Friday, May 17, 2013

Bike Courier Chic: Trends from the Delivery Industry

The humble workers in owner driver jobs do more than just delivering goods. The industry has been setting fashion trends for years without even knowing it!

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Did you know that there are trendsetters in the delivery industry? Yes, there are! Those who work in owner driver jobs have come up with trends that have influenced general fashion as we know it.

The Messenger Bag

People in owner driver jobs, will be seen using the single strap messenger bag. This is one of the most popular accessories today, originally worn by bikers and cyclists. Today many commuters can be seen using this bag to carry their documents, and even their iPads in! This smart accessory not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also serves its purpose. Even high-end fashion designers, like Louis Vuitton and Georgio Armani, have taken to this particular style of bag.

Body-skimming Clothing

Body-skimming clothing used to be worn by women; however, the delivery guy challenged convention and changed this! Delivery men can now be seen sporting their skin-tight clothing, which has made it popular for both men and women.

It is actually people working in owner driver jobs, who we need to thank for introducing this! Originally, this clothing was designed for cyclists so that their clothing did not catch on the cogs or their bicycle gears.


Caps are becoming increasingly popular and are also practical for those who work in owner driver jobs. These not only protect the head but can also look trendy.

Below-the–knee Cut Pants

Rap and Hip-Hop culture can take credit for this one. The trend of oversized jeans and baggy trousers were modelled by famous rappers, thus, popularising this style.

During the fifties the ‘below-the-knee-cut-pants’ were called ‘pedal-pushers’. Obviously, the name is derived from cyclists who wore these to avoid catching their clothing on the uncovered gears. Today, this trend is worn by both men and women cyclists.

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