Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Networking solutions for businesses

Technology has created a sensational lifestyle and revolutionized the way we see the world. Technology is independent of fields and there are many types of utilization. Each type of technology is unique and can’t be compared to one another. Technology has branched out in every sector to provide advanced results which has created an evolution to achieve greatness. 

The era of communication has seen a large improvement with technology and we are able to connect anyone around the world instantly. BroadConnect Telecom offers many types of networking solutions which makes communication easier and affordable. There many types of services available like VOIP, PBX and IP Phones. VoIP is useful for small businesses because it is easy to integrate and secure calls, videos and data into one single service. It allows you to connect many phones lines and the cost is very minimal. The PBX service helps you to route calls and there are many varieties with respect to requirements. The Hosted PBX is offered by VoIP service providers and the PBX system is remotely placed. It is more affordable since you are accessing the PBX system which is remotely placed. Virtual PBX is cloud based technology; it is cheaper and similar too Hosted PBX. The Digital PBX system will have an in-house system which is costly when compared to other services.  

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