Friday, May 10, 2013

Advantages of social media

The technology has improved drastically has years passed by. There are many technologies we use which have become a part of our lifestyle. We tend to forget that they are technology since we are used to it. Social network is an evolution of technology which has a wide scope of development. The social networking sites not helps people stay connected but helps in spreading news within seconds. 
There are many other aspects of social networks like marketing. We can advertise any products very easily with the help of social media. The appropriate way to publicize a new product can be done in social media. There are many applications which are associated with social media which helps in sharing any news instantly. The fastest way to share any information is by posting a picture. A picture can provide lot of information and there are many applications which help in sharing the pictures instantly while you’re mobile. The famous application which is used by many people is Instagram. It’s a popular application is very useful in editing and sharing pictures instantly. In social networking likes and followers are widely used terminologies. The real Instagram followers helps in promoting your pictures shared in Instagram. You can buy Instagram followers through online which helps people publicize their Instagram profiles.    

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  1. Wow - thanks for the infographic. did facebook buy instagram for its patents? Having the picture sizes will help a lot - I have been trying to do a background for my Twitter and this should help!