Friday, January 11, 2013

Go Tech - Electronic Billing and Payment Processing - Reduce papers

Well, it is better late than never, they say. In terms of paper usage and printing out paper bills, no business is 100% free from doing so, since they at least print bills using papers! Technology, providing solution to every business and mankind problem has a solution to paper bills too, and that is Electronic Billing. Payment solutions are not new since the softwares existed from even the blue-green-black colored screens of the past. But what is really required these days is to make sure payments are done over the Internet and at the convenience of the customer which also must make sure that resources are utilized to the minimum - or no use of papers at all. 
Most of us would have seen Point of Sale (PoS) payment systems - they are those where we swipe the credit cards and make instant payments without any hassle. This is one such Electronic Billing. Now, with the Internet in full swing, it is time to take one step ahead. iPayX - a popular company in electronic billing has now developed Internet Payment Solutions which run on the now becoming popular 'Software As A Service' tech model. This model is reliable and gives the ability to send and receive payment information and payments securely, over the Internet. Healthcare industry which sees a multitude of transactions per day is beneficial from this. So, has your  be it B2B or B2C business took any step to reduce environmental impact of the business? If no, you now know what to do!

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