Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recovery from Western Digital Drive

The other day, I was casually bored and wanted to catch up with a movie. The day being a lazy Sunday, I took my WD 1TB drive which is loaded with top notch movies and put it into the USB slot. Then something I did was not usual, instead of deleting a couple of movies that I didn't want to be on the drive anymore, I didn't notice that I had selected some more movies and hit "Shift-Delete" - all in a fraction of a second. I just had to say one word - 'Oops'.

Then I had to haptically search for other copies of the movies else where, phoned my friend to ask if he has them and then my laptop movies hard disk but to no avail. I had lost them. It was like a precious losing. But then, I remembered reading an article on Wondershare - the maker of amazing utilities - about a deleted files recovery software. I went again into their website and found the wd data recovery page and spent sometime understanding how it is done. I very well knew that data when deleted is not erased completely, only the memory is freed for re-writing!. Then, the Wondershare western digital data recovery did its magic and recovered ALL the files that I had deleted and this time I was careful to keep the files which I wanted and remove the others. Thanks to recovery!

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