Monday, January 16, 2012

E-learning made easy

Let's face it. The world is going global, every organization out there wants its people to learn about the organizations work policies and rules but the fact is the organization has people working for it everywhere in the globe.

Then comes the real problem. People have to be trained and trained in consistence across all the borders, meaning - all the people should have the same level of skills and knowledge on what they would be doing. This is not achievable by making trainers travel across the borders. This is achievable by having online learning management systems - in short a LMS.

Organizations and even Universities are adopting Learning Management Systems to better and easily train their people so that all are adequately trained and ready to face industrial challenges with ease. But a very effective LMS system is required for each of these organizations. The system should deliver what is required of it at the time required and also manage to get post course feedback which is very important. I did come across one such product - LMS Online which has all these salient features that I have mentioned. Quite worth the take and will make e-learning easy and easier.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pissed off? Tell it why..

Yes, you can no longer keep it with yourself and grow up your grudges over the matter or person or thing. I have always preached about how technology makes our lives better and this is one such post on the same thing.

Last week, one of my friends was very much pissed off that he couldn't buy the special limited edition jersey that he was looking for, for a long long time. Reason? Because the sale ended too soon and limited edition jersey was really limited stock and until he could return from his short trip, the shod had sold out every piece in collection.

So he was so angry, upset and was creating a bad atmosphere for our friends meet up. I decided to help him? How? By introducing him to a website where people can rant when they are pissed off. People in the current generation get upset quite easily but the good news is that ranting will help reduce the anger. I also told him not to surprised of finding the ultimate ranting words like fuck off, well it is quite a common thing among people who rant.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Get it designed, professionally

By "it" here, I'm talking about websites or blogs where you'd want to share stuff to the world or where you'd want to sell the products online that your company makes. But most people get it wrongly done. Websites are supposed to be technically advanced and at the same time very user friendly for people to drop in and have a look around before they decide to buy stuff using it.

That's why there are web design firms on the Internet which offer the website design services and create professional websites for businesses to become more successful and take full advantage of consumers on the Internet. So, this is one such advice that I gave to my friend who is in Utah; to consult a Utah Web Design Utah Web Design company and make use of the services they will provide in order to bring up his website in full speed.

The next part is interesting, a good website will look good and feature full functionality. However, a better website will make use of search engine optimization(SEO) techniques to bring in people from search results on major search engines on the Internet. Hence, consulting the Utah SEO was his second step. But it was bliss that both these services were provided by the same company that he consulted, the quality was excellent indeed, and the result...An amazing website!