Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Technology to help agriculture and mankind

Technology, technology and technology. It is everywhere, isn't it? But if there are some areas where the use of technology is quite limited; probably because of low awareness? One such area is agriculture.

Agreed, agriculture is something that requires the touch of hand and the gracious feeling of aiding mankind to be healthy forever, but there are some instances where modern technology will help the agriculture folks to get the crops right. For instance, they can make use of the Soil ph meter that will accurately measure the pH content of the soil - which ideally (I read that) should be between 3 and 4 for medium soil but varies for other soil types. Now this is where technology really helps mankind. A situation: What if the soil was acidic in nature but they never knew it and went on to do cropping? That would result in not the excellent crops, right?

Technology always helps in achieving quality - be it any industry. All one has to do is to input date and let the micro chip work its charm and provide the quality results - as simple as tested OK or tested NOT OK. How does one check quality in crops? Technology answers with the brix meter - a device used to easily yet perfectly point out the best crop of the lot. So, that sums up my title - again with a ending statement - Technology (indeed) helps agriculture and mankind!

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