Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fix photos with Phyxer

OK, so the other day when you were so engrossed in fun, that when you captured photos with your iPhone, you did not realize that some were blurred out due to lot of shakiness evolving from your hand and all because of the surroundings may be the heavy winds or just plain adrenalin from you. When you were done with all the fun and confirmed that all the fun has paused for the moment, what did you notice when you reviewed the captured moments? Blurs & out of focus ones? If you answered yes for both, then Phyxer is the answer from the iPhone Dev community. (Dev stands for developer!)

Color issues and noisy pictures are a common thing and that too in fast moving cameras and with shaky picturesques, it easily becomes a strange picture if we think how the original scenery looked like. The intelligent iPhone Photo Repair app will come to your rescue then. The blurry images can be repaired, the noise/grain can be reduced, the white/red eyes removed completely and of course fix some color issues based on all the available tools. But just not only correction of images, the Phyxer app can be doubled as an image processing app as well. So, the next time you take a shaky picture, just don't worry that the moment will not return, go ahead and continue shooting more. There is always something to fix it for you!

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