Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Television gets smarter

Gone are those days when the Television was just a piece of device used to watch cartoons or boring movies that never had a run at the movies (read Hollywood or Cinema). Television has been innovated and innovated until it became a device to help man connect to folks across the globe. No, I am not kidding. Literally, you can use a TV these days that is fit to a wall and see no big difference between how slim your DVD player and your TV is. Sure, you are welcome to check that for yourself. The days of the smart TV is here, and well, TV just got smarter and smarter.

Here's what a smart TV can do:
Provide high definition content - pictures, audio and of course, video. In addition, connect to the Internet? Yes. Connect to make video calls? Yes. Socialize on social networks - Yes. Watch movies/listen to songs on Demand streamed on radio? Yes. All the above for free (if you give it some Internet)? Yes. Well, I am saying again, the TV just got smarter. You can play games on the Internet, update the TV's software/firmware regularly over the Internet so that your TV is as updated as your computers and phones. Check the best big screen smart TV and you'll end up agreeing with me; and if you already know all the above and are still reading it? Have you got one yet - Yes/No?

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