Friday, March 30, 2012

Prepare for ITIL like a pro

Let's be frank and let's get this straight - ITIL is one certificaiton that people dread taking, find it difficult to, but that's one of the most sought after certifications as well! Those foundation courses and the intermediate courses and all those hard drills one has to go through in order to get himself ready for industry's most important certifications.

There are plenty of certification kits available in stores and lots of hard cover books as well, but nothing beats like a comprehensive course with mock exams that depict how a real ITIL certification test will be! Now I've chanced upon where a comprehensive course is readily available. They offer a public class which is of almost no cost, they offer Live ITIL classes and On Demand ITIL classes as well, for those who want to do it all from their home and with ease,

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