Sunday, November 17, 2013

High hopes and expectations about Java 8: are they substantial?

Way back in nineteenth century Alexandr Herzen, well-known Russian philosopher and a rebel pronounced that inertness and expectation are the most destructive and unbearable of all conditions. Many Java developers, who have been eagerly waiting for Java 8 release, disappointedly sighed, when it was moved from September 2012 to March 2014. However, they haven’t abandoned the attempts of predicting the project success.
In so much as Java 8 is under the jurisdiction of Microsoft, it’s easy to twig that it will have certain style. First of all it concerns outside frameworks and features advancing rather than original developments. However, it’ll bring a wide range of perks (for example, Stream or Functional Interfaces).                                                                                   
                                  How they can impact on Java 8?

Much attention is given to Stream collection. It is elaborated for speeding data processing up and its simplifying. Yet, Stream is the kind of one-time use object. As far as data were manipulated they couldn't be represtinated. At the same time such features as filter, map and reduce are exercised during data processing. We couldn't but mention the possibility of parallel and sequential data manipulation. It provides appropriate multicore processors resources exploitation.
Though, it is better to remember of obverse case. Some problems may arise when gross quantity of operations is performed upon the collection. At that rate code loses its readability because of implementation of Functional Interfaces and Lambda. Still, Functional Interfaces are applied for different collections backward compatibility improvement; and Lambda expressions pave the way for code cleanness. 
That’s why syntax of Java 8 is planned to be refined and clear. Nevertheless, it doesn't cancel appearing of various cumbersome issues during misuse. More’s the pity; these problems could be learnt entirely the hard way. 
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