Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sharing and spreading the tech world

Yes, that was intent when I started this blog - to share all things tech, to spread the word of how technology touches and changes lives across the planet, to tell people that technology is very helpful by all means. This includes product reviews, tech services on the Internet, mobile, gaming and what not?!.

So, I was searching if there are other people who are like-minded like me and want to share and serve all things tech. That's when I chanced upon Hindutech which gives one a warm welcome with 'Welcome to Hindutech'. Michael Jarmana Rajdeep, the founder of this blog is a passionate about blogging and his favorite subject is a way of life. Technology knowledge is his forte and utilizing it, he can help you resolve day-to-day challenges involving technology. One can visit his website at, sign in, put some comments, ask questions and concerns you might have on a specific subject he has already posted. If there is any news that you'd like to be published, he is happy to do so! Now, I have asked about some apple related stuff already!

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