, nature is unstoppable. But, we can still communicate that it has occurred and the steps we and our near and dear can take to keep us safe and secure. How? use technology well.

Broadcast SMS. This is what I'm going to be specific about in this article. People at Mactro Technology have been working hard to create a Emergency Messaging System that could be used by common people in the event of an unexpected disaster to reach out to those they want to and relay the impact and steps needed to safeguard themselves.

What if the entire Internet and the Cellular networks are down? MACTRO still will work! This unique equipment has the ability to directly send SMS alert messages to surrounding mobile phone devices within its radius without using one's cellular provider's network and without knowing their subscriber numbers. It is primarily designed for Disaster or Emergency Messaging and for General Alerts.

This equipment does not require SIM cards or an internet connection. It also does not utilize your provider's cellular network. The machine operates independently, and is designed to work in the event all cellsites are down.

The text messages originate directly from the equipment; therefore, you can send unlimited SMS messages at no cost. It is also an effective solution for  Proximity or  Location Based  Advertising and targeted marketing campaigns at private venues and events.

Technologically speaking, MACTRO is a broadcaster that can effectively penetrate 95% of  mobile phone devices, regardless of the brand, model, network operator and band. MACTRO has multiple modem signaling which penetrates various bands and standards.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Networking solutions for businesses

Technology has created a sensational lifestyle and revolutionized the way we see the world. Technology is independent of fields and there are many types of utilization. Each type of technology is unique and can’t be compared to one another. Technology has branched out in every sector to provide advanced results which has created an evolution to achieve greatness. 

The era of communication has seen a large improvement with technology and we are able to connect anyone around the world instantly. BroadConnect Telecom offers many types of networking solutions which makes communication easier and affordable. There many types of services available like VOIP, PBX and IP Phones. VoIP is useful for small businesses because it is easy to integrate and secure calls, videos and data into one single service. It allows you to connect many phones lines and the cost is very minimal. The PBX service helps you to route calls and there are many varieties with respect to requirements. The Hosted PBX is offered by VoIP service providers and the PBX system is remotely placed. It is more affordable since you are accessing the PBX system which is remotely placed. Virtual PBX is cloud based technology; it is cheaper and similar too Hosted PBX. The Digital PBX system will have an in-house system which is costly when compared to other services.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Integration made easy and affordable

Technology has created a new dimension to way we see things now in the world. We are able to do many things which we hadn’t dreamt in the past. Technology has shown us how dynamic and quantified our work can be. Now we are in an era where we are able to achieve quality deliverable with less time consumption. Technology is evolving as we speak and we have to stay updated to get high quality output. With the advancements in technology we can measure and report all financials within seconds. This helps in estimating the stability of the products and services in the market too. If you’re stuck with an outdated system and want to upgrade to the latest products the is a integrating system called Dsync. 
They offer several types of integrating services and it varies with respect to the platforms. The most widely used web platforms is Magento and Wordpress. For low cost system integration and data feed you could use Magento ERP Integration and Data Feed Integration. Magento ERP Integration is very helpful for users who want to migrate from existing ERP to Magneto. All the data will be reflected as it was in your existing ERP along with the inventory. Data Feed Integration is quite helpful while integrating systems since it helps in formatting the rows as per the new software. They are creating unique platform which will help in data integration.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a New Project

Managing a project successfully from start to finish is a big challenge for any project manager. A good manager knows how to deal with obstacles that come along the way.They know the strengths and weaknesses of each employee in the team.Even though every manager has their own style of management – here are few things every manager should consider before starting out a new project.

Create a detailed project plan

This is the very first thing you need to do, before starting off a project. Set the time, cost and outcome of each activity. Allocate team members and let the client know about everything. A clear vision makes it easy for your team to focus. It offers client satisfaction and makes the whole process seamless.

Set realistic milestones

Missed deadline hurts your credibility like nothing else. Having realistic milestones is crucial for the success of a project. It keeps your team on their toes and makes them motivated to work hard. It’s also advisable to reward your team after successfully completing a milestone.

Complete resource allocation

Whether you’re going to outsource the project, utilize software or your own in-house team. Every resource must be allocated for each task, before starting the project. It is better to have a signed agreement with every resource, just to avoid any miss commitments during the completion process.

Recognize major risks

Pinpoint all the factors which can affect the completion of a project within the set deadline. Write the alternatives of each resource and create a plan B in case things don’t go as you planned. Preparing for the problems in advance will allow you to cope with them without panicking.

Set the criteria of success

How are you going to judge whether the project is a success or not? When your team does all the work within set deadline? By the total money spent on resources? It is crucial to set all these factors beforehand. Ensure that the goals are measurable, so you can adapt and adjust, in case things are not going in your favor.

A great place to look for employee management software which helps you manage the projects and task is ezytimesheet.com

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Importance of computer monitoring software in work space

Technology has created a wonderful platform for businesses to grow and reach greater extent. There are many forms of technology and it changes with respect to business requirements. Nowadays we are able to achieve anything with ease and our accuracy levels have come up too. Our work lifestyle is now carried out with computers and work changes with respect to the field of business. Employees carryout their work with the computers assigned to them at the work place. But when it comes to usage of computers several employees have accepted that they carryout personal work to in office time using their computers. This brings down the productivity rate down which will lead to business downfall. 

Computers monitoring software’s are available which will help in increasing the productivity and accuracy in work environment. The monitoring software will restrict employees from using any application or website which is not related to work. Spytector is one of the highly rated computers monitoring software in market which helps in logging each and every key stroke which is carried out in the computer. Spytector is known for its security which helps businesses to attain success easily. There are many features to this product such as advanced firewall settings, encrypted logs, stealth reports, restrict user’s access to specified websites and applications. Spytector is the best spy software for any business which requires ultimate security, advanced settings and features. Checkout - http://www.spytector.com for more information on the product. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Technology for Business Communication

Why and what has technology done to improve our lifestyle? Technology has created sophisticated environment and made life easier that we are able to achieve anything within a blink of an eye. There are many features and advancements to technology as we speak. Since human beings can’t be compromised with whatever we have at stake and we try to create more unique aspects to whatever we use. Take for instance how mobile technology transformed our mode of communication and now with the smart phones revolution we are able to do anything on the go. 

Communication is a key to success in all businesses across the globe. There are many communication mediums and tools in market which have taken us by surprise. For businesses they require highly sophisticated and secured service for communication. Pittsburgh Phone Service provides businesses with PBX and VOIP systems. VoIP based communication came into existence to ensure easy, fast and secure mode of communication. There are many categories of VOIP based phones: Wireless IP Phones, Videos Phones and Conference Phones. In other hand PBX is a cloud-based system which allows us to multi-task and access service anywhere on the go. These services save time, cost, hassle and freedom to attend calls on the go.   

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Messenger which runs on mobile phones and PC

Technology is everywhere we go and it has helped in making things easy around us. There are many types of technology we are surrounded in our daily life from home appliances to our work space. Anything and everything around us substitute to technology. Technology has created a strong platform where we can establish greatness with accuracy and hard work. Communications have reached different levels with the use of advanced technology. We are able to communicate to any person around the globe within seconds which is ancient times took months.

There are many advanced applications and devices which we use for communication. Recently I came across kik messenger for pc which is loaded with many features which are unique and easy to use. The key factor which makes it standout is it can run on mobile phones and PC. So if you want to share any information like photos and videos from your PC, you can use this application to share any information instantly. The messenger is pretty handy and has a user friendly interface which makes chatting and sharing quick. Checkout this application android store and you have a PC version for the Windows operating system too.        

Monday, March 23, 2015

Shop online, almost anything

We are able to lead a sophisticated life because of the highly advanced technology. Technology is all around us that we are not aware of its existence. There are many forms and types of technology. Nowadays we are able to do anything and everything despite environmental hazards. In fact. We can get anything by sitting at home since we have internet which has shaped our life to the core. Internet is a popular technology around the globe which has made communication simple.

Online market has boomed to an extent which we cant imagine. We are able to get any products and services online by click of a finger. We are able to get herbal and Ayurveda medicines online which is pretty useful. Recently came across Online Baba ramdev patanjali products which are herbal and solved many health issues. Herbal medicines are mixture of natural herbs and so there is no need to worry. In fact it cures any remedies without any side effects. Herbal medicine is considered safe and healthy because in ancient days people had a healthy lifestyle by surviving on natural herbal plants which had medicinal values. So what are you waiting for checkout the herbal products online and get it to your doorsteps by using technology.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Technology tutorials to keep you on track

Technology can be described in many ways since there are many forms of it around us in today’s world. We have invented technology to attain perfection and quality in whatever we do. The improvisation of technology has delivered its purpose and its taking us to the next level which will help us surpass our ancestors by eradicating divide in the world. 

Bitcoin is an online payment method which is not separated by any currency barriers. It is an open source technology which can easily be available and it is a result of peer to peer technology. It use encryption techniques to safe guard network codes since they are used a unique ids in a transaction. Initially before Bitcoin it was called cryptocurrency and now it is one of the most anticipated and first digital currency which surpasses all other countries currencies. Cryptorials allows you to understand Bitcoin technology in detail with its online tutorials. Bitcoin technology is so unique so it brings lot of curiosity to understand it. Bitcoin encryption and technology behind it so fascinating to learn since people call it the future so staying updated with technology with the right tutorial is important. The Bitcoin Tutorials are designed in a way that it is easily understandable and we could clarify any queries as we learn about it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Search any information with ease

Technology has evolved to greater extent that we can’t even imagine off. We use technology to the core that we are ignorant that a life without them is unimaginable at present lifestyle. There are many forms of technology that surround us in day to day lifestyle but with technology we are able to achieve successful results which states that it has surpassed human efficiency. But with the advancements of technology on the increase there are lots of data stored across applications which becomes a headache when it comes to searching any particular document for instance. We use Outlook, Microsoft Office and other applications to store data. But for retrieving them instantly is so difficult because we can’t manually look into each and every record.

Recently I came across a perfect desktop search which has resolved the issue of finding any documents in our PC and web space. The application is very easy and user friendly to use since it allows you to just search any document quickly. It minimizes the time taken for finding any document which allows people to quickly get ready for any important meeting. It allows you to edit and save changed on your document from its interface which simplifies your work. Shared index feature allows sharing important information across groups. The application is compatible across all Operating system of Windows and web servers too. Its advanced search options allow easy filtering and zeroing on the absolute information easily. The application is so unique and helps to save a lot of money and time.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spruce up your logo!

Yes, you read it right. Before I go about how you do it, let me explain what sprucing up a logo is. It is the art of taking your plain and simple logo, getting it loaded into a design generator that is either offline (in your computer) or online on the Internet and applying effects to make it look as good as an evergreen tree!

So, now you have a definition, let's see the how part. This actually occured to me about 15 years ago itself when I was a small time designer of logos and I was not really good at it. Majority of the reasons were due to the unavailability of sophiscated computer tools like the ones we have these days. A couple of years later, I moved into doing something else. This week, I was thinking of doing a logo for my friend but not she specified that it must not be yet another logo! So, I looked up online and realized times have changed a lot - just like how my blog has undergone so many changes over the years.

In about an hour, I realized that I don't need to actually spend much time doing anything for the logo - all I need was the word that will go with the logo. There are plenty of Text Logo Generators in the Internet that do all the work from there!

Here's the text spruce up that I did for this blog's title!

Look at the detailing in the "graffiti" styled logo - that's the good stuff about this text logo generator - it's a professional quality graphic design portal with self-delivery so that you do everything by yourself by sitting back at your computer. Also, you don't need to have design skills to use our site and ask me the what's the best part - you don't even need to sign up!

Along with options of thousands of realistic text effect generators with high quality anti-aliased rendering and optional transparent background, there are Photo Effect Editors which you can use to make things look really nice.

I think an excellent collection of creative and exclusive photo effect editors - all in one website, is a gread idea! So all you enthusiasts out there like me who want to achieve "sprucing up" logos, you now know the Picture to People Online Graphic Design Generators that you should check out!

Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Web Designs you will see in 2015

2015 is finally here! What a great year 2014 was. Year after year completely new web trends show up, some survive the course and stay, while some have only a while in the to survive. The question now is how will websites design this year 2015?

Listed here are likely 5 Web design trends you will see in 2015: 

It’s no news that mobile devices are increasingly becoming more prevalent for surfing the net. For the leading online sites like CNN, BBC, MSN, Facebook and twitter, there are currently more smartphone users than desktop users, and also with tablets surfacing it are likely to be the switching period for every websites.

The growth is mounting, and with mobile devices here to stay, so is the mobile website. 
Over 30% of website traffic is right now on mobile phones , as a result there’s absolutely no excuse for not having a mobile version or responsive of your webpage . Nobody likes to scroll and zoom to obtain what they are searching for. Your website needs to look great and run smoothly on any screen size. 


Cards designs are here to stay in 2015. Cards are best described just like playing cards – it is often white with a light edge and shadow. Cards supply individuals with bite-size pieces of information, and can be integrated with animation or graphics, for example on Pinterest. 
If perhaps you’ve used Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even Google+, you would have spotted and interacted using a card. Cards are used to collect summary information, unique to a user’s location, interests, and so on. Cards are available in different shapes and sizes, but are generally viewable as rectangles in many columns. Every card carries a label or title, picture, most likely a username along with letters, and also icons. 


Full screen navigation happens to be prevalent in mobile web pages and applications for some time; however it has today made the surprise switch to desktop. Full screen navigation features are often turned on by a small menu icon, which generates an overlay and menu options. In 2015 it is going to be a turning point, with more web designs making use of the full screen feature. Presently Both YouTube and Facebook make use of the full screen navigation. Pinterest is a good demonstration of the best way to use the full screen. 


Ghost buttons are big transparent or see-through buttons you observe with a tiny border. Many of them have a clear, white sans serif text with lots of filling. They’re easy and simple to build and they top the sweet spot of being stylish and simple, yet attractive. They seem attractive laid over a big graphic or video, they usually bestow a standard finishing to your design. 

These are the small, normally over-looked methods that execute a particular process. Consider submitting a form on a web page, unlocking your mobile phone or perhaps posting a status on social media site. They may appear to be irrelevant, yet the rate of success of these little moments is oftentimes what makes one design superior to the other.
Conclusively, a number of design trends are actually determined by the need to make websites load considerably faster and consume much less bandwidth. There’s need to scale down the website size and discover the best way to easily load website for people making use of mobile phones or tablet or even those on slower networks .
It is not surprising that the need for website to load faster and perform perfectly without lag time will trigger design decisions on lots of new websites unveiling in 2015.

This write up was written by Lilo London. Lilo.co.uk is a web development and Design organization with offices in London, Perth and Cape Town.