Monday, January 16, 2012

E-learning made easy

Let's face it. The world is going global, every organization out there wants its people to learn about the organizations work policies and rules but the fact is the organization has people working for it everywhere in the globe.

Then comes the real problem. People have to be trained and trained in consistence across all the borders, meaning - all the people should have the same level of skills and knowledge on what they would be doing. This is not achievable by making trainers travel across the borders. This is achievable by having online learning management systems - in short a LMS.

Organizations and even Universities are adopting Learning Management Systems to better and easily train their people so that all are adequately trained and ready to face industrial challenges with ease. But a very effective LMS system is required for each of these organizations. The system should deliver what is required of it at the time required and also manage to get post course feedback which is very important. I did come across one such product - LMS Online which has all these salient features that I have mentioned. Quite worth the take and will make e-learning easy and easier.

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