Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spruce up your logo!

Yes, you read it right. Before I go about how you do it, let me explain what sprucing up a logo is. It is the art of taking your plain and simple logo, getting it loaded into a design generator that is either offline (in your computer) or online on the Internet and applying effects to make it look as good as an evergreen tree!

So, now you have a definition, let's see the how part. This actually occured to me about 15 years ago itself when I was a small time designer of logos and I was not really good at it. Majority of the reasons were due to the unavailability of sophiscated computer tools like the ones we have these days. A couple of years later, I moved into doing something else. This week, I was thinking of doing a logo for my friend but not she specified that it must not be yet another logo! So, I looked up online and realized times have changed a lot - just like how my blog has undergone so many changes over the years.

In about an hour, I realized that I don't need to actually spend much time doing anything for the logo - all I need was the word that will go with the logo. There are plenty of Text Logo Generators in the Internet that do all the work from there!

Here's the text spruce up that I did for this blog's title!

Look at the detailing in the "graffiti" styled logo - that's the good stuff about this text logo generator - it's a professional quality graphic design portal with self-delivery so that you do everything by yourself by sitting back at your computer. Also, you don't need to have design skills to use our site and ask me the what's the best part - you don't even need to sign up!

Along with options of thousands of realistic text effect generators with high quality anti-aliased rendering and optional transparent background, there are Photo Effect Editors which you can use to make things look really nice.

I think an excellent collection of creative and exclusive photo effect editors - all in one website, is a gread idea! So all you enthusiasts out there like me who want to achieve "sprucing up" logos, you now know the Picture to People Online Graphic Design Generators that you should check out!

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