Thursday, March 17, 2016

What is The Best Way To Stop Snoring?

Technology & Snoring. What's the common thing in between these two? Stop snoring! Yes, Technology now will help you stop snoring if you are indefinitely snoring every time you catch some sleep. No, this is not a medical pill or something to inhale that I'm talking about.

This is the current and next generation technology device that will help one stop storing. Once for all.

So the question really becomes "What causes Snoring and How to Stop It"? Read on the website I read at to know more! I have shared some of my findings below:

So let's talk some facts about snoring first. When we are asleep, we are usually (though not always) lying down. Gravity acts to pull on all the tissues of the body, but the tissues of the pharynx are relatively soft and floppy. Therefore, when we lie on our backs, gravity pulls the palate, tonsils, and tongue backwards. This often narrows the airway enough to cause turbulence in airflow, tissue vibration, and snoring. Frequently, if the snorer is gently reminded (for example, with a gentle thrust of the elbow to the ribs or a tickle) to roll onto his or her side, the tissues are no longer pulled backwards and the snoring lessens.

But who will give the gentle thrust and so on. Enter technology. Anti-snoring technology. The latest gadget in this arena is SnoreRX.

It helps the snorer to not snore by repositioning his/her jaw. There are a number of features in the device that helps the user to adapt to his face and jaw pattern. Finally, the calibrator that provides a reading of the jaw advancement and thereby helps fit the device to the users face and jaw easily. For people who think how about regular breathing while wearing the device, there is V-Flow technology to take care of that. As such, the advantage I see of SnoreRX is that it fits comfortably inside the mouth and it is effective than any regular mouthpiece that claims to stop snoring!

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