Thursday, May 23, 2013

Machine Design Method translating client’s design to the marketing goals

One of the most important Professional functions of mechanical Blechbearbeitungsmaschinen engineering is machine design, that is, creating new devices or improving existing devices in an attempt to provide the “best” or “optimum" design consistent with the constraints of time, money and safety, as dictated by the application and the marketplace. Newcomers to mechanical design activity, even those with well-developed analytical skills, are often at first frustrated to find that most design problems do not have unique solutions; design tasks typically have many possible approaches from which an “Optimum” must be chosen. Experienced Machine designers, on the other hand, find challenge and excitement in the art of extracting a ‘best choice’ from among the many potential Solutions to a design problem. Transformation to the frustrations of a newcomer into the excitement experienced by a successful seasoned designer depends upon the adoption of a broadly based design methodology and practice in using it. It is the objective of this article to suggest some based design methodology and demonstrate its application by adapting it to many different important engineering design scenarios.

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