Sunday, December 15, 2013

Technology in management software

As everyone is aware the rate of accuracy in our daily work and lifestyle has increased with the influence of technology. We have reached a pinnacle and I am overwhelmed with what we have achieved so far and I hope there are more pinnacles to reach with new generations to come. There are many advanced gadgets created with the help of technology. The tech products have conquered the world and with all due respect I must say we can’t survive without them now. 

With growing need comes great inventions and there are many software’s created as we speak. The software industry has helped us solve many issues which we faced in the past. Fleet Management Software was introduced for tracking cabs and it helps the passengers to know where exactly are. They monitor displays a live GPS information which helps them to familiarize their routes. There are many other functionalities of the software which helps in easy accounting and reporting with respect to cab drivers, owners and passengers. The most unique feature is the speed gauge and automated fuel and mileage tax reporting.     

Friday, November 22, 2013

Adverse effects of technology

The advancements in the field of technology have helped us to lead a sophisticated life. There are many new inventions in technology as we speak. In our daily life we are associated with technology for whatever we do. We are dependent on technology to the core that we can’t imagine a life without it. We are able to do any work within seconds with the help of it. Telephone was one of the major inventions for communication and as years went by we got familiar to mobile phones. Now the latest trend is smart phones which help you to do anything while you are travelling. 

With the help of smart phones you can keep yourselves updated and you can even share any information to your friends. The social network helps people stay connected and share their views to their friends and family. The radiation is a major disadvantage in mobile phones which causes problems for the people. Anti Radiation Phone Case helps you to resolve the radiation side effects. The anti radiation phone cases are not much effective since they are not properly tested and certified.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great Extensions for Professional Magento Online Shops

One of the best benefits of using Magento is that there are so many different extensions to choose from. However, this might also become a problem because it is hard to know which modules will benefit you the most. It might also be difficult to select a software provider from the hundreds that offer these extensions.

The important thing is that you only chose to purchase these modules from an experienced company with a good track record of providing software that works, customer service, and upgrades.

Get the Top Magento extensions from Webtex Software.
·         Magento FBA extension: Fully integrate your products that are fulfilled by Amazon with your own store's shopping cart.

Gift Cards for Magento
: Let your customers buy physical or digital gift cards.
Buy Magento extensions from a solid company. Every single Webtex extension includes free support, lifetime upgrades, and a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

Benefits of Webtex Magento Extensions
You are welcome to visit the Webtex Software website to browse more information about all of their Magento extensions, contact the sales department, and make purchases to start upgrading your online store right away.

More and more businesses take advantage of Amazon's customer fulfillment services these days. Instead of worrying about packing and shipping each item, businesses can simply send bulk shipments to Amazon and allow the giant retailer to worry about fulfilling customer orders. This extension allows you to integrate Fulfillment by Amazon into your own store's shopping cart.
You can take an order on your own online ship and have it passed on to Amazon. They do the rest. This extension even supports Amazon shipping methods. Once the order is fulfilled, the module updates stock numbers within Magento too.

Magento Gift Certificate to Mail or Email
There is no good reason why your online store should hesitate before making a decision to offer gift cards for sale. The biggest advantage is the ability collect upfront money for future purchases. You also offer your customers the convenience of being able to shop online for gift cards that you can conveniently mail or email for them. If course, if your customers would like a physical gift card to hand to a recipient, you can help them with that too. Offering gift cards is a great way to increase sales by attracting more customers and encouraging impulse purchases.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

High hopes and expectations about Java 8: are they substantial?

Way back in nineteenth century Alexandr Herzen, well-known Russian philosopher and a rebel pronounced that inertness and expectation are the most destructive and unbearable of all conditions. Many Java developers, who have been eagerly waiting for Java 8 release, disappointedly sighed, when it was moved from September 2012 to March 2014. However, they haven’t abandoned the attempts of predicting the project success.
In so much as Java 8 is under the jurisdiction of Microsoft, it’s easy to twig that it will have certain style. First of all it concerns outside frameworks and features advancing rather than original developments. However, it’ll bring a wide range of perks (for example, Stream or Functional Interfaces).                                                                                   
                                  How they can impact on Java 8?

Much attention is given to Stream collection. It is elaborated for speeding data processing up and its simplifying. Yet, Stream is the kind of one-time use object. As far as data were manipulated they couldn't be represtinated. At the same time such features as filter, map and reduce are exercised during data processing. We couldn't but mention the possibility of parallel and sequential data manipulation. It provides appropriate multicore processors resources exploitation.
Though, it is better to remember of obverse case. Some problems may arise when gross quantity of operations is performed upon the collection. At that rate code loses its readability because of implementation of Functional Interfaces and Lambda. Still, Functional Interfaces are applied for different collections backward compatibility improvement; and Lambda expressions pave the way for code cleanness. 
That’s why syntax of Java 8 is planned to be refined and clear. Nevertheless, it doesn't cancel appearing of various cumbersome issues during misuse. More’s the pity; these problems could be learnt entirely the hard way. 
Source: technology consulting and software development outsourcing company.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Automate your list generation - make Copy & Paste a thing of the past with Dux-Soup

• Is a new, user-friendly and helpful browser plug-in.
• Automatically visits all your search results and presents key elements in Excel.
• Is already compatible with major UK/US websites, more coming soon: Linked-in, Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages...
Dux-Soup has been designed:
• for people whose work involves browsing websites and copying data in order to generate lists with certain data / search results
• for people working in a competitive, fast-paced environment where time is money
• for people tired of spending hours of copying & pasting search results  into Excel
Dux-Soup will work for you as it:
• saves time by wiping out the ‘copy & paste’ action
• saves time by presenting your search results automatically in Excel, ready to use
• allows you to spend more time using your lists rather than creating them
• allows you to quickly share, compare and update data 
Get started now with our FREE Dux-Starter Edition. Download at

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Utilities of Social media services

We have embraced technology to the core that we are dependent on it for anything and everything we do in our daily life. Nowadays we can’t think of a life without them since it has created an easy lifestyle around us. Internet is a technology which is popular and has reached all the parts of the world. It connects millions of people around the world which helps in quick and easy communication. There are many services like mails, video calls and so on which are possible with the help of Internet. The latest trend setting service associated with this technology is Social media.
Social media helps to share messages, pictures and videos instantly with our friends and families. Facebook is a popular social media service which is very popular around the world. There are millions of users in Facebook which allows them to stay connected with their friends and families. Since there are millions of people in social media it allows people to market their brands and promote them easily. The social media marketing is a trendsetting way to market new businesses and ideas. The like button in Facebook helps you to express your interest towards a particular post or page. You can buy facebook likes which will allows you to showcase your brand or business to the people. Similarly you can buy twitter followers as well which will help you to market your businesses easily. Social media marketing will reach millions of people and we can achieve success easily.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Google Adwords PPC - In House or External Support - Which Works Best?

Creating and maintaining Google Adwords PPC campaigns takes a lot of time and dedication. Not only do you need to research keywords, write engaging advertisements and configure settings in order to set them up, but you also need to monitor your campaigns on a daily basis. You will find that there is a lot of testing and re-writing involved in managing PPC campaigns as you will always need to be on the lookout for ways to improve your click through rates. Many business owners simply do not have the time or knowledge to do this and therefore have to come to the decision whether to hire someone in-house or outsource the work to external support.
In this article we will discuss the advantages of in-house PPC management as well as the benefits of outsourcing the work to help you come to the right decision for your business.

It is essential that Google Adwords campaigns are managed by experts in order to stand a chance at achieving the desired results.
Image source:

Benefits of in-house PPC support

There are many benefits to hiring an in-house Google Adwords PPC manager to work on your campaigns, however it is also important to consider the costs and commitment that come with hiring someone full time. Not all businesses will be in a position where they can hire someone full time, but for those that are, here are the benefits...
100% dedication
If you outsource the work to a PPC agency they will not only be working on your campaigns but other businesses’ too. If however, you decide to hire someone in-house you will have benefit from the fact that they will be dedicated all of their hours to your PPC campaigns only. This means that they will be fully focussed on your campaigns, enabling them to pay extreme attention to detail when it comes to optimising them.
Understanding your business goals
When you hire someone in-house you expect them to get to know your business and understand your goals. This usually means they will know what words you like to use to describe and represent your company and the words you choose to avoid. By hiring someone in-house you are more likely to receive PPC adverts that perfectly represent your business and values first time.
Communication and control
Hiring an in-house PPC manager provides you with greater control over their work. Not only will you benefit from being able to oversee the campaigns yourself, but you can also easily communicate with them face-to-face if you have any issues.

Benefits of external PPC support

Outsourcing is not just an option for businesses that cannot afford to hire someone full time. In fact many businesses prefer to outsource the management of their Google Adwords PPC campaigns to experts in the field and here’s why…
There is no doubt about it, PPC managers working at an agency are going to have a broader knowledge and greater experience than those that work in-house on a single business’s campaign. The fact they work on a number of businesses’ campaigns will mean they have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t for businesses in different industries. They also may find that something they did that worked for one business’s PPC campaign may lend itself to your business’s Google Adwords PCP campaign. They understand the best practices and will have the knowledge to tailor your campaigns to achieve optimal results.
External PPC support agencies (such as are also likely to have many contacts in the industry. Not only will you benefit from their search engine marketing contacts, but you may also benefit from their contacts at Google and other major search engines. PPC agencies are much more likely to have access to inside information that allows them to best tailor your campaign to fit in with Google’s requirements.
Cost efficient packages
Many companies that provide PPC management and support services also offer a wide range of digital marketing services including organic SEO, social media and copywriting. Purchasing their services as a package will often work out much cheaper than hiring a number of in-house experts. The external company can integrate elements of your digital marketing campaigns to achieve symbiosis.
Achieving results
If you think about it, an external PPC agency is likely to be more dedicated to achieving results than someone that is working in-house. If they do not manage your PPC budget wisely or achieve the promised results, they know you will simply find an alternative agency to work with instead. This means that they will do everything they can to optimise your Google Adwords PPC campaigns and ensure they are providing the best possible return on investment for your business.

There are benefits to both hiring in-house and outsourcing PPC management.
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There are advantages to both hiring a PPC manager and outsourcing the work to an external company, however if you are looking to gain expert knowledge or require additional digital marketing services, outsourcing may be the best option for your business.

Image credits: Kinologik & cambodia4kidsorg

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The World’s Smallest Working Macintosh!

Can you believe it? The world’s smallest working Macintosh stands shorter than Steve Jobs doll! It runs on System 6 and you can hold it effortlessly in the palm of your hand. This machine has elicited squeals of delight from millions of vintage Mac fans around the world. Well, it’s the smallest Mac in the World.

Hot on the heels of the news about the world’s oldest working Mac comes this breakthrough with a more modest proportions. It has been created by John Leake, co-host of the RetroMacCast by using a Raspberry Pi computer, a Mac emulator running on Linux, PVC and some off the shelf parts. He proudly calls it “Mini Mac”.

This Mini Mac has been done to 1/3 scale. Leake used sheets of PVC that easily yield to an X-Acto knife. He then used sandpaper and files to shape the bezels, with some extra care around the curves close to the screen. The front, bottom and the sides were firmly glued together to make one solid piece, and the top and the back a second piece.

Discussing his Mini Mac during the podcast, Leake notes that its assembly took around 12 hours total. If he plans to make more of these cute little Macs, he may use a 3D printer rather than spending hours manually crafting its parts. The monitor of the Mini Mac is a 3.5” composite LCD panel that is firmly held in place using few Velcro tabs and two brackets. The motherboard sits close to the 4-port powered USB hub. Mini Mac’s 2 USB ports are facing in and 2 facing out.

One of the inside USB ports holds a Wi-Fi dongle, and the other one a Bluetooth dongle. Right on the top is a 2-port USB charger that powers the monitor and Raspberry Pi. To fit in everything, Leake made few modifications. He had to cut quite a bit of USB cable to bend it below the top of the case. He’d to cut the SD card down almost flush with the edge of the Mini Mac’s motherboard. Lastly, to bypass the power connector, he had to solder the wires directly to the Pi board. This may be the only Mini Macintosh in the world with a HDMI output port!

The Mini Mac runs on Rasbian, which is a modified version on Debian Linux. On top of this is the Mini vMac emulator that runs System Software 6.0.8. Leake was bit worried that its tiny screen won’t be readable, but things turned out OK. He’d adjused the boot config file to get an output at 512x384, which shoved onto the screen with a resolution of 320x200.

Article By: John Welby Google+ For

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stay updated to news from across the world

The newspaper is the largest used medium for transferring any news across the world. The newspapers comprise news from all over the world and it helps us to know the happenings around us. The newspaper is very informative and helps you stay updated with the world news. The advancements in technology have changed our lifestyles and now we are able to get any news within minutes with the help of internet. The internet is a widely used technology across the world which helps to stay connected with any latest facts. Nowadays there is no need to wait for newspapers to keep you updated with current happenings. 
There are many online news portals that help you stay updates to news. The metanews is a popular online news channel. The information's are categorized and it’s easy to access any news. The technology has changed the way we use to read news. Any news can be communicated easily through Internet and it is a technology which is unbiased. I like sports and celebrity news when compared to politics. I like reading headlines and metanews news are very abstract and understandable. 

Resolve any Tech issue

The world is filled with trendy gadgets and with more advancement in technology we are geared up to new inventions. The gadgets are created by advanced technologies but we still need service and maintenance engineers to rectify any issue. The technology has evolved around us and it’s changed our lifestyle. The most common forms of tech gadgets are computers and mobile phones. The computers are widely used technology around the world and Windows & Mac have dominated the computer world. The commonly found computers are Windows or Mac PC. The Mac PC’s are well known for their easy handling and attractive designs.  
We are very much connected to techies that we can carry out any work without them. If anything goes wrong to our PC we are unable to carry on with our daily lifestyle. But there is nothing to worry since My tech Tradie helps you to resolve any issue related with technical stuffs. They are famous for their quality of service and they have trained professionals who help in resolving any issue.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Affordable Internet domain

Internet has changed a sophisticated lifestyle and we are able to do any work within seconds from our house. The internet is the widely used technology around the world and millions of people are benefited with it. Internet is used for communicating with friends and family. Social media is the latest trend setting feature of Internet which connects millions of people. A website is used to promote and market any business through Internet. The website can be hosted with the help of domain service providers. You can create your desired domain names and choose your domain type. There are many service providers who provide quality services.
The Internet domain names are managed by domain name registrar. The UK Domain registrar offer domains at low cost and their service are much appreciated. There are many types of domain and we have the liberty to choose our desired domain. The UK domain service providers are gaining popularity by their quality and affordability factor. Now you can easily create your desired website and establish your business across the world. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

6 pieces of Open Source Software you should be using

Open source software is software that is available in source code form. That means anyone can access the underlying computer code that makes up the software. It is possible to change and adapt it in any way you want. However, unless you're a computer programmer, you most likely don't possess the skills to accomplish this. So for the majority of businesses, the big appeal of open source software is that it is typically free. What's more, because there's a huge, worldwide community of people who offer their time to operate on open source software, it's also every bit as good as the closed source computer software you have to pay for. Getting started with open source software is easy - just download it and try it. Here are six packages to get you going:
  • This is the open source equivalent of Microsoft Office. It includes word processor, presentation, spreadsheet and database tools, and compares well to the Microsoft software. It can even open and save Microsoft Office files. Richard Brands, an in house IT consultant at a mobile phone retailer is a big fan of it: "I moved all of our staff over to Openoffice a few months ago and haven't looked backed, we've been using Google Docs more and more in recent times so paying for an maintaining Microsoft products was becoming unviable, switching to Openoffice has meant our staff can still use Word Processors if they want to, or use spreadsheets but we don't have to keep upgrading or downloading Microsoft updates which makes my job much easier".
  • Gimp is a surprisingly-advanced image editing package that's helpful have on hand. Whether you need to crop photos for your website or resize product images for a catalogue, it can do it - and in case you've the patience to learn, you can also carry out much more complex tasks.
  • Firefox. If you're still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your web browser, give Firefox a try. It’s flexible and easy-to-use - but the killer is you can pick from a huge number of add-ons to make using the web easier.
  • Audacity. You might not have any use for a sound recording and editing program at the moment. So just store this one up for when you decide to create a podcast or record your local radio appearance for your website. It's one of the best audio editors out there - and it's totally free.
  • VideoLAN can play virtually any video file you throw at it. Unlike other video players, it doesn't take up much space on your PC and won't need to download updates to play certain files. It's the only video player you'll need.
  • Notepad++ is one of those little tools you didn't know you needed until you tried it. It's basically a replacement for the Notepad utility built into Microsoft Windows, but with loads more features. If you ever have to make changes to any kind of computer code - like editing the text in your website HTML - it's great for that. And even if not, it's worth using in place of Notepad.

Technical support services

The technology has provided many ways to cut down hard work and we started smart working with the help of technology. As we speck there are many advancements in technologies and slowly it has become a part of everyone’s life. We can’t imagine a world without technology since it’s deeply rooted with everyone. Take your personal computers and mobile phones for instance which are very important for communication and work. When something goes wrong with your personal computer you start feeling how much it is important in your life. But don’t worry since there are computer support engineers who offer affordable services at your door steps.
The computer support services are very helpful since most of our daily routine work is dependent on personal computer. Some support services provide on-site and online customer support for installing Operating system and applications. Sometimes we have network issues which can be rectified by the computer support engineers. The IT support Washington have resolved computer and networking issues at affordable prices and their service was appreciated by the customers. It’s very important to identify the issue in computers. Henceforth the computer engineers are trained by professionals to maintain their standard and quality of work. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make money from home

As everyone is aware necessity is the mother of invention and that's how we invented to help mankind. With the help of technologies we have evolved and our lifestyle has changed drastically. There are many advancements of technology and we are able to do any work within seconds with the help of them. Nowadays we are able to carryout any work no matter where we are and its possible through internet. Internet is a widely used technology which connects millions of people across the world. There are many advancements of technology and nowadays we can access internet through mobile phones. The technology has made life simpler and easier for us in today's world.
There are many advantages of using internet. The internet not only helps in transferring information but also helps in advertising and marketing products. Nowadays there are many online jobs which helps us to make money from home. There are ample opportunities to make money online nowadays. This is possible with the help of advancements in technology. How to Make Money Online is a major question in many people's mind and the solution to those queries are available online. Checkout the you tube video for more info on making money online.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Remote desktop

Technology has changed our life drastically over the years. There are many advancements of technology and they are widely used across the world. Nowadays everything we do are associated with technologies and we can't think of a world without it. There are many types of technologies associated with our daily life. The internet is a widely used technology which is associated with many applications. There are software's which allow us to access our desktops remotely with internet. 
The remote desktop software is very helpful to access any information while we are mobile. There are many remote access software’s available in the market which helps you to work on your desktop and applications from another desktop computer. If you want to help your friends and family from remote location to find some information you can use these free remote access software. The remote access software’s are secure and they don’t store any of your personal information’s in their servers. The software is very easy to install and there are tutorials available too.   

Monday, June 24, 2013

Advanced technologies

Our lifestyle has changed drastically thanks to the advancements of technology. The advancements in technology help us to finish any work within seconds. Internet is a widely used technology across the world which helps in easy communication across the world. There are many gadgets like laptops and mobile phones which are associated with internet applications and web services. The latest development in mobile phones is smart phone. They help to access internet and there are many applications which help us to do any work while we are on the go. Apple introduced iPhone which was huge hit throughout the world. 

The iPhone was a trend setting phone in the market and people were fond of it. There were many models of iPhone launched and iPhone 5 is the latest one. The iPhone 5 was famous for its design and specifications. The introduction of icloud technology helped in easy integration of iPhone with Mac PC’s and Notebooks. The next iPhone is going to be iPhone 5s and people are anticipating its arrival. The much anticipated iPhone 5s release date are out and it is expected be released in late September. The rumors on iPhone 5s price are ranging from $199 to $300 with contract. There are even rumors on iPhone 5s specs and features. Some people are waiting for iPhone 6 release date and they are very eager for the updates. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Routing Strategies for Courier Drivers

Drivers share their strategies to help courier work for owner drivers on the road. All drivers can make use of some of the tips!

Author's name: davecito
Copyright Info: ‘Seattle WA 1992’, © 2012 davecito, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License:

Courier work for owner drivers involves logistical thinking, especially when deciding on which is the quickest route to get to destinations.

Here are some veterans who have dealt with various situations who have shared their tips with you here:-
Planning Ahead

Plan a route and know your route! This not only means having thorough knowledge on the area you are operating, but also having alternatives in stock as driving via various routes does factor in courier work. For owner drivers the ideal route would be one that that includes the necessary delivery stops and also avoids problem areas, e.g. traffic-prone junctions. This awareness will also help couriers in quickly observing which areas are safe, and which ones are not. Planning such routes is an indispensable skill which is acquired over time and experience on the road.

Knowing the Ground

By knowing the routes that are available to you, you can effectively choose the best one. Courier work for owner drivers is usually available on a country-wide basis, but there are regional and local opportunities too.

Being Adaptable
Being adaptable is key when travelling and doing courier work. For owner drivers, it is an important skill to be able to choose from multiple routes as opposed to committing to the same trail every time. It is beneficial knowing different routes as it will increase your flexibility, allowing you to react to different situations more efficiently. By adapting to different paths, one can quickly plan ahead with the knowledge they have and conduct logistical and delivery operations in methodical, organised manner.

Courier Jobs are more exciting than you think

If you’re really into transport, then looking out for courier jobs could be the vocation for you.
Typically, the first thing that comes to mind, when we think of courier jobs, is (usually) a man driving a van, or a larger lorry, or riding a motorbike, delivering goods to businesses and personal customers.
While this does seem simple enough, there are some key characteristics which all courier jobs would ask from you.

Logistic Precision

As a courier driver you will need to be well prepared for the day ahead and know your way around the area allocated to you very, very well.

Safety, Safety, Safety!

While you would not be afraid to of getting the wind in your hair and you can brave whatever the weather out there maybe, courier companies have specific safety regimes which they would state in their descriptions for courier jobs.

Nobody ever think they will be injured and it is easy to get complacent and forget about the dangers on the roads. So, it’s the obvious – but ultimately protective measures for your own safety- little things you would be required to do, e.g. wear helmets while driving and riding your vehicle, replace your helmet if you happen to drop it (damage to helmets often cannot be seen with the naked eye and could therefore not serve as an effective protector), get proper lights and reflectors when riding a motorbike and bicycle, etc.

In fact, lighting is an issue, because some cyclists think that using small flashing lights will do – but these are deemed illegal when used on their own. You would need to have lights that are static and switched on at all times of riding. Also, make sure the lights are not damaged in any way so that they work properly, especially if you are working night shifts, as many courier jobs require you to.

Courier Driver ©2012 Bonnie Bogle under a Creative Commons Attribution License
Do not get overconfident in traffic

The traffic is apparently still for a while and you, the courier driver, think it is safe for you to weave around the traffic, to get ahead of the queue. Needless to say, this is a dangerous situation, because you get into danger if you have not alerted the other drivers around you before you set off.
You should ideally have a bell that functions properly when riding a bicycle and a horn when riding a motorbike. These can be interpreted as being childish, but they have proven to safe many lives, so better to be judicious and not judgemental.
Yes, being fast is key to all courier jobs, but not at the cost of your life. So, while you need to be efficient, do not risk being overconfident.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Keep yourself updated with gadget news

The evolution of technology has drastically changed our lifestyle. The latest advancement of technology is smart phones. The smart phones help us stay connected with our friends and family. It helps us to carry-out our work when we are mobile. There are many utilities of using a smart phone. There are many smart phones available in the market. Based on the our needs we can choose a smart phone. Now there are many budget smart phones available in the market too.
Smart phone accessories are essential and we can buy an accessory through online store. The gadget news plays a vital role in identifying the importance of a product and accessory. Gadget Goliath helps you stay updated with the latest trends and market information on gadgets. The information is very useful for people who want to know a review about a product before they purchase it. There are many categories and it helps to filter the contents accordingly. The categories listed are smart phones, social media, VOIP, technology, etc. So keep yourself updated with the gadget news around the world easily through Gadget Goliath.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

People skills - How any SME can win a transport contract

Some of the technical expertise that seems to apply to winning clients can seem intimidating. But SME’s have simpler ways to get a transport contract.

If you are running a business in a haulage industry packed with huge mega-companies and thousands of SME's, confidence about your client list can wear thin. It can seem that there is so much technical knowledge and jargon to winning jobs away from your competition. Yet there are simple, effective, and very everyday things you can do to feel that more clients are ever in your grasp. And the need to wrap your head around these means and grow your list for the future is vital. Just as a restaurateur does not take a day or two of at whim, so to a SME run in the haulage industry cannot sit on its hands waiting for tomorrow's client, indeed, even for the ones after that.

How do you present?

Even if your prospective client knows you have great vehicles and has heard of your competitive rates, if your dress and attitude reek of laxity, he or she will at the very least be reluctant about future transport contracts. This particularly applies to those swift meetings when you are hoping to impress new clients. This is why you must present well. In the end, agreements are made partly due to the deal and partly due to the person offering it.

How well do you connect?
Rapport means people are more likely feel safe making transport contracts with you, for the first time or as a repeat customer. The firm handshake, warm smile, and assured manner combine with taking time with people on a human level to build a connection. The importance of this in getting repeat business is underestimated. Remember, all personal contacts, from business acquaintances to the clients at hand, all offer leads for further clients.

How do you get your message across?

Since every chance you have to communicate with people who down the road may sign transport contracts with you is a golden opportunity that can turn on the quality and style of your communication, whether off your website or from your mouth, be ever prepared to do this well. After all, these agreements are ultimately words in discourse. Heavy, legally-binding words, but speech and ink on paper or screen no less. This is why being well-versed in spoken, written, and online communication is so vital.
How are you known?

When hunting transport contracts, marketing is not always the same as reputation. Word-of-mouth quickly spreads about your brand no matter how you sell it, so make sure it isn't tainted by poor past relationships with former clients. Marketing is a well-known must, but your future clients also count your status as a quality provider.
How much do you know?

You need to do your homework to gain transport contracts. Every ounce of research that is done into the market, your client profiles, potential new niches and the future clients you wish to target will pay dividends. Some people are technocrats, and there is no denying the value of the personal touch when operating an SME in this hectic haulage environment. Yet, no worth their salt were ever won by sheer charm alone.

There’s An App For That: Make Your Courier Job Pay Better!

Taking care of the backend can help turn that courier job into a thriving business with these tools and apps!

We use smartphones and other mobile devices for almost everything– and if you’re in the delivery industry, chances are, it’s been instrumental in making that courier job easier! With traffic monitoring apps, various kinds of maps, different types of online communications, location tracking programs and more, it’s never been this easy to be a courier, especially when you’re high tech and mobile!

Getting the specific courier job done efficiently and quickly isn’t the only reason to have great apps on your mobile device. If you want to go from just making doing the job easier to really building a business, there’s help to be found online too! Check out these business tools available online for your mobile to help build your business!

Apps For The Entrepreneur

That first courier job is the first step to growing your business– every job you take is a step towards your goal. Making the delivery is only one part. Unlike in a larger set-up or being employed in a company where there is a different department to take care of paperwork and collections, being on your own means you will have to take care of that end of the job as well. Good thing, there apps that make doing that easier for you!

Accounting And Bookkeeping Apps. One of the hardest thngs about a business based on the courier job is that unlike in the regular arenas, there are no specific prices for the service and raw materials, which is why it can be pretty hard to gauge whether or not that courier job you take is profitable or not.

Your only basis is to compare the time and effort (and, perhaps wear and tear on your vehicle plus fuel) costs to the fees you receive for that specific courier job. Freshbooks is an app that lets you “log in” and “log out” so you can keep track of your time and mileage, as well as export them for invoicing. Outright, on the other hand, is a bookkeeping app that tracks income against expenses and helps in creating reports you need for documentation.

Money Management

Business is fairly simple, if you get down to it, whether it involves sales, production or that courier job. In principle, the trick is to ensure that the money you make far outweighsyour expenses. Making profits, increasing savings and making sure you’re not losing money is also easier with the different apps online!

For keeping track of expenses, there’s Expensify– a great tool available on IOs, Android, Palm and Blackberry. With it, you can track mileage, take pictures of your receipts and sync them to imported credit card transactions and analyze expenses against every courier job. Mint, on the other hand is a popular app that helps you create and analyze your budget to find areas where you can save!

So take that courier job and take care of the backend easily with free apps and tools–and see your business thrive!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Machine Design Method translating client’s design to the marketing goals

One of the most important Professional functions of mechanical Blechbearbeitungsmaschinen engineering is machine design, that is, creating new devices or improving existing devices in an attempt to provide the “best” or “optimum" design consistent with the constraints of time, money and safety, as dictated by the application and the marketplace. Newcomers to mechanical design activity, even those with well-developed analytical skills, are often at first frustrated to find that most design problems do not have unique solutions; design tasks typically have many possible approaches from which an “Optimum” must be chosen. Experienced Machine designers, on the other hand, find challenge and excitement in the art of extracting a ‘best choice’ from among the many potential Solutions to a design problem. Transformation to the frustrations of a newcomer into the excitement experienced by a successful seasoned designer depends upon the adoption of a broadly based design methodology and practice in using it. It is the objective of this article to suggest some based design methodology and demonstrate its application by adapting it to many different important engineering design scenarios.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Get Ready for the First Self Employed Courier Job of Many

There are some basic things you can do before you start a business. Here is how to make your first self employed courier job the first of many to come.

Starting anything new can be daunting. No doubt the reason you embarked on working for yourself in the delivery industry is that you saw an opportunity and you wanted to grab hold of it. But even with your vehicles on standby, your company name registered, and your client base targeted, you may wonder at the chances and odds of your success in a competitive industry during tough financial times.

But, caution does not equate to fear. There are simple actions that you can take to assure yourself that this new enterprise is no wild fling, but rather a sound venture.

Solid infrastructure

No doubt your vehicles and equipment will be ready for your first self employed courier job, but you need to consider the long-term future of your venture. Since times will change even in business, many new independent enterprises suddenly find themselves victims of success when their equipment cannot match increased business. Hence it is vital that before you do anything else you make sure your infrastructure is prepared for the long term.

Clear marketing

Since you are the boss, owner and worker of your company, you are the person who recognises your market and knows what sets you apart from the competition. Regardless of how you found that first self employed courier job, you need to know how you will get your next one, and and the ones beyond that. Keeping this in mind, a simple but clear marketing strategy aimed at brand awareness among your market will help you build a long term client list.

Long-term goals

This raises the point that a long-term vision for your business is essential from the get go. A solid way to assure that not only your vehicles, but your overall business process runs smoothly for the long term, is to think of your first workload as a piece in a chain. The initial self employed courier job points to the next. With it, you build business relationships, develop a reputation, organise routes, test your financial and operational processes and get your brand out and among the people.

Precise financial planning

While it can be simple to start off on your first self employed courier job with merely a vague sense of the debts you expect to repay and hopeful profit margins, an exact understanding of your cash flow requirements and strategies to deal with loss will secure you for the future. It doesn't matter how easy the first delivery is, down the track sound financial planning will save you. Regardless of your background or confidence with numbers, the time you personally spend assessing your collateral and preparing for loss will set the foundation for all of your business hopes, and eventually dig you out of any bad times that may come by.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finding the best Project Management Software for your business

Good project management begins with good organization. Too many projects fall apart due to a lack of communication. Having the communication structured and organized is the first step to effective project management. There are companies that recognize this fact that offer project management software for business applications. How do you go about finding the best project management software for your business?

First, the best project management software for your company depends on the size of your project or business. For small businesses or for individuals working as consultants on a project basis, you probably do not need to invest in project management software that includes server applications, network management or monthly maintenance. You can find free project management software online that can help you manage smaller groups and projects.

But if you are a larger company who has a team of ten or more, it may be beneficial to find project management software that is more in-depth. If you have Office 365 or the business application for Windows 8 then you probably already have SharePoint 2013, which incorporates project management software in their packages. If you do have a system like that or other software that incorporates project management software, then you will be able to manage your team projects with the same accessibility of social media.

Any project management software these days should allow your users to interface with each other through a chat feature. On top of that, the best project management software allows easy uploading of documents to a centralized location accessible remotely by members of the project team. Having top of the line search capabilities within the system helps to locate any new documents or project changes quickly and easily. Many of these software companies also include mobile capabilities, allowing your team to access important project documents while working off-site also.

Lastly, part of the reason you may want to pay for your project management software is the enhanced security features of many paid subscriptions to project management software. Most of those types of management programs include the cloud technology allowing access to sensitive and private documents maintained on a remote server. You want to maximize the privacy of your work and the propriety of your projects, so whether you go with free or paid project management software, make sure that the strong security features are included.

Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Expand Your Business as a Courier Driver

Guidelines on how to expand your courier driver business.
    Expanding any business, particularly in the erratic situation the global economy is currently in, can be difficult to say the least. However, when it comes to courier drivers, some are happy to run small-scale businesses, while others want to take things further.

Here are some simple guidelines on how could do just that :-

Invest in Your Drivers and Vehicles

     Let’s start with the obvious. Business expansion does involve investment, both in terms of money and resources. So the first priority on your business plan should be to consider your options in investing drivers and appropriate vehicles.

     For example, you may want to invest in a couple of larger vehicles, if you are planning to provide delivery of heavier goods. Conversely, you may want to broaden the area coverage to which your courier drivers will work; in which case you would need to invest in more bicycles or motorbikes.

Make sure your new vehicles have insurance cover, in event of any accidents or damage caused.

     However, vitally, treat your courier drivers well, by providing competitive pay and being fair to them and they will be loyal to you and help your business grow further.

Courier Vehicles
Courier Vehicles ©2007 zyphbear under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Make Yourself Available

      You may consider getting your business sub-contracted to other courier companies. This has seen to be an effective way of getting more work, but with little effort applied. All you have to do is to advertise (either in local print media, or better still online) that your courier driver service is able for hire and you should see other courier companies responding.

Join a Courier Network

      While you may feel a bit weary of the possible competition this suggestion seems to provide, please do not be. By joining a courier network you can utilise the members and have an entire virtual fleet of courier drivers at your fingertips. There will always be staff available for hire to help you empty your loads as and when you need them.

Staying Focused and Positive

     As mentioned earlier, business expansion requires money and resources, but it also requires time and focused dedication. Keeping your eye on the ball as to how your expansion plans are developing is crucial.

Staying Healthy When Working in Courier Jobs

How to stay healthy when working in Courier Jobs? Working in courier jobs typically involves flitting from one place to another via driving a van or a large lorry, or riding a bicycle or motorbike.

No two days are ever the same in this vocation, but they can lead to having an unhealthy lifestyle, as it is very easy to get tempted into having fast food, while you are ‘on the go’.

Consuming such food hampers energy levels and can damage your health in the long run. So here are some tips which you could use to help stay healthy when you are working in courier jobs.

Packed Lunches

Preparing a packed lunch may feel like a bit of a chore, but it definitely has long-term health benefits, as it does in saving you heaps of money too.
All you would need is a sandwich, some fruit or nuts, or maybe an energy bar and a fruit drink. This may not be as appetising as a burger, but it will keep you going for the rest of the day.

A healthy packed lunch
A Healthy Packed Lunch ©2010 IrishFireside under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Avoid Snacking

Where possible, try to avoid snacking on chocolate or rich biscuits during that afternoon energy slump we all typically feel and something which working in courier jobs could bring on. If carrot sticks do not quite take your fancy, go for biscuits which are low in fat and sugar levels. These accompany your tea or coffee break nicely indeed.

Taking Pit Stops

Rather than driving further than you need to, simply stop off when you feel peckish and refill yourself so that you feel ready to get back on track again. Certainly, one of the perks or working in courier jobs!

Sleep Right

It is a known fact that the lack of sleep can cause driving problems and lead to accidents. As driving is key when working in courier jobs, make sure you get your regular 6-8 hours of good quality sleep, so that you are fit and fine to work.

Being in Demand

Courier jobs are demanding in nature, especially in physical terms. So, it is necessary that you ensure you are in good health and have strong fitness levels in order to carry out your duties efficiently and enjoyably.

Technologies for home

The advancements in technology have created a change in our lifestyle. There are many technologies which help you carry out any work within seconds. The security aspects have improved drastically thanks to the latest technologies. There are many kinds of security aspects to be kept in mind while building a house but nowadays with the help of latest technologies we can relax a bit. The Intercoms help in communicating and there are many advanced technologies in intercoms too.
The Intercoms are an essential since it improves the security. They save time and energy of a person as they can communicate with others without moving from their place every time. Intercoms are of many types and one has to choose the type according to their needs and utility. Gone are the days when people were using intercoms with cords. Now cordless intercoms have replaced old types. The intercom systems for home have created a secured lifestyle. The video door intercom system helps you see the person who is at your door step. You can buy intercoms through online stores and there are many promotional offers too. 

Bike Courier Chic: Trends from the Delivery Industry

The humble workers in owner driver jobs do more than just delivering goods. The industry has been setting fashion trends for years without even knowing it!

Author's name: strollers
Copyright Info: ‘cap’, © 2005 strollers, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License:

Did you know that there are trendsetters in the delivery industry? Yes, there are! Those who work in owner driver jobs have come up with trends that have influenced general fashion as we know it.

The Messenger Bag

People in owner driver jobs, will be seen using the single strap messenger bag. This is one of the most popular accessories today, originally worn by bikers and cyclists. Today many commuters can be seen using this bag to carry their documents, and even their iPads in! This smart accessory not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also serves its purpose. Even high-end fashion designers, like Louis Vuitton and Georgio Armani, have taken to this particular style of bag.

Body-skimming Clothing

Body-skimming clothing used to be worn by women; however, the delivery guy challenged convention and changed this! Delivery men can now be seen sporting their skin-tight clothing, which has made it popular for both men and women.

It is actually people working in owner driver jobs, who we need to thank for introducing this! Originally, this clothing was designed for cyclists so that their clothing did not catch on the cogs or their bicycle gears.


Caps are becoming increasingly popular and are also practical for those who work in owner driver jobs. These not only protect the head but can also look trendy.

Below-the–knee Cut Pants

Rap and Hip-Hop culture can take credit for this one. The trend of oversized jeans and baggy trousers were modelled by famous rappers, thus, popularising this style.

During the fifties the ‘below-the-knee-cut-pants’ were called ‘pedal-pushers’. Obviously, the name is derived from cyclists who wore these to avoid catching their clothing on the uncovered gears. Today, this trend is worn by both men and women cyclists.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The software of 3D designs

There are several programmes used to create 3D engraving designs. They allow designers to visualise the final product for their customers.

Designers who specialise in creating stunning 3D engraving designs for sketches often use special design programs that allow them to render works ready to be engraved by the laser etching machines. The programs they often use to help render these designs are ArtCAM, AutoCAD and Gravograph. By using these programs, designers can create a bank of images that are perfect for those events, gifts, awards or commemorations that already have a fairly large bank of images that can go alongside them, such as sporting events like golf and tennis. But, for the works that are a bit more personalised, the designers can work with you to create bespoke images that are perfect for you or they can take an image that you provide, and by using the software programs and their knowledge, they can render the images ready for 3D engraving. By choosing to create a custom etching in glass, your final product will be stunning and unforgettable, and perfect for the recipient to place in their home or office in a place of pride.


With its express version, Declam’s ArtCAM software programmes offer designers the option of 64 or 32 bit versions so that they can get to know the software better before stepping up to the more memory heavy versions to get the best possible 3D engraving files created. With the programmes designers can create 2 and 3D designs that are ready to be made into files that can then be passed onto the etching and laser engraving machines that will be able to render the design in glass in precision replication that will be the perfect gift or commemorative item for you and your event.


By giving the designers the ability to render the images you, as a customer, provide into 3D renderings before they are made into laser, 3D engraving files, they are able to see what the final product will look like and be able to better help you create the best final result for you. Autodesk’s AutoCAD software programme is designed for the purpose of making files that are capable of being transferred into the engraving machines. Not only for the use of graphic designers, the AutoCAD programme also is great for those who are interested in architectural and artistic 3D renderings of their designs. AutoCAD takes advantage of the ability to move more free-flowing artworks into computer ready images and files that can be tweaked to make sure that the final product is going to be one that you, the customer, is satisfied with.


Gravograph is an industry-leading programme that is unique in its focus on the process of creating files for 3D engraving designs and laser etchings. Many designers use the programme to facilitate the engraving of Braille, photos, scales, dials and letter cutting. Gravograph is created to work with current design software programmes and the Gravograph suite is a powerful tool for those designers who are focussed on the process of engraving 3D images into glass, and by working with designers who use this programme, you will be certain to get an excellent idea of the final version of your bespoke 3D engraving.