Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Expand Your Business as a Courier Driver

Guidelines on how to expand your courier driver business.
    Expanding any business, particularly in the erratic situation the global economy is currently in, can be difficult to say the least. However, when it comes to courier drivers, some are happy to run small-scale businesses, while others want to take things further.

Here are some simple guidelines on how could do just that :-

Invest in Your Drivers and Vehicles

     Let’s start with the obvious. Business expansion does involve investment, both in terms of money and resources. So the first priority on your business plan should be to consider your options in investing drivers and appropriate vehicles.

     For example, you may want to invest in a couple of larger vehicles, if you are planning to provide delivery of heavier goods. Conversely, you may want to broaden the area coverage to which your courier drivers will work; in which case you would need to invest in more bicycles or motorbikes.

Make sure your new vehicles have insurance cover, in event of any accidents or damage caused.

     However, vitally, treat your courier drivers well, by providing competitive pay and being fair to them and they will be loyal to you and help your business grow further.

Courier Vehicles
Courier Vehicles ©2007 zyphbear under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Make Yourself Available

      You may consider getting your business sub-contracted to other courier companies. This has seen to be an effective way of getting more work, but with little effort applied. All you have to do is to advertise (either in local print media, or better still online) that your courier driver service is able for hire and you should see other courier companies responding.

Join a Courier Network

      While you may feel a bit weary of the possible competition this suggestion seems to provide, please do not be. By joining a courier network you can utilise the members and have an entire virtual fleet of courier drivers at your fingertips. There will always be staff available for hire to help you empty your loads as and when you need them.

Staying Focused and Positive

     As mentioned earlier, business expansion requires money and resources, but it also requires time and focused dedication. Keeping your eye on the ball as to how your expansion plans are developing is crucial.


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