Saturday, November 9, 2013

Automate your list generation - make Copy & Paste a thing of the past with Dux-Soup

• Is a new, user-friendly and helpful browser plug-in.
• Automatically visits all your search results and presents key elements in Excel.
• Is already compatible with major UK/US websites, more coming soon: Linked-in, Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages...
Dux-Soup has been designed:
• for people whose work involves browsing websites and copying data in order to generate lists with certain data / search results
• for people working in a competitive, fast-paced environment where time is money
• for people tired of spending hours of copying & pasting search results  into Excel
Dux-Soup will work for you as it:
• saves time by wiping out the ‘copy & paste’ action
• saves time by presenting your search results automatically in Excel, ready to use
• allows you to spend more time using your lists rather than creating them
• allows you to quickly share, compare and update data 
Get started now with our FREE Dux-Starter Edition. Download at

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