Friday, June 29, 2012

Why sports attracts betting

The most widely accepted fact is that many sports and games in the world attract betting. The primary reason to this could differ based on the various aspects related to the demographics. This could be ranging from the operational aspects to the thrilling aspects. The primary reason cannot be actually fixed based on a generic fact. The main concern on this aspect is that the wealthy industrialists to a daily wage worker engage in sports bets. This fact has been obtained through a variety of researches and findings released by the sports associations throughout the world. Many countries wanted to develop the facts beyond the betting world. It resulted in nasty things coming to the limelight which involves match fixing. Apart from the concept of match fixing if could be curbed, betting would be a lot more fun and thrilling.

Thanks to technology and Gambler awards, it is now becoming more open and easily known where and when one must really play. While it is extremely difficult for any sporting organization to curb match fixing, the true spirit of the sport as well as the thrill of the sports betting would be lost after the witnessing of these match fixing. Nevertheless, the sports betting still continue to happen vibrantly in many sports across the globe. One can check out the Sportsbook awards to know which is the best place to go ahead and book with., The major betting sports include basketball, football, baseball and cricket. The primary goal of betting is thrill and one need to shell out money to get the thrill.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recovery from Western Digital Drive

The other day, I was casually bored and wanted to catch up with a movie. The day being a lazy Sunday, I took my WD 1TB drive which is loaded with top notch movies and put it into the USB slot. Then something I did was not usual, instead of deleting a couple of movies that I didn't want to be on the drive anymore, I didn't notice that I had selected some more movies and hit "Shift-Delete" - all in a fraction of a second. I just had to say one word - 'Oops'.

Then I had to haptically search for other copies of the movies else where, phoned my friend to ask if he has them and then my laptop movies hard disk but to no avail. I had lost them. It was like a precious losing. But then, I remembered reading an article on Wondershare - the maker of amazing utilities - about a deleted files recovery software. I went again into their website and found the wd data recovery page and spent sometime understanding how it is done. I very well knew that data when deleted is not erased completely, only the memory is freed for re-writing!. Then, the Wondershare western digital data recovery did its magic and recovered ALL the files that I had deleted and this time I was careful to keep the files which I wanted and remove the others. Thanks to recovery!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Apple to release iOS 6 and iPhone 5 this fall

The iOS 6 which was released at the WWDC 12 by Apple is the all new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It brings a whole new set of features and options which makes it one of the most advanced OS for smartphone and tablet. The iOS 6 Jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 also became available with Redsn0w although it was just Tethered.


Some of the new features of iOS 6 are improved and more compatible Siri, integration with facebook and the all new Apple 3D Maps. It is also the point where Apple took on with Google by not keeping Google Maps as the native navigation app and by switching to Baidu as the default search engine for China.

The iOS which will be publicly released most probably with the iPhone 5 is currently available only for developers and is in Beta stage. Some of the new features of iPhone 5 are liquid metal casing, 4 inch screen, 4G connectivity and a faster processor. iPhone 5 may become the first device with a bigger 4 inch screen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Computer Support for Client systems

If you or any of your friends run your own technology company, or for that matter of sorts, any company that involves the use of networks to connect computers together and then to the company's server system and then to the Internet, then chances are that you might be spending far more than you should actually spend on those support you receive from professionals who just wander around the office fixing people's (sometimes silly) networking problems that they could just do via phone. This is called over spending and also far budget spending in terms of IT or technology or computer networks are concerned. This additional spending can be significantly reduced. I was quite curious on why even the smallest IT businesses spend more than what is required.

I did some research on that front and found that the biggest reason for all of this is just - "waiting time" and almost all of it is associated with the support personnel making his way to the client's system and starts to find out the root cause from there. It should be understood that most - if not - ALL - networking support could just be done remotely. All the user has to do is to share his desktop remotely. But and but, the support personnel have to be adequately and professionally trained to handle that. There are only a handful professionals out there and Wilmington, NC Computer Support could very well be a better choice for those companies or businesses that seek networking or even computer customer support around the place

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fix photos with Phyxer

OK, so the other day when you were so engrossed in fun, that when you captured photos with your iPhone, you did not realize that some were blurred out due to lot of shakiness evolving from your hand and all because of the surroundings may be the heavy winds or just plain adrenalin from you. When you were done with all the fun and confirmed that all the fun has paused for the moment, what did you notice when you reviewed the captured moments? Blurs & out of focus ones? If you answered yes for both, then Phyxer is the answer from the iPhone Dev community. (Dev stands for developer!)

Color issues and noisy pictures are a common thing and that too in fast moving cameras and with shaky picturesques, it easily becomes a strange picture if we think how the original scenery looked like. The intelligent iPhone Photo Repair app will come to your rescue then. The blurry images can be repaired, the noise/grain can be reduced, the white/red eyes removed completely and of course fix some color issues based on all the available tools. But just not only correction of images, the Phyxer app can be doubled as an image processing app as well. So, the next time you take a shaky picture, just don't worry that the moment will not return, go ahead and continue shooting more. There is always something to fix it for you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Technology to help agriculture and mankind

Technology, technology and technology. It is everywhere, isn't it? But if there are some areas where the use of technology is quite limited; probably because of low awareness? One such area is agriculture.

Agreed, agriculture is something that requires the touch of hand and the gracious feeling of aiding mankind to be healthy forever, but there are some instances where modern technology will help the agriculture folks to get the crops right. For instance, they can make use of the Soil ph meter that will accurately measure the pH content of the soil - which ideally (I read that) should be between 3 and 4 for medium soil but varies for other soil types. Now this is where technology really helps mankind. A situation: What if the soil was acidic in nature but they never knew it and went on to do cropping? That would result in not the excellent crops, right?

Technology always helps in achieving quality - be it any industry. All one has to do is to input date and let the micro chip work its charm and provide the quality results - as simple as tested OK or tested NOT OK. How does one check quality in crops? Technology answers with the brix meter - a device used to easily yet perfectly point out the best crop of the lot. So, that sums up my title - again with a ending statement - Technology (indeed) helps agriculture and mankind!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tech helps to find Reishi

This morning, I chanced upon this website that offers pure Reishi essence to people who want to buy it. 

For people who have no idea about what that is, i took some time off to research on the topic and share it  here. Reishi or "Lingzhi" is sometimes called as "miracle herb" due to historical events in ancient China that mentioned red reishi’s ability to attain immortality, but its only a claim, yet. In traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi is in the most highly rated herb category in terms of multiple benefit and absence of side effects. It is the only known source of a group of triterpenes known as ganoderic acids, which have a molecular structure similar to steroid hormones. Wild Reishi is scarce and suffers from adverse environmental conditions such as insect infestation, lack of proper nutrients, non-optimum temperatures, and lack of humidity.

Unlike green plants, which produce many of their own nutrients by photosynthesis, mushrooms primarily source their nutrients from dead organic matter or soil. Without them, the Earths' surface would be piled high with dead, decaying material. Mushrooms rise out of the mycelium when the right nutrients are amassed and the right environmental conditions are present. These reishi's are packed in products and are termed as ganoderma. Now why did I find this website in the first place? - A better to know information of course!

Import DVDs to iTunes and let the movie play!

Now this is strictly for Mac enthusiasts out there or literally talking - for people who own a Apple Mac OS PC. There were many friends of mine who had Mac pcs and many DVDs but all they could do to watch a movie everytime on their Mac, they had to put in their DVDs and play! They couldn't just import the movies and store them; So the task came to me to find out how to import dvd to itunes and then get to play the movie without the DVD!

DID Ripper for Mac is the software that I found was the best pick of the plenty of softwares floating around the Internet and hence, I wanted to talk about it briefly as to why I found it the best of the lot!

First things first - DVD Ripper for Mac has only three. Only three. Add video - Edit Video - Preview video. Then you get to export the video to whichever device you wanted to! To talk about its features it has got built it presets for Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Nintento Wii, Walkman, Creative Zen, Sandisk Sansa, etc and etc..

The software does the import dvd to itunes and let the user decide which Apple handheld device that he or she wants to export the movie to and then let the magic do its trick. Playing movies on the go would then be fun. The video tutorial of the software is so much fun and easy to understand, I just wonder how easy it would really to use. Looking forward to feedback from Mac folks out there. Here is the video tutorial!