Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There’s An App For That: Make Your Courier Job Pay Better!

Taking care of the backend can help turn that courier job into a thriving business with these tools and apps!

We use smartphones and other mobile devices for almost everything– and if you’re in the delivery industry, chances are, it’s been instrumental in making that courier job easier! With traffic monitoring apps, various kinds of maps, different types of online communications, location tracking programs and more, it’s never been this easy to be a courier, especially when you’re high tech and mobile!

Getting the specific courier job done efficiently and quickly isn’t the only reason to have great apps on your mobile device. If you want to go from just making doing the job easier to really building a business, there’s help to be found online too! Check out these business tools available online for your mobile to help build your business!

Apps For The Entrepreneur

That first courier job is the first step to growing your business– every job you take is a step towards your goal. Making the delivery is only one part. Unlike in a larger set-up or being employed in a company where there is a different department to take care of paperwork and collections, being on your own means you will have to take care of that end of the job as well. Good thing, there apps that make doing that easier for you!

Accounting And Bookkeeping Apps. One of the hardest thngs about a business based on the courier job is that unlike in the regular arenas, there are no specific prices for the service and raw materials, which is why it can be pretty hard to gauge whether or not that courier job you take is profitable or not.

Your only basis is to compare the time and effort (and, perhaps wear and tear on your vehicle plus fuel) costs to the fees you receive for that specific courier job. Freshbooks is an app that lets you “log in” and “log out” so you can keep track of your time and mileage, as well as export them for invoicing. Outright, on the other hand, is a bookkeeping app that tracks income against expenses and helps in creating reports you need for documentation.

Money Management

Business is fairly simple, if you get down to it, whether it involves sales, production or that courier job. In principle, the trick is to ensure that the money you make far outweighsyour expenses. Making profits, increasing savings and making sure you’re not losing money is also easier with the different apps online!

For keeping track of expenses, there’s Expensify– a great tool available on IOs, Android, Palm and Blackberry. With it, you can track mileage, take pictures of your receipts and sync them to imported credit card transactions and analyze expenses against every courier job. Mint, on the other hand is a popular app that helps you create and analyze your budget to find areas where you can save!

So take that courier job and take care of the backend easily with free apps and tools–and see your business thrive!


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